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  1. Not gonna lie- that is pretty heartbreaking. I was always kinda hoping to get the original Toa in minifig form, but whatever. Might end up picking this one up... and also trying to figure out how to build the rest of the Toa in that style.
  2. Yo, crazy that you haven't actually been "Gerlicky" in like 8 years.

  3. Itchy from the Star Wars Holiday Special or no money from me.
  4. "Would I Mixels to be constraction". That is definitely a question. Now, would I CONSIDER Mixels to be constraction? Eh... To my knowledge, the term "constraction" is pretty loose. I mean, I guess I could consider it a sort of constraction line, but not, like, an heir to Bionicle or Hero Factory. I think that's part of what made the line special, too. As for Mixels "suspiciously ending in 2016 prematurely"... I mean, I'm bummed Mixels ended and all, but can't things just... end? Is there actually any evidence of the line ending prematurely? It was kind of a flawed idea to begin with. By all means I love collectable characters, but creating twenty-seven new characters a year won't lend itself well for a cartoon format.
  5. I'm not buying these until we get a proper Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way minifig.
  6. Maaaaaybe not give the TV show production to the people who made Foodfight!?
  7. I'm a crotchety old fossil who would normally find something to complain about for everything, but in the case of BIONICLE sets I tend to find something to love about all of them. That said, if you asked me what my least favorite set(s) were (which is basically what this topic is for) I could give you a handful of sets I had the most minor gripes with. I gotta admit the Exo-Toa was a pretty cool set, but as Onua is my favorite Toa, you can probably imagine my disappointment when I found out he couldn't actually fit in the thing (without, y'know, rebuilding him). Pohatu can't fit in it either, meaning only four of the six Toa could actually fit in this thing. (Or nine out of thirteen, if you count the Toa, Toa Nuva, and Takanuva all together.) Also, one of the gears on the back kept falling off, which was annoying. Pretty fun set though. Liked the punching hand. Speaking of Toa Nuva, as someone who witnessed firsthand the Great Mistika Quarrel of 2008, I'm surprised no one's mentioned them or the Phantoka yet. (Or maybe someone did. I kinda skimmed through this topic.) I don't hate then the way people did twelve or so years ago, but overall they were pretty meh. The Makuta Phantoka were okay at best, but I found the Makuta Mistika to be pretty messy builds. As for the Toa... well, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm pretty sure they designed some generic Toa sets beforehand and slapped the Toa Nuva's names on them at the last minute. Obviously, with Onua being my favorite Toa, I found Onua Mistika to be the biggest offense: the big shield and heavy-looking launcher were plenty Onuaworthy, but the lanky, stick-thin proportions were not. To add insult to injury, prototype images of Pohatu Phantoka used black parts, and actually for made a better Onua. (I kinda liked the Toa's masks for some reason, though.) Now, if you asked me what my #1 least favorite set was, that would be Roodaka. Between the, erm, anatomy, and the high heels, you've got a set that's trying a little too hard to be a female character. (Not to mention, though I have never personally experienced this, I have heard that high heels are insufferable to wear for long periods of time, so I assume Roodaka exists in a state of constant pain.) I skipped out on Roodaka back in 2005 just because I felt like owning that set would be kinda awkward. I eventually did get two sets years later, but that was just so I could build the Shadowed One and Voporak. Anyway, now I have four silver Rahkshi heads, which were the best part of the set. You wanna build silver Chain Lightning Rahkshi? So do I. They're great parts. That's the best part of this set. anyway that's my essay
  8. The first two were both from my old stuff. HI, BILLY MAYS HERE WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS PAST CRAZY MATAU'S FURNITURE WAREHOUSE The Billy Mays joke is a bit dated, but I still kinda get a kick out of Crazy Matau's Furniture Warehouse, personally.
  9. I know I didn't go over this in the last blog entry, but I'm sure if you remember me at all for some reason, you're probably curious as to where I've been or what I've been doing. The short answer is "none of your ding-danged business." I will say this, however: I do have a handful of things I was working on that were meant to be seen by the BZP public. This includes PIRAKA COMICS, which I know I haven't posted in what, three years? Yikes. Anyway, I've still got plenty of ideas left for it and they're all super amazing and I'm definitely looking forward to unleashing them upon an unsuspecting BZP audience. However, at this point in my life these things unfortunately need to take lower priority. Yeah, sorry about this being so vague. I will say this, though: I'm still here. I've always been here. I just don't post because, well, I really don't have anything to say these days.
  10. So while the forums have been down I've been taking some time to reflect on my time on BZPower. Which has been... twelve years? Spooky. That's the Furno XL helmet year, right? Anyway, all I could think about was how I came off as a cynical, jaded curmudgeon who treated everyone poorly. And that's not who I want to be known as. I want to be better than that. So from now on*, expect a different Gerlicky/Nathan Evo**- one who's just generally a lot more pleasant to talk to and be around. I know I can't change the past (and trust me, I have a lot of regrets from way back when), but hopefully things will be different going forward. *assuming i remember to post on this ding-danged thing **yes i'm keeping the user name nathan evo why
  11. Working on a new thing. Or bringing back an old thing, I guess. Pretty excited about this one.

  12. Man, you wouldn't believe how hard it was for me to find this topic. Anyway, a long time ago I fixed the black, blue, and dark blue, but I was bitter for some reason and decided to hoard it all for myself because I was a bitter little miser. But recently someone asked for the kit because it was on majhost and majhost doesn't exist anymore. So I decided to do the normal, non-obnoxious thing and share it with everyone. Here you go. Keep in mind I don't remember the last thing I threw into the kit so I can't tell you if there are any new sprites there or not. Also if anyone wants me to sixshade anything new, feel free to throw me a request! But I'd prefer it if you showed me the sprites of the thing you'd like me to polish up, just in the event I can't find it. (Or you can just do it yourself and post it here. I'm 100% fine with that now.)
  13. Aw, shucks, I remember you! (I'm Gerlicky, by the way.) Pots of stuff's happened to me since we last spoke, but this is your entry and I ain't gonna overshadow it. If you're ever around, by chance, feel free to shoot me a PM. I'd love to chat sometime.
  14. I know, right? That's why I gave Kapura the Pakari. Sadly, this guy was officially a Hafu set, though he does make a good Taipu in a pinch.I dunno. I just need a Matoran with a tan body and a black Pakari. I don't need Hahli, and Kopeke requires a sand blue Komau, which is also impossible without bringing out the paint.And don't call me tool, goober.
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