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The Doctor Is In!

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Lazzy the Spazzy


This just in:


++Dr. Bionicle Sighted in RPG Forums++


A Dr. Bionicle was seen around noon PST today wandering the RPG forums. The scientific community is in an uproar at this latest development.


The Dr. Bionicle, for those of you unfamiliar with RPG history, was a creature that flourished in the year 2006, even winning the first ever RPG Contest and hosting the highly successful Academy RPG for nine months (after which it was merged into the official BZPRPG). In the following years, however, the Dr. Bionicle's activity declined, eventually disappearing altogether around late 2008 to early 2009. Until today, the Dr. Bionicle was thought to be extinct.


"This is a miraculous development," a scientist excitedly said as he rushed to the lab to conduct tests. He and his colleagues of the RPG Science League are currently working to capture this Dr. Bionicle in order to raise it in captivity. Once its activity grows enough to get off of the endangered list, the scientists plan to release the Dr. Bionicle back into the wild.


Any assistance on the capture of this legendary creature would be appreciated. Below is a picture taken with the iPhone of a passersby.




If any creature you see resembles this appearance, stay away -- the Dr. Bionicle is suspected to be armed and extremely deranged. Instead, contact the authorities and they will bring it in.


Regular members are encouraged to help with the rejuvenation of this creature. Some techniques suggested include restoring the landscape of the RPG forum to pristine condition and attempting to convince the Dr. Bionicle to stay with us this time.

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