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How Could I Forget This?

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Wow, I was on last night too, after I got it nonetheless.


Anyway, last night was my Eagle Scout Board of Review.

*drumroll please*

And I am now an Eagle Scout!


That means, in the Boy Scouts of America, that I have served as a leader in my troop, have camping experience, and overall am a great scout.

In short it's really important, special, and a high honor.


(Um, xccj, did I miss anything?)


So now I have to send papers to the Council, and once those are approved I can plan a Court of Honor.


-CF :kakama:

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Recommended Comments

Hey, congrats CF! :D


I guess you can update the "Me Brick."


(BTW: Hope you don't mind, I kind of copyed your lego.com club page in a small way. :P)



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I do know we have to memorize a whole new Eagle Scout Oath...


But it looks pretty good on a resume... or anything for that matter. Congratulations, man, that is not a rank idly earned.



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I assume it also means you have your higher leader's respect? Cuz that's the one thing I never got when I was in Scouts. I got the Yellow Cord, the Australian Scout Medallion, even the Queen's Scout... but never my leaders' respect.

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