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  1. I've been staying inside because of the flu, so I built the Toa Nuva Kaita earlier, and also reverse-engineered Michael Ramberg's Toa Nui Rai-Engos. I still had another full set of Toa Mata left free to use (Minus Pohatu's arms), so I gathered the Nuva and Mata scraps I had laying around, as well as a few spare parts from extras of the same sets. Spent about half an hour each building these, and figured they were post-worthy. I see them as being sort of like a Bionicle equivalent to ancient mythic and tribal gods of the elements. I'm not good at writing much about things. So without further ado, these guys: Onua-Tahu (Volcano) http://imgur.com/6XvLsUi This guy used the most spare parts from my collection, but in keeping with the personal challenge I have myself, he didn't use anything not in the Nuva or Mata sets. Mostly meant to look like a brutish, destructive giant, if anything. Lewa-Gali (Gale) http://imgur.com/O3Vu0F2 I couldn't help but want to use both axes, as it just looked so cool. The overall design is meant to be somewhere between an axe-wielding maniac, a mech, and a multi-armed deity. Pohatu-Kopaka (Avalanche) http://imgur.com/jlGVEYs Probably my favourite, although I can't quite decide between him and Gale. Intended to look like a cross between Pohatu and Kopaka's basic concepts (A runner and a swordsman), and elements. Scrap-built self-MOC (Medic) http://imgur.com/wn8mxEH Gave him the Akaku, as I love steampunk (And Kopaka), as well as a walking stick, because I've had to use one for over a year, so it fit. The medic color scheme is just what I had it easiest throwing together without being too ugly. Nothing special, just something I made out of scraps and decided I liked.
  2. Two new builds I threw together an hour or so ago. Mostly just built to use the Revoltech-style clickjoints on smaller builds. http://imgur.com/a/Yf6k4 The Atakus helmet reminds me a little of the movie Starscream, so I figured I might as well give him wings. The Shadow Toa was going to be a more dark-coloured Vakama, but then I decided to use the black Noble Huna and make it a whole different character. Both are made to look a little weird and disproportionate, to fit with the more "chaotic" style of Shadow characters I build.
  3. That's half the reason I used that mask, the other half being that my other choice was Kaukau Nuva. I made the better choice, no?
  4. Happy with my recent builds, and seems the community is too.

  5. The black lizardman is what I consider my best work, which is funny when you realise that he's just the Titan-Toa build with a bigger CCBS torso beam and extra leg joint.
  6. http://fc02.deviantart.net/images/i/2003/39/5/2/Eva_Unit_01_vs_Sachiel.jpg That's the EVA and Angel I was using for inspiration. I've seen people do some good imitations of the anime designs, but not much custom units or angels. You gotta love autocorrect . Titan Mata were made before I got an enormous crate of 2001-2003 sets. I was going to redo them, but then I made other stuff. As always, Kopaka was the greatest. Minis were made before I even moved to the city and got G2, and I'm extremely surprised at how good they came out. As for potato, that was on purpose. Pretty sure a bowl of french fries would take better pictures. Takua Nuva actually has horrible balance, believe it or not. And hollow legs, but that's just another purchase away from a fix. The ninja was intended to be a feminine character, but Bionicle doesn't do that well on that scale. As for Jaller, his chestplate is standard silver like the rest of him. Probably just lighting or overexposure.
  7. Okay, I've got a massive pic dump of all my best builds of the last year or so to show off, so let's not waste time on exposition. (Except this: My good camera broke earlier this year, hence the potato quality on some of the images. This new phone sucks.) Recent builds: Lizardmen: http://imgur.com/a/myh3l These two are the ones I'm most satisfied with, as they feel complete and free of major gaps. Makuta: http://imgur.com/a/Xi5zd Obviously he makes a comeback. Attempted to use mostly 2001 Rahi parts, to get a more rough, mechanical feel. Evangelion and Skull Angel: http://imgur.com/a/CFYhV Both were started as single components and built off that, with an arm for the EVA, and a Mata torso for Skully. Akaku and The Mysterious Stranger: http://imgur.com/a/H8cTX Akaku is an old character from about a year ago that I refined into a more final version earlier this year. The Mysterious Stranger is actually a revamp of an older build as well, but the original is lost, due to needing white pieces for other stuff..[CORRECTION: I never bothered to take a decent photo of him alone. You can see the original in my avatar.] Takua Nuva and others: http://imgur.com/a/2dNeR Toa Of Light, Captain of the Guard, and a ninja character. Nothing too special here, really. And from late 2014 through mid-2015, we have: Mini Bahrag and Exo-Toa (2014): http://imgur.com/a/3IjzV Never owned either set, decided to do minis from my interpretation of the old photos I had seen in catalogues, but lacked correctly-coloured pieces to do something particularly amazing. Titan Toa Mata:http://imgur.com/a/XJWPf Toa Mata-based characters, with what few correctly coloured masks I had. The Lizardmen borrow heavily from their torso and limb builds. Well, that's about it for now, unless I dig up some old experiment later. Hope you like what you see here, there'll be much more coming later in the year, hopefully.
  8. Turaga Matau, Vakama, and Whenua. I recently got a crate full of old sets, and I got hit with so many nostalgic feels when I saw those 3 in there. Nearly cried, actually.
  9. I recently came into possession of the Toa Mata (And a separate set of Kaita), Turaga, 2 of each Bohrok, Rahkshi (Missing Kurahk), Toa Nuva, 2 Makutas, Takanuva, Muaka & Kane-ra, Tarakava, Nui-Jaga. I also have a smattering of 01-04 parts, and 07 onwards, with a ton of CCBS. I have a huge lizard-man I built a while ago that I've been meaning to post, but this potato I call a webcam doesn't capture it well.
  10. @Click, I'll be honest, the Bahrag Spider is pretty bad for scraps. The pile it left behind could fill a Mata canister, possibly even two, easily. Still, thank you. It wasn't easy to get something recognizable and decent-looking (I focus more on aesthetics) out of what was left without it turning out as a brick. I just realised that I did technically cheat making this, as the Bahrag Spider actually had white Bohrok teeth for eyes, which I swapped for trans-green as soon as I looked at it. So, the teeth are partially a cheat, though very minor.
  11. Nothing too major, just something I made from the leftovers of the Bahrag Spider. No name, no backstory, just a big red and blue rat made of spare parts.
  12. Wow, it IS appearing a lot. Perhaps the appearance of the Toa in the new story is in fact the fallout from the one time the Vahi was used by Tahu in '03, and it just took forever to hit them? There's nothing to suggest that's the case, but it's the best I can come up with for an actual reason the Vahi is being hinted at so much, and for Time in general to be so important all of a sudden.
  13. The minifigs really are the best part of this whole thing, sadly. Although, if one were to use a bit of paint extremely carefully, they could probably repurpose Witch-King's headdress into the top of the Mask Of Creation for a Bionicle minifig. I can't be the only one who sees it, can I?
  14. Sorry, just a little OT correction, but Mata Nui didn't create Makuta, the GBs created both of them. Yeah Im a bit scared about Gali's voice as well. Personally, the most terrifying thing for me is the voice acting. I'm especially worried they'll give Pohatu an Australian accent to compliment his boomerangs... I always hoped they'd do him with the kickers again, and make him sound like a football guy, but that's just me. As for the Aussie accent, I just imagined it and now I can't stop thinking Lego's going to do that and annoy me out of the animations. GAH.
  15. Wasn't Velika planning to knock off Artakha and a bunch of other guys on Bara Magna? EDIT: Should've already said this, but holy word-I-can't-say-on-this-forum I am hyped right now. As in, my hands are honest-to-Mata Nui shaking right now with excitement. I don't think sleep's going to find me until tomorrow night at the soonest now.
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