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Spoiler-Free Reactions to the Endings of Steins;Gate 0

Pahrak Model ZX


(New name btw this is Pahrak if you can’t tell.)


--Gehenna’s Stigma: Now this is an entertaining villain!


--Vega and Altair: I have some mixed feelings about this but dang if it doesn’t feel epic as heck.


--Twin Automata: Oh my gosh…I like Moeka now!!


--Recursive Mother Goose: BUT DID YOU NEED TO MAKE IT THAT SAD?!


--Promised Rinascimento: Since this is spoiler-free all I can think to say is “I dig it.”


--Milky-Way Crossing: Not quite what I was hoping for, but definitely cool.


The way 0’s plot is structured was a bit confusing at first, but I really do love how they did the endings this time around. In the first game, the alternate ends were all “What If” scenarios (except for the Kurisu End, which is just the True End minus the actual ending), and while that was really interesting, the endings of 0 flesh out different characters and ideas, and one of the endings even discusses this concept a little. I imagine choosing what to animate and what to leave out must be difficult, so the wait for the anime seems more justifiable now. :P


On a related note, I’m so glad every Lab Member got to do stuff. I had mixed feelings about Moeka and felt that Ruka and Faris were sort of underused, and I think 0 did a better job on those fronts.


Anything else I could say would be spoilery, so I’ll save it and probably do another entry with those.


EDIT: Also I just found out that the English dub of the Steins;Gate movie is apparently being released on March 28th! Good, I've been thinking I should rewatch it and this will be a good reason to do that.


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