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Who's your favorite person?



Pretty straightforward question.


"Who's your favorite person?"


I would say that most people have a favorite person, whether it's someone they personally know or someone they simply admire. From inventors and great leaders to childhood friends or family. Maybe it's an actor or even your parents. Who knows?


I think at the moment my favorite person has to be one of my cousins. Their influence on my life has been eye opening and just their support has been enough to really set myself straight.


So what about you?


Who's your favorite person?




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I think my favorite person ever is my dad, just because of how much he goes through but still manages to take care of me and my sister.

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I don't know anybody who has been through more absolute agony than my brother. Way to go bro.


I mean, you'd be pretty mentally disturbed if you saw your sibling without a face, so

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