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As soon as the announcements hit, I packed as much up from my apartment as I could and moved back home. While I don't like having to be alone, I'd much rather be alone out here than in the city. It's much safer, and I think it's better for my mental health too. At school, I felt lonely unless I got out and socialized every day. Here, I feel less lonely overall even though I'm actually all alone most of the time.

That said, I do miss seeing people on campus every day in person, and I've lost contact with most of the acquaintances I wasn't all that close with. And I much prefer in person classes to online. 

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I mean it's good that you're feeling less lonely. But yeah, this is a really tough situation. :/

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Eh, I was already doing remote work before all this hit, so I have not encountered too many difficulties. Mostly though, it has been the boredom that has proved to be annoying. I needed a diversion from staring at the news and cursing the *ahem* source of all this. Bats. Yes, those wretched bats. 

So I got back to drawing, which landed me here. 

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