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  1. IC A guard with a pale blue Miru bowed back and spent a moment sizing the two up. When she spoke, her tone was expressionless, as if she was reciting an official edit. "The sanctum archives are only accessible to guards and authorized personnel. I do not recognize you as either. If you'd like, you can submit an official request to borrow specific books, but there are no guarantees it will be approved."
  2. IC My mischievous grin was sucked off my face as the Rahkshi pulled the air out of my lungs, leaving me in a state of panic. Drowning is a special kind of fear, one that rings so many alarm bells in your brain that you can't really think about anything else; in this case, I was so disoriented that I didn't notice Breathless raise its staff to strike me until Lash told it to stop. I gasp in immensely satisfying lungfuls of air and stumble away from the Rahkshi, coughing and gagging and putting my hands on my knees to catch my breath. After I recover, I turn to Lash with a bewildered, giddy smile. "******, I was hoping it would swing at me and I'd get to find out if my Calix is faster than a Rahkshi."
  3. IC: Verak (Leva Bay) Once the Rahkshi's arm was in position, I turn to face it in the eyes. "Alright, mate, you've got some intense eye contact going here, I like it. Now this is what I want you to do with me every time you finish beating somebody up:" I wind up and give Breathless a proper palm-stinging high five.
  4. IC--Verak I put my hands on my hips and squint back at Breathless. "Come on, like this." I go to grab her arm and teach her the high five motion, ignoring Lash.
  5. IC "A fist bump? A handshake? A bow of respect?" I perform the greetings to the Rahkshi in quick succession, hoping to see it mimic me.
  6. IC: "True enough. And bodyguards don't get better than the scariest ##### on the whole godforsaken island, am I right, Breathless?" I raise my hand so the Rahkshi can give me a high five.
  7. IC You know, maybe I was too pre-emptive about trying to leave this island. Rahkshi, mind control slime, memory fog... it seemed as if Mata-Nui had more than it's fair share of secrets to share still. My thoughts are ripped back to the present as a snakelike hiss finally comes from the creature in front of me, and I instinctually jerk my hand back. "Sorry, mate," I tell Breathless, and turn around to face Lash. "This is crazy. Have you used this thing to... I don't know? Rob a bank or kill your enemies? You've got a whole lot of power at your fingertips, sister."
  8. IC I couldn't believe how passive it was, unflinching at the touch of a stranger, a behavior in direct contrast to the aura of threat it is still able to exude. "Mata Nui, Lash, how did you get this thing so tame?" I wonder how far it will let me go. I push a little harder on the seam of its face, trying to pry open its faceplate and get a look at the hidden fleshy face inside...
  9. IC - Verak - The Coast of Leva Bay I recoiled slightly as the Rahkshi's face cracked open, revealing a glimpse of some dark, wet, many-eyed face inset deep in it's armor. But then its angular armor plates were sealed again, and it visibly relaxed as it glanced at Lash. She scared me a little, that she had so much control over this thing. I overwhelm my atrophied self-preservation instincts and step closer to this living spawn of Makuta, and trace my fingertips along the seam in its face. A kind of tingling awe spreading out into my body from the point where I was making physical contact with the legendary creature. #####. I wonder how small the club of people is who can truthfully claim they've pet a Rahkshi?
  10. IC Verak Breathless. A good description. I leap out of the boat, and my square feet sink into the cool sands of the beach as I appraise the strange beast in front of me. I've heard so many legends about these creatures, seen them in pieces, but never like this, never put together right, never alive, never this scary. It was so purposeful with every movement, the way it's eyes scanned over me I could tell it was picking me to pieces and putting me back together again inside that weird little brain. My heartbeat rose just in its presence, even though it had done little more than look at me. "So what kind of crazy power do you have, Breathless?" I step close, reaching out a hand to it.
  11. IC "With a warning like that, how can I say no? Lead on, sister."
  12. IC: Verak "That's what I'm worried about, brother. Lohkar and his crew are good people, but a mysterious island appearing out of nowhere in the captain's memory, across the endless sea... Well, sounds like a fantasy to me. But the thrill of him being wrong is part of the allure. Pretty sure this is the first ever ship to depart Mata-Nui's shores and cross the endless ocean. How do you feel about being a part of history, sister?" I turn my gaze from the ocean to the towering cliffs we were approaching. I spotted more than a few dark caves spotting the hillside. Probably filled with only seabirds and their droppings but still, I can't help but wonder if there are any mysterious in there to explore. Wish I still had my Kualsi, I could go check the caves out out and be back in the boat in a second. Don't give me wrong, I love getting back to a Calix, but I feel so trapped with it, so immobile. Maybe the next mask I can try out is one of those masks of flight, that seems to fit my style, if they have those on this island. If they have any masks at all. If it's even inhabited... Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough.
  13. IC| Sanctum Guard The guard didn't appear to relax at all, although he did finally lower his spear, and the others around him did the same. "Very well. Me and my squad will move ahead to the Sanctum to pass on the message to the guards there. Is there anything else, Toa Kalyss?"
  14. IC| Kirik As the riders barreled down the slope of jagged rocks toward the invaders, not one of them realized at first that the slight boost to their speed was caused by an unexpected magnetic force pulling them toward the bunker. A red Skakdi warrior with a missing arm was the first to notice. He pulled his vehicle around an especially large boulder, and found that his ability to pull himself back into formation was heavily hampered by the invisible magnetic force. So instead of heroically just barely dodging the jagged metal beam sticking out of the dirt, he instead shot himself right into it, breaking his vehicle in two and impaling himself on the pointy edge of the spike. His scream was barely noticed, but then another rider found their vehicle out of control, they hit a rocky dip wrong, their front wheel turned sideways, and they crashed spectacularly. Another rider leapt of his vehicle as it began to crash, but wasn’t expecting the magnetic force to pull his bike into his back and pull him toward the bunker. More fell as projectiles sent by the enemy slammed into them and their bikes. But no matter. They were warriors. Casualties were expected. As Kirik felt the strange force tug on his vehicle, he immediately gave up trying to save it and dropped off his bike, sliding through the pebbles on all six limbs, letting his bike skid sideways as the magnetic force tugged it forward. He waited until he had just enough momentum to keep up on his feet before shifting himself into a stumbling, erratic run as he weaved and hopped across the rubble toward the enemy, electro blade and metal knives raised. Seeing him, some of his other fellows did the same maneuver, avoiding their bike crashes. Those that survived their crashes were back on their feet fast, limping toward their enemy with none of their vigor for battle emptied, the magnetic force helping pull them forward despite their injuries. The few riders on the backs of beasts carried on almost unimpeded. Their mounts, Zakaz-native tiger-like Rahi accurately dubbed Daggerclaws, made their way along by gripping the boulders with their muscular bladed claws, resisting the pull of the magnetism until they reached the still recovering forces with ferocious pounces. Not far behind were the remaining riders, now on foot. Some lost their footing and found themselves pulled straight toward the magnetized bunker and Jojax’s waiting fists, but others managed to leap over the bunker, escaping the magnetic field and landing among their enemies. Kirik did not waste his time. He saw Zanakra’s taunt, saw her crawl out of the mountainside alive, and knew at once she was the most glorious combatant on the battlefield. Without dropping to a speed slower than an outright run since leaving the gates of the fortress, he threw himself off the top of a large boulder, leaping through the air straight toward Zanakra, each bladed arm aiming straight for the upstart warlord. OOC: So some (changing the percentage to be unspecified for Mel to decide) of the NPCs have been taken out by crashes and projectile fire or ensnared by the magnetic field, the rest have reached the invaders and are fighting with something to prove! @Snelly @Smudge8@Nato G @ARROW404 @Sparticus147 and everyone else involved in this battle.
  15. IC I followed Lash's gaze out across the glimmering water. It stretched off into infinity. No matter how hard I stare, I can't make out even the suggestion of land beyond the horizon. It seems impossible that there could be a "Zakaz" out there, or any other place, that it's not just water reaching out to the edges of existence. And yet, here I was with a Vortixx, a type of being that didn't even exist a few hundred years ago on this island. The world was getting steadily bigger. "That's not a question for mortals." I say. "All we've gotta worry about is whether this new island is out there, or our ride with the pirates is gonna end real badly."
  16. IC| Verak Was this what I had in store for me, too? Are memories tied to land? The further I get away from the desert of my home, will my memories of that place get steadily foggier? This plan is getting better and better. "Well, with any luck, it'll go off as smoothly as it did for you last time. Island hopping sounds like a excellent lifestyle, provided you don't run out of islands."
  17. IC The highest ranking guard, a Ko-Matoran with a rugged Matatu, turned to face Kalyss. "Toa Kalta, with all due respect, is it truly wise to trust this beast at it's word? Remember, the Koro fell because powerful Makuta worshippers counterfeited their way into the heart of this village."
  18. IC I perk up at that last bit. Amnesia? On route to the island? This was new to me. Look, you can call me an idiot, (if you haven't already) but I'd always assumed that everyone from off-island just didn't trust me with their backstories. That's a fair enough assumption, knowing me, after all. I wouldn't put it past half the people I've met to tell me they've had amnesia in order to avoid trusting me with personal information. Karz, that's what I do! I guess I just thought I wasn't the guy who invented the strategy. More credit to my original thinking, I suppose. "So that's what happened to you on your way to this strange rock. All your memories taken away?" I stare out at the vast ocean we were rowing through the shallow edge of, suddenly struck by a deep sense of unease at how very little I know about the big watery mystery that surrounds my home. "And you don't even know what did it?"
  19. Verak "I've certainly seen worse," I said, dropping into the small wooden vessel and making it bob uncertainly. I recline in the front of the vessel, leaning an arm on the edge of the boat, making no move to take the oars of the vessel. Wouldn't be much help if I did, hard labor and repetitive movements have never been my strong suit. "Sounds like you have too," I eye my jaded companion with a knowing smile. "I'm guessing there's not much about this island you'll be sorry to leave behind?"
  20. IC (Verak) I pulled my gaze away from a particularly spectacular and voluminous cloud floating over the sparkling bay we were approaching, and met Lash's uncanny red eyes. "My story's much the same as your story, mate. Got my name on too many guard records. The sandbox where I can play is getting smaller by the day. Getting squeezed out of this island by the iron fist of the law, same as you." "'Sides," I scratch under my mask as I turn back toward the spectacular horizon with a growing grin. "I never could resist a good adventure."
  21. IC - Verak "Ha, if I didn't like boats I wouldn't be binding myself into the employ of one that's about to sail further than any Mata-Nui vessel has ever gone. Lead on, sister, let's go get our sealegs so we don't embarrass ourselves in front of the proper pirates."
  22. IC Verak "Uhhhh," I scanned the street around me for ideas again, and noticed nothing but dirt, sand, and Matoran workers hurrying to and from the docks. "I um... You know, my ideas have been ending rather explosively of late, so I think maybe I'll let you be the ideas person here, and I'll just tag along and make trouble?" But by the time the words had left my mouth, a new idea had found its way into my mind. Or an old idea, given voice? I can't remember. "Although, to tell the truth my friend, I'd actually love to see this darkness-loving pal you've so legendarily tamed. I need to gather some good stories to tell for when we're cooped up on that wooden vessel in the middle of the ocean!"
  23. IC Verak: Ostia Streets "******, you've got that thing properly tamed, that's quite impressive. Or you don't, which is even more impressive, since it means you are spending your leisure time with a monster like that and don't have the scars to mark it!" I looked down the crowded street and glanced in the windows of the mud-walled multi-story buildings on either side of it, but found nothing worth drawing my attention away from the mysterious Vortixx beside me. "Well sister, seeing as we're soon to be crewmates, what so you say to a little pre-trip bonding here? Get up to a little shenanigans while we wait for our ship to set sail?"
  24. Ic Verak I laugh. "An excellent point, sister. And I'm afraid that you may never know, because the way my new crewmates just treated you was a good warning to me that many of my best stories will have to stay mysteries if I want to keep in their good graces. Rest assured, I've lived this island to the fullest. Seen everything it has to offer, until all it's got left for me is years of jail-time for me. But there's one thing I haven't gotten a glimpse at while I've been here, at it's the big dark lord's monsters themselves, a living Rahkshi, all angry and up-close. I've have the bad fortune -- or probably, good fortune -- to miss out on all their attacks on the Koros. But I hear you've got one of these beasties captured yourself as a pet?" @Nato G
  25. IC: Verak But she didn’t make it far before I caught up to her. I approached her surreptitiously, by which I mean I shouted, “Hey!” from half a block away, waved my arms wildly in the air, making a “remember me?” motion, and then ran up to her. “I’m Verak, don’t think we had time to properly meet in there.” I clasped the Vortixx on the shoulder with a huge grin. “You may not have heard of me, unless of course you’ve been reading the Marines' crime reports or the wanted lists of four out of the six Koros” I winked proudly, “I feel like you’re the kind of person who understands that there’s something respectable about facts like that, right? I heard that admirable resume in there.” I gave her a shoulder pat, as if we were old friends.
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