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A Complainey Entry

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Over the past several weeks:

- Ike flooded our basement, so we rented a decent wet vac.
- Our plumbing broke down. No showering. We hired someone for a rodding of our shower (which is in our basement, not in a bathroom, oddly enough) and found out the pipe to our street was obstructed by a bush in our yard.
- Someone sent a camera down the pipe and found the obstruction. We took out the bush, and some people dug a huge hole under our porch to replace this really huge underground pipe.
- Our dryer inexplicably broke down. It's getting repaired today.
- After over five years residing in our puke-green house, mom and dad suddenly decided we needed to repaint the house immediately. I often come home from school to find a guy outside my bedroom window.
- My dad got fined in traffic court.

I need money. :(
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