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    my interests fluctuate and I never visit bzp anymore so it's no use putting down what they are now
    except pokemon
    there is always pokemon
    and since i left there is now splatoon. which i actually like more

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  1. veemo C:。ミ

  2. Tavakai

    t h0r

    wow. what can i saythis is really a work of art. its a post-apocalyptic vision of the comics forum's future. time and space have collapsed on each other. years of comics have melded into a twisting maelstrom of words and pixels. a few, still alive, cling to whatever unstable matter they can. cries of "are you still here? are you still here?" echo throughout. there is no answer. those who are there only know that they themselves are still here
  3. a few months ago, i said "attack on titan au where all of the titans are the titan sets from bionicle" it's something i very much wanted to see, and after all this time, it's here. to me, this is more than a comic. this is more than just that. this is a dream. a dream that has finally become reality. thank you, bionicles adventurs comixs. thank you
  4. Tavakai

    eagle project

    yeah so I'm emailing people back who wanted to help me with my eagle project and wondering whether they'll judge me for doing so at 2:30 in the morning and also a couple weeks after most of them sent them (in case anyone's wondering I'm doing genealogy indexing which is basically putting photographed census records and draft cards and stuff into a searchable database so people can look up their family history and stuff, and also I have until november before I turn 18 so I have to hurry since I want to index 10,000 names. don't worry guys I have a friend who did 15k and he finished in time) why did I come to bzp to post about this the world may never know if I do get my eagle it'll definitely be after my premier membership runs out though because I have a month left I think so I won't be able to tell you guys about it here edit: holy cow there isn't autocapitalization??????????????????? bzpower is looking pretty fancy
  5. in the night while you sleepwho is itwho is the man who comes with the moldy old comics rotting away on his hard drivethat's right kids I'm backif by back you mean I sort of stumbled in here on accident so I might as well take care of some unfinished business before I leave forever again then yes I am backwell folks I am here with a new launchpad comic for youAntihero Factorykeep in mind this comic is a year old so you should wash your hands after reading it or you will get the diseases because if this isn't expired then nothing can be expiredthat's right you can go ahead and eat that mushroom-covered cheese in the fridge your family has passed down for generations, it won't hurt you at allanyway yes I intended to turn this into an actual full series back then but then my priorities turned against me and now I am completely unable to do thatit was horrible, they locked me in the closet and didn't feed me anything except really really rich chocolatedo you know what it is like to eat chocolate that rich like it was showing off all of its cool stuff even as my stomach acids tore it to tiny tiny pieces never to be seen again. it sickened meanyway my point is this was going to be a full series with plot and stuffit basically follows the origins of hero factoryI have no idea if it is consistent with the ICCverse hero factoryI think it was as of a year ago perhaps but I'm not surethe scientist guy is a character I wrote out of my series after the first seasonI decided to bring him back for thisalso wow look at the inactivity this late at nightwhat are you people doing are you sleeping come ongo to bed at five like real menwell I guess it is past five on the east coast though so nvmfriendly reminder that if you respond to my tangents instead of the comic windrider will snatch you up with his talons and carry you to his nest where he will feed you to his youngthat's right I may have been inactive on bzp for like six months in a mystical land where rules are just an urban legend told by old swarthy fishermen in hushed tones to passerby but I still remember how things go down in this place
  6. Tavakai


    look it's ziko
  7. this comic is so wonderful that I visited and logged into bzp for the first time in months just to tell you how great it isit is truly a masterpieceyou can see the shock all over that man's face as windrider enters the scene and stops his shenanaginsthis is quite a work of art and I congratulate you on your successwindrider should be proud
  8. I probably won't either. Just because it seems like a waste of time to work on Bionicle comics anymore as opposed to other ones. I probably would if there wasn't a deadline, but that kind of would defeat the purpose.
  9. 1. Win Premier Membership by getting third place in a comic contest 2. Go almost completely inactive pretty soon afterward, thus reaping very little of the Premier benefits 3. ??? 4. PROFIT
  10. RWAM 16: The Story Comes to a CloseThis is the last RWAM comic. That's it. It's done.I made this like ten months ago wowanyway I still have a few comics left in the stockpile too
  11. I feel proud and I haven't even posted here until just now.
  12. Tavakai

    Ap Testing

    I had Chem last week.
  13. It was made by people who made the best kids' shows of the 90s.
  14. yay 79 days have passed and nobody seems to have noticedEvil plan to fade myself out of BZPower entirely: 60% completeANYWAYHere's the rest of what I had for those things since I'm not doing them anymore:You will have to make sense of them yourself since it's about 3 AM and I'm just going to drop these here and go to bed.http://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p8_abridgificated.pnghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p9_abridgificated.pnghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p10_abridgificated.pnghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p11_abridgificated.pnghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p12_abridgificated.pnghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p13_abridgificated.pnghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/VakamaTK/Comics/Tavakai-the-Movie/ABRIDGIFICATED/tm_p14_abridgificated.pngand so yeah I'm not doing any moreSeriously there would be like a good seven or so more, too much effortBut now you can just start at chapter 15 instead of chapter two or the prologueAlso, I'm not going to do season two of my comics (past the first comic which I made last August), or season three, or the movie; instead I will hopefully get the content to you in a different method and if that doesn't work out I'll just tell you what was going to happen.I think really the only things I'll end up doing after I release the rest of what I did last summer will be finishing that Norik Head comic and then making some TavKorp: Behind the Panels comics because I scripted out a lot of those and they were great.So anyway in like a week or something I guess you'll get the RWAM finale finally
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