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  1. "I'm afraid I'm not really the best person to ask," Verak said, leaning over the edge of the rattling elevator, as if trying to spot someone he knew on the crowded market street below. "I try not to follow politics too closely. But I do at least know enough to tell you that Hewkii ain't Akiri anymore. Been replaced by someone named... Renaka, I think? Don't know much, except she's made the Koro practically unrecognizable."
  2. IC "Ahhh, my apologies, sister, I should look before I talk, I suppose." Verak poked his head out of the elevator and checked above them before leaning back into the rattling elevator and turning back to his conversation partner. "You're from the desert, you say? You know, before I grew to my current Toa-size I lived out there myself. It does take a bit to adjust between the quiet of the sands and the bustle of the city, but they really aren't too different if you know how to look at it." OOC @Harvali
  3. IC Sure enough, the shockwave was powerful enough to break the tenuous grasp Kirik had on his balance and send him face first into the dirt yet again. He lay on the ground, one more sprawled broken body on the blasted battlefield. But Kirik was still drawing breath, and he had made a promise to the gods that until that stopped happening, he wouldn’t let the fight pass him by. So he achingly dug his robotic arm’s bladed tip into the dirt, and then writhed and forced himself onto his knees, before pulling himself painfully to his unsteady feet. His other metallic arm dangled broken at his side as he reactivated his electro-blade with his bruised right arm and raised it to the sky. “Then let it be the last thing you do!!” He howled, and blasted laser vision at his foe, ready to see which one of them would be riding with their ancestors tonight.
  4. IC | Verak - Ostia The elevator rattled toward the ground, then lurched as a tall scarred brown Toa slipped through the frame and landed inside. He put a hand on the railing, catching his breath, having just finished some complicated acrobatics. It was a moment before he even registered the yellow Turaga was in the elevator with him. He glanced over, looked back at the approaching ground, decided to be friendly, then flashed Kardaka a grin. "Hey good to meet ya, brother. Nice staff."
  5. If you follow train those tracks all the way to Ostia, I (and a few other people I believe) have a character hanging around the port killing time before the Infernavika departs! Would be happy to interact!
  6. IC | Kirik - Fort Garsi's Blasted Slopes Kirik let his eye beams dissipate as he felt the sweet bloody satisfaction of his bladed knife-hand sinking itself into Zanakra’s shoulder, just in time to see her massive jet-powered hammer slam itself into his chest. As it did, part through luck and part through his lightning fast reflexes, the hammer passed through his half solidified electro-blade, which sunk a blast of electricity into the metal hammer. Kirik didn’t find out if it damaged the rockets or Zanakra, because suddenly he felt the electricity course through him too, a tingling feeling to add some spice to the excruciating bludgeoning crunch of the hammer which took him off his feet and tossed him through the air. Kirik bounced and rolled along the dust, uphill toward the fort, while the hillside exploded on either side of him. As the smoke cleared and Ipsudir’s taunts echoed across the hillside, he lay limp, the wind knocked out of his lungs, his whole body tensed tight from being electrocuted and smashed like a cockroach. But like a cockroach, Kirik was tough, and he’d been through worse, so after a moment he managed to suck in a deep, sharply painful heave of air. He looked around, vision swimming. The battle looked to be over. The Garsi fort had ejected its enemies. All but one… Although Kirk was in no shape to continue fighting, he propped himself up on one of his robotic arms (the other appeared to be broken) and snarled at Zanakra. Despite his mad desire for glory in battle, there was a significant part of Kirik that hoped she’d run, knowing it was the only way they’d both make it out of this alive. But he if he backed down now, he’d lose his honor. If Zanakra was up for it, he’d have to keep fighting, even if it killed him. For now, all he could manage was to glare at her and let out snarling grunts as he tried to heave air into his damaged chest. OOC @Snelly the Fort Garsi crew, and whomever else is still around
  7. This topic is indeed not allowed, but to give another answer your question the BZPRPG Starter Topic should have all the answers you are looking for, and of course to echo a goose people are also happy to answer questions in News and Discussion! It is a lot to get into the game but it moves slowly and it's okay to make mistakes : )
  8. Yeah, the pirate ship Infernavika has spread the news that they are planning an expedition to Zakaz in the near future and are hiring crew in Ostia. While there's nothing stopping a second expedition getting underway, it might be more fun to join forces!
  9. IC | Sanctum Archives The white armored scholar led Dahkapa and Joskander down a narrow staircase carved into the solid ice wall of the sanctum, which emerged in a dim frigid room full of shelves and pillars, lit by old flickering lightstones. Their way was barred by a metal gate, but the scholar signed off at a guard's desk and led the two visitors through the shelves, which were filled with frost-covered books and thin stone tablets. In a dark corner of the archives, he stopped and gestured silently to a bookshelf. "Our records on the Brotherhood are here. Please peruse at your leisure. Most of the items here can't be checked out by civilians, but you may try your luck at the front desk if you wish. May Mata-Nui guide you on your quest for knowledge." The scholar bowed, and left Joskander and Dahkapa to their studies. For a moment, it seemed as if they were alone among the old shelves, but glowing eyes in the darkness on the other side of the room betrayed a guard keeping them within eyeshot. OOC @Daniel the Finlander@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  10. IC The guard returned with a Ko-Matoran scholar in all white armor in tow. As she wordlessly took up a position near the doorway, the scholar approached Dahkapa and Joskander with a soft smile. "Welcome home, Dahkapa. Your work as a scholar in this temple has not gone forgotten. I have ensured your request was approved, I'm sorry about all the paperwork these days. If you and your companion would like, I am happy to show you to the archives."
  11. Arrow you'll be missed, hope to see you again, however long it takes! Believe it or not, there was once a time when I got abandoned in the middle of talking to someone because it took me a whole day to respond: people were writing nonstop, and there were new pages every few hours. But now the game runs at a much slower pace, which is good too: it makes it easier to stick with it long term, and I'm very thankful this game is still running.
  12. IC | Kirik | Fort Garsi Battlefield Kirik grinned into the dust where he lay face down on the battlefield, battered and bruised from the impact vision and the shower of rock shards, welcoming the challenge. He had been waiting a long time for a dancing partner like this. Kirik dug each one of his claws and blades into the ground, raising himself up just enough to look up at Zanakra and make his eyes glow. He shot a zigzagging blast of laser vision at her, which took an unpredictable course of sharp random angles, out his control but in his enemy’s general direction. Blinded by the lasers emitting from his eyes and unable to see whether he had even wounded her or not, Kirik pushed off the ground and charged forward, barely slowing enough to keep himself from wheeling forward right back into the earth, swinging his bladed prosthetic and reigniting his shadowy electro chute blade. OOC @Snelly and everyone else in the fight!
  13. Whoops, that was not the edit button 😶
  14. IC "Hopefully they still do," the guard said, before crisply turning on her heel and disappearing up a very narrow staircase set into the icy wall of the sanctum, leaving Dahkapa and Joskander to wait in the spacious room adjoining the hall of prophecies. A few guards stood between the large pillars, watching the scholars, administrators, and other visitors milling around the space.
  15. IC The guard raised her head from the tablet she was scratching on at the mention of Ak'rei'an, fixing Dahkapa with a piercing stare. "And your name, Toa?" @Daniel the Finlander @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
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