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Tale Of Dragons - Chapter 1: 'invasion'

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Tale of Dragons

Chapter 1: Invasion

There were Matoran workers running everywhere as far the eye could tell, behind the fleeing Matoran evil Rahkshi soldiers were following
And not long after, a large black and green wagon pulled by two giant Kikanalo beasts followed, and on it sat a Makuta.

The Rahkshi did not notice me and the three other Matoran I had become friends with recently, neither did the Makuta.

"Rahkshi!", the Makuta yelled, "Invade the temple, and take what we came for!"

Suddenly all of the Rahkshi ran to the temple and shattered the doorway, the first of them that entered were not so lucky.
A huge beam of laser incerated almost half of the Rahkshi, suddenly we heard a loud voice.

"Be gone, you beings of Shadow!" the voice said.
Even though not a scream, the tone the being spoke in was enough to make the Great Spirit himself shake in his shoes.

"Hahaha! Artakha, you really think you can defeat us?", the Makuta yelled.

A huge being with gray-green armor entered from the temple.

"Kojol," the being said, "What good will this bring?"

The Makuta was silent, suddenly he ordered the remaining Rahkshi to attack.
A Yellow Rahkshi with a golden Mask in its hand escaped unnoticed, but not before giving a sign to Kojol that the mission was completed.
The Rahkshi that had been ordered to attack the giant, Artakha, were no match for him, but it was enough to make a decoy.

"Well, Artakha, to answer your question, the Avohkii.", Kojol said while making a laugh.

"Kojol!", Artakha shouted.

Artakha lept over to the wagon which held the Makuta and punched him right on his mask, it shattered on impact.

A white and golden Matoran came running from the temple, "It's too late, master! They have taken the Mask of Light!"

Artakha glanced at the Matoran, then back to the Makuta.
"Kojol, I will let you go this time, but I will see that you get your punishment.", the being paused.

"..but remember this, you aren't welcome here, not even one of your likes. But if someone is stupid enough to do that, they will pay."

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