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Thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably known that this trailer came out the other day. Star Wars fans have been waiting to see what Luke Skywalker return to the franchise. He made a cameo in Force Awakens, which was cool. But it's great that he will have a bigger role to play in this movie. :)


One thing I really liked about this teaser is that it didn't give that much away about it's story, similar to how the first Force Awakens teaser did back in 2014. I know that's a given, since this is a teaser, but I hope that it's something that the next trailer or two will do as well. Say what you want about Episode 7, but at least it's trailers did a great job of getting people excited for the movie without revealing a lot of its story. I really hope the next trailer for The Last Jedi can do the same.


The other thing that I thought was interesting about the movie is Luke quote stating 'The Jedi must end.' I've read some theories on what he really means by this statement. I seen some say that he might've turned to the Dark Side, which I highly doubt would've happened. Another theory I've seen is that he believes that balance can be restored if the Jedi stop existing. I guess that kind of makes scene, but if that is the case, then we know that Rey will probably convince him otherwise.


But I've also seen some theorize that Luke has become a 'Grey Jedi,' someone who uses both Light and Dark sides of the Force. They think that Luke's quote about the Jedi ending is him stating that the idea of what a Jedi is thought to be up to that point in time needs to stop, so that a new kind of Jedi can come to be. I actually really like this theory, and it's one that I kind of hope is true. But we'll all find out when the film comes out in December. B-)


What do you all think of this teaser? And what you all think Luke means when he says 'The Jedi must end?'


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In Star Wars: Rebels, as Darth Maul died his final death, he said the Chosen One—meaning Luke—will avenge them. Vengeance is a Sith habit. Luke got rid of his Jedi lightsaber.


The truth is painfully clear: Luke is now a Sith Lord and will finally bring an end to all the Skywalker drama.


(I mean, obviously.)

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