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    A little too much to keep track of. All y'all need to know is that Bionicle is very important to me. =P

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  1. Sometimes you just wanna make crazy stuff with a lot of tentacles. Heck of a vibe. anyways yeah this is real good just like your usual xP
  2. Ooh, I knew it looked familiar! I think one of the first LEGO sets I ever got was a Mars Mission shuttle. Never would have seen that particular piece outside of the little ads for other sets at the end of the instruction booklet, tho - I'm a little surprised I remember it!
  3. I think this one actually looks cooler than your older one. Love the tubes and the weird proportions, they lend a ton of personality. Lot of very neat uses of a lot of pieces I don't often see, such as the McToran arms and Bohrok head pieces. Sick stuff. What's the transparent orange stuff, by the by? Never seen it before.
  4. Stellar use of detail, especially on the waist. Also, that Hau use is practically seamless. Which one is it- Mata or Stars?
  5. Always impressed to see a design so wild it's hard to tell it uses Bionicle pieces at all.
  6. Amazing how much those robes add, yeah. And very interesting foot design!
  7. Who wouldn't give a crab dynamite?
  8. Real sense of menace to this guy, and not just because of the wolf head. You've done an excellent job of giving this guy just the right proportions and greebling to make him look ready to tear anyone's throat out.
  9. Wonderfully disgusting. Exactly what I'd expect a parasitic organism to look like in real life.
  10. IC: Cephala (Ga-Koro docks) "I'm not sure if expected is the right word, per se- unless one of you lot sent a flier ahead of us at some point." Cephala tugged her own coats tighter around her; she'd been to Ko-Wahi only a handful of times before, and it felt even colder with every journey. She was reasonably certain she'd spent some time in some frigid wasteland or another before she'd come to the island of Mata Nui, but those were olden days now, and the touch of winter was as foreign to her body as it was to her memories. "No reason not to come, though. We can always ask the Guard if they've seen your missing friend, maybe stock up on more supplies while we're in the area." The Turaga smiled. "And, uh, I don't quite recall if I've mentioned this already... but I've got a few friends that live here in Ko-Wahi. Maybe we'll run into one of them..." "...that said, lass, I do believe you were the one who chartered these wagons. So you'd probably know the answer to your own question better than any of us would, hmm?" OOC: @Mel @Geardirector @Keeper of Kraata Sorry I took so long to read everything, I've been worrying myself sick about coursework for a while now xD @Light I don't think I see Charek in there anywhere, is that intentional?
  11. IC: Cephala (Ga-Koro docks) Cephala clicked her tongue. "Hm. Well, I suppose I was hoping this journey would end up being a learning experience for the lot of us..." OOC: @Mel @Geardirector @Keeper of Kraata
  12. IC: Joskander (Blackrock Canyon) Ko-Koro. Ha. Funny how that works out, I suppose. Joskander watched Dahkapa as he walked out into the burning light of the sun. Message received. Bridge burned. Just as well they'd be going in the same direction, he supposed. Perhaps he'd stop off by the Sanctum, let the guards know of their erstwhile knight's wanderings? No reason not to, he supposed. The Guard could do with that information what they wished. He had another former protector of Ko-Koro to look after. And I've got a news flash for you, brother. I'm the one with the Mask of Speed, not you. Maybe I'll see you there. Maybe this is farewell for good. I'll leave it to Destiny to decide which. Joskander's Kakama flared to life. A gust of wind rustled Dahkapa's cape as the Toa of Air blurred and vanished across the horizon. OOC: @Daniel the Finlander Joskander to Ko-Wahi.
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