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  1. Yeah, the pirate ship Infernavika has spread the news that they are planning an expedition to Zakaz in the near future and are hiring crew in Ostia. While there's nothing stopping a second expedition getting underway, it might be more fun to join forces!
  2. IC | Sanctum Archives The white armored scholar led Dahkapa and Joskander down a narrow staircase carved into the solid ice wall of the sanctum, which emerged in a dim frigid room full of shelves and pillars, lit by old flickering lightstones. Their way was barred by a metal gate, but the scholar signed off at a guard's desk and led the two visitors through the shelves, which were filled with frost-covered books and thin stone tablets. In a dark corner of the archives, he stopped and gestured silently to a bookshelf. "Our records on the Brotherhood are here. Please peruse at your leisure. Most of the items here can't be checked out by civilians, but you may try your luck at the front desk if you wish. May Mata-Nui guide you on your quest for knowledge." The scholar bowed, and left Joskander and Dahkapa to their studies. For a moment, it seemed as if they were alone among the old shelves, but glowing eyes in the darkness on the other side of the room betrayed a guard keeping them within eyeshot. OOC @Daniel the Finlander@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  3. IC The guard returned with a Ko-Matoran scholar in all white armor in tow. As she wordlessly took up a position near the doorway, the scholar approached Dahkapa and Joskander with a soft smile. "Welcome home, Dahkapa. Your work as a scholar in this temple has not gone forgotten. I have ensured your request was approved, I'm sorry about all the paperwork these days. If you and your companion would like, I am happy to show you to the archives."
  4. Arrow you'll be missed, hope to see you again, however long it takes! Believe it or not, there was once a time when I got abandoned in the middle of talking to someone because it took me a whole day to respond: people were writing nonstop, and there were new pages every few hours. But now the game runs at a much slower pace, which is good too: it makes it easier to stick with it long term, and I'm very thankful this game is still running.
  5. IC | Kirik | Fort Garsi Battlefield Kirik grinned into the dust where he lay face down on the battlefield, battered and bruised from the impact vision and the shower of rock shards, welcoming the challenge. He had been waiting a long time for a dancing partner like this. Kirik dug each one of his claws and blades into the ground, raising himself up just enough to look up at Zanakra and make his eyes glow. He shot a zigzagging blast of laser vision at her, which took an unpredictable course of sharp random angles, out his control but in his enemy’s general direction. Blinded by the lasers emitting from his eyes and unable to see whether he had even wounded her or not, Kirik pushed off the ground and charged forward, barely slowing enough to keep himself from wheeling forward right back into the earth, swinging his bladed prosthetic and reigniting his shadowy electro chute blade. OOC @Snelly and everyone else in the fight!
  6. Whoops, that was not the edit button 😶
  7. IC "Hopefully they still do," the guard said, before crisply turning on her heel and disappearing up a very narrow staircase set into the icy wall of the sanctum, leaving Dahkapa and Joskander to wait in the spacious room adjoining the hall of prophecies. A few guards stood between the large pillars, watching the scholars, administrators, and other visitors milling around the space.
  8. IC The guard raised her head from the tablet she was scratching on at the mention of Ak'rei'an, fixing Dahkapa with a piercing stare. "And your name, Toa?" @Daniel the Finlander @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  9. IC "If you like." The guard said. "It may not be quick." She turned and pulled a tablet made of ice from the low shelf behind her. "What texts are you searching for?"
  10. IC: Sanctum Guard The guard kept her spear planted upright beside her, her spine as straight as a board, as she stiffly intoned her answer: "I will write the request for you. The archivists will evaluate it. My commander will make the final call."
  11. IC A guard with a pale blue Miru bowed back and spent a moment sizing the two up. When she spoke, her tone was expressionless, as if she was reciting an official edit. "The sanctum archives are only accessible to guards and authorized personnel. I do not recognize you as either. If you'd like, you can submit an official request to borrow specific books, but there are no guarantees it will be approved."
  12. IC My mischievous grin was sucked off my face as the Rahkshi pulled the air out of my lungs, leaving me in a state of panic. Drowning is a special kind of fear, one that rings so many alarm bells in your brain that you can't really think about anything else; in this case, I was so disoriented that I didn't notice Breathless raise its staff to strike me until Lash told it to stop. I gasp in immensely satisfying lungfuls of air and stumble away from the Rahkshi, coughing and gagging and putting my hands on my knees to catch my breath. After I recover, I turn to Lash with a bewildered, giddy smile. "******, I was hoping it would swing at me and I'd get to find out if my Calix is faster than a Rahkshi."
  13. IC: Verak (Leva Bay) Once the Rahkshi's arm was in position, I turn to face it in the eyes. "Alright, mate, you've got some intense eye contact going here, I like it. Now this is what I want you to do with me every time you finish beating somebody up:" I wind up and give Breathless a proper palm-stinging high five.
  14. IC--Verak I put my hands on my hips and squint back at Breathless. "Come on, like this." I go to grab her arm and teach her the high five motion, ignoring Lash.
  15. IC "A fist bump? A handshake? A bow of respect?" I perform the greetings to the Rahkshi in quick succession, hoping to see it mimic me.
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