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  1. Remember the old days when we had rules about the combined file size of avatars and sig banners? What was it, 150kb max? Man, I miss those days. Hey, all y'all. Bet practically nobody here even remembers or knows me at this point. But, for those of you old codgers that do and have possibly wondered what I've been up to lately, here's the sitch. First and probably the biggest, in the time since I was last around I've moved on from having jobs to finally landing a career. No longer do I spend my days washing dishes or flipping burgers. I am now the Product Support Manager for a company specializing in candidate sourcing and a jobs search/data engine. I spend my days managing a team of programmers including a rotating internship wherein I can help other up-and-coming developers learn some of the ins and outs of the industry. It is very stressful but very rewarding work and while I'm definitely not yet being paid as much as I "should" be, I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything. Outside of the job, I'm living it up as a bachelor in my own digs. Rather than sink money into nothing, I skipped the whole "apartment phase" and jumped feet-first into the world of home ownership. It's been a wild ride and I'm learning new things all the time. My neighbors are pretty swell and I'm actually surprised that none of them have really voiced any complaints about the state of my yard/lawn that I've definitely not been keeping up with (it's been a crazy year between the promotion and grandparents). Also, I didn't know this when I bought the place, but I have six frickin' fruit trees: 1 apple, 1 cherry, 2 plum, and 2 that I'm not sure if they're weird-looking apples or weird-looking pears. Recreationally, I'm still loving my time as part of the TTV Channel. It's been a wild roller-coaster ride with all kinds of ups and downs, but we've done some great stuff (go watch Biocraft Chronicles if you haven't yet) and I've definitely made life-long friends. I also continue to play too much Warframe but I'm trying to get back into the swing of playing my ocarina too. I'm still very novice in terms of skill, but my goal is to be able to play the Ducktales theme before 2020 rolls around. A'ight, that's me. Peace.
  2. I am breaking years of BZP silence right now just to say that, despite my never being around anymore, you're one of those people I have fond memories of and have always wondered what you're up to. Furthermore, I for one often found your cynicism humorous, though I'll concede that's likely because I am/was such a cynic myself. Do you have Discord? If you ever want to get back in touch, hit me up sometime.
  3. No, no, no. You're doing it wrong. See, if you didn't absolutely LOVE the movie then you are ignorant, hate change, and not an accepting person. Or so social media is telling me.
  4. Ah, my apologies. I misunderstood. Takuma Nuva
  5. Over at the TTV Channel, we've been working on a thought experiment/community project where we decided, instead of just criticizing everything LEGO did right or wrong with Bionicle G2, we'd give it a go of our own to see just how difficult it is. We asked ourselves what we would do if we were in charge of coming up with the third generation of Bionicle, keeping in mind that we had to have a strong story/premise that worked commercially for selling sets in the usual twice-yearly waves. It started out as something small we mentioned in passing, but has since grown into its own video series with tons of community art, story beats, and set designs added to our own ideas. This is not us trying to pitch an idea to LEGO. This is not us trying to Bring Back Bionicle. There's no "wishful thinking" or "dead Kikanalo" being beaten here. We simply decided to put the proverbial money where the proverbial mouth is and see just how monumental a feat it is to try and organize something like this and it has been very well received by the community. Funny enough, though not at all surprising, we always explicitly state what this is all about every time we talk about it, but the comments asking where the confirmation of a new Bionicle generation came from never stop showing up and probably never will, so there's modern awareness fer ya. Takuma Nuva
  6. I can probably answer your question regarding G3, but first, may I ask where you've been hearing about it? Takuma Nuva
  7. It's related to the BZPower anniversary which you can learn more about in this topic.
  8. Takuma Nuva

    Shining Ideal

    I never did either, but I was still able to figure this out. It's really not that hard to decipher if your mind is working at peak performance (and you remember that they sometimes look vaguely like the letters they represent). Takuma Nuva
  9. >Wants good gaming PC >Won't build it himself You are dead to me.
  10. I don't really have any cut-and-dry "do this, get that" answer for ya. In the past, prototype pieces have sometimes been offered as prizes for contests, they'd be offered at LEGO conventions BZP had a presence at, or some other special reason. It's not like we just have some grand giveaway where people can just say "I want one" and claim a piece. Beyond that I cannot say. Black Six may be able to tell you more. Takuma Nuva
  11. Takuma Nuva


    Clearly what you need is a time machine. Takuma Nuva
  12. Thank you all! It was very wonderful, played a ton of board games played one board game and hung out with my family all day went to a job interview and played Madballs with a bunch of fans/friends. Definitely the best way to spend this day, even if I am no longer the Birthday Champion. B)
  13. My computer's time clock totally said midnight. I'm just gonna cop-out and say "time zones" anyway. TN
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