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    I have had great interests in Bionicles since 2003, and I have collected them since then. In 2009, however, I noticed the storyline go down-hill as a new planet was released into the storyline. I also enjoy reading and writing, and I even hope to (maybe someday) write a book where the original toa return.

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  1. Here's a bit of a dumb queston: what's WA?

  2. Alright, no problem. :D Joining the WA?

  3. Alright, no problem. :D Joining the WA?

  4. Well, I added you as a friend for two reasons. 1. I haven't really been on this website long, and haven't had any friends :P. Also, I, too have an interest in writing.

  5. Hey, welcome to BZP! :D If you need any help on pretty much anything, feel free to PM me/drop me a comment and I'll help in whatever way I can!

    Also, noticed you friended me--Don't mind at all, just wondering why?

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