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Viaticus 2009

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This past weekend I teamed the CNU Catholic Campus Ministry Freshmen Retreat, Viaticus (means "on the journey")! It was AWESOME. It went very, very well.


  • Beach!
  • Upperclassmen came too, so they could benefit.
  • Apples to Apples. Charades.
  • 6 Freshmen, 1 of them was a cool dude (no, really, he's a dude that's cool. Reads xkcd.) (and of those 5 other girls (yay math!) I'm eying one (if that's not creepy))
  • A few other good friends came along too (one of which I've also been eyeing for a year but it's complicated) (just ignore those bits, please)
  • 4 awesome faith talks, one by yours truly. (I was told it was inspiring!) (I talked about living one's faith on campus.)
  • Cooked bacon Sunday morning for all 16 of us and now my pajamas smell like bacon!
  • Beach!

I've made a bunch of new friends that are probably all going to be active in the campus ministry. They all had a great time and my friends and I had a great time ensuring that they had a great time.


-CF :kakama:

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I'm not sure if Pajama's smelling like Bacon is incredibly awesome because its BACON, or terrible because now you can smell bacon, but there is no bacon to have.. hmm.

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Oh, so that's why you posted about your clothes smelling like bacon....I was starting to wonder if you had found some fabric softener that was bacon-scented or something.

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Yeah, it's creepy... made worst by you posting it on a forum about toys but not in other particular places where said girls could actually read it... :sly:


Mmm... Bacon...



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