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    -=Personal Stats=-<br /><br />Real Name: Felix<br />Age: 17<br />Grade: Rising Freshman (College)<br />Location: NorCal<br />Ethnicity: Chinese (Taiwanese)<br />Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, French<br />Religion: Buddhist<br />Political Affiliation: Libertarian<br /><br />Favorite Colors: Lime Green, Dark Blue<br />Favorite Music Genres: Contemporary Classical, Hip-hop<br />Favorite Emoticon: =]<br />Favorite Sport (to watch): American Football<br />Favorite Sport (to play): Soccer<br />Favorite Classes: Biology, English Language, Music<br />Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Eating, Chilling, NAPPING<br /><br /><br />-=BZP Stats=-<br />Member No.: 38635<br />Group: Premier<br />Years: 4<br />Posts: 4600+<br /><br /><br />-=Achievements=-<br />Joined: January 26, 2006 <br /><br />Proto Deduction: November 8, 2006 | Black Six | 'first post' <br /><br />Short Stories Contest #3 - Second Place: November 22, 2006 <br />250 Post Count Increase and lifetime Premier Membership<br /><br />Short Stories Critics Club - Member: January 22, 2007<br />Short Stories Critics Club 2 - Member: July 30, 2008<br />COT Stories Guild - Founder: October 13, 2009<br /><br />Short Stories Autumn Olympics - Event 1, Team Writing - Winner: November 28, 2009 <br />(along with Janus, Toa Iranu of Atohune, AZBlue, and Tifosi 92)<br /><br />Proto Boost: March 11, 2010 | Black Six | News Report

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  1. You probably don't remember who I am in the slightest (And given the change in username, it's doubtful you'd recognize me anyway), but I saw you online, and wanted to thank you. Ages back, I was a newbie BZPRPG player, and you used my random NPC fight to let me get involved in a plot arc. Since then, I've kept around, and I'd like to think I've improved. So... Thank you.

    1. Lazzy the Spazzy

      Lazzy the Spazzy

      hey bud, that's awesome! You might have to jog my memory on the specifics, but I'm really honored/glad that I helped make an impact on your RPG journey. I'm glad you're still going strong!

    2. Razgriz



  2. Hey! How's it going? Wasn't honestly expecting to find someone still around who I knew back then, but you and EW proved me wrong.

    1. Mel






      I have a seven page paper that I have write for Sunday but...otherwise I'm good.

  3. Hey dude! How's it going?

  4. Hey dude! How's it going?

  5. Man, if you ever come back, I just want you to know that that first year you palled up with me in was probably the best time I've ever had RPing. Thanks for everything, brother.

  6. SPIIINNNKKKKYYY! Ha, I had you fooled didn't I? You and I both know you can't really ever leave BZP for good. =P
  7. Well, excuse my language but holy ###### was this a pleasant surprise. I've managed to completely forget about BZP and all the great friends I made here, hadn't visited the site for just shy of a year now...heard about the "downtime" over the summer but that's the only news I'd heard about the BZP. Decided on a whim to pop in for a visit, and what is this? Wow. New format. So much cleaner and professional looking. Can't even remember the old look, trying not to so nostalgia doesn't overwhelm me. ...I'll keep poking around. See if any oldies are still here...if any of you remember me, please give a shout. I'd love to catch up. Nostalgic and pleasantly surprised, -- Lazzy
  8. ... Heya! Long time no see...I hope things go well for you. :)

  9. Happy hallow's eve, brah.

  10. Nice tip, Zennia Jorra, that's a personal favorite of mine. [submitted by Lazzy] See it Everywhere Ever notice how you learn a new word and suddenly start seeing it everywhere? Let's say it's something obscure, like, say, retrograde. Suddenly, you're reading a book =and 'retrograde' pops up, or your teacher/professor mentions 'retrograde' in a lecture. Weird, right? That works for writing, too. Keep the intended theme or subject of your writing in the back of your mind (in this case 'beginning'), but go about your daily life -- go to school or work, surf the internet -- you'll start to notice situations where that theme applies. 'Hey, I never thought about this before, but this sofa I'm sitting on was made by someone and came from somewhere. I wonder where it began.'
  11. In answer to your question, no. The current COTSCG is effectively dead. Toa Velox was thinking about reviving it, but I just asked him and he says he'll only run it, so if he does start it up again he'll need a bunch of reviewers. If you think you'd be up to it, feel free to PM him.

  12. Thanks for the advice! Yeah, at least I overslept through classes my first week, nice wake-up call (no pun intended) to get me to fix my sleep schedule...for now, I've got the homework part down, just gotta keep from giving into those dark temptations to procrastinate. =|
  13. Thanks everyone. I've read all your comments, I might find some time in the future to respond to all those but rest assured I'm touched at what you all said. Thanks for the fun times. =]
  14. Not so much a new life, really...well, maybe it is. I guess it just hasn't hit me yet, since I haven't been away from home for more than a month at a time for summer camps. Speaking of which, it really did feel like a summer camp last week during orientation. Carnegie Mellon really spoiled us with cruises and bowling and lasertag...someone said they must be tricking us, making us want to stay for the year and suffer through their super-tough classes. Not that I'm complaining of course, if I'm going to spend my next four years at CMU I'm grateful that we get a week of fun before all that. Plus I feel like it's all in the mindset, you can find the positive in any situation if you try, you know? Still, gonna be tough. Keeping this short, first week of classes and I've already missed three classes. =[ I need to step my game up... Anyway, haven't had time till now to get back onto BZP. I promised to do the occasional SSCC review and blog so here we go. And then another disappearance for...however long it takes for me to finish all my stuff again. Wish me luck.
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