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  1. I could probably upload it on shapeways?
  2. Hey! A friend of mine drew a Chain Lightning Rahkshi staff. I tought it was really cool, and simple enough to try to make a 3D model of it, so I did. I made this using Sketchup, it took me somewhere between 1,5 - 2 hours to make. Original scetch by: Katuko So what do you guys think? does it look like a Chain Lightning tool? Does it cool? Could anything be done better? Any feedback is appreciated feedback! ^^ MORE PICTURES HERE:
  3. it's fun, so why not Good luck!
  4. thanks! I have barely moved the mask and treated it very carefully so I don't know for sure, but I think it sticks pretty well thank you! that was what I intended to make
  5. Hi! I tried painting my first mask, and wanted to know what people think about it. Any feedback is appreciated! I started painting it dark red, and then tried to make it look infected, but I'm not sure what to make of it. I have more photos of the mask at my Flickr!
  6. Stanley came to an elevator and went up to get to the boarding room. (this is so epic when reading with the narrators voice)
  7. On his way to the board room he came to a corridor with two doors. Stanley entered the door on his left.
  8. Looks and feels like Kopaka, so I'd say it's a pretty cool model. I don't know if it would make him bether, but it would be cool to see him with some small armour pieces. Also I think his knees and elbows looks a bit wide, and I think you should try using this piece for the limbs, and maybe remove the leg extenders? But overall, I do really like it!
  9. Eccleston is for sure a good Doctor. His season may not be the best, but it's definitly worth watching if you like Doctor Who. And as Pomegranate mentioned this season has some extremely good episodes, like those he mentioned.
  10. Onua? It's someone who wears a Miru and knows how to ride a gukko
  11. I think it looks a lot bether now. Great improvement Also I don't know if it was intended or not, but the protectors in the background was a really nice touch for the photo.
  12. I just think it looks a bit odd that his legs are attatched to his arms, and that his body doesn't seem very compressed or detailed. Personally I think you should try to build him again from scratch. That's just my opinion tough, if you like him you can off course keep gim that way And sorry for the missunderstanding, I didn't notice it was text under the pictures
  13. I am very amazed! The mix of color schemes makes them feel fresh in a unique and creative way, and their designs are also very good! The protectors look just looks extremely well, even bether than the original sets in my opinion. Also the skull warrioris looks solid, and feels like a great enemy for the protectors. The 'crawler' guy looks pretty cool and the two guns make him look dangerous and tops his design. however, the skull bird doesn't look very finnished, and need alot more work I think. But overall these are really good Moc's! I really like them. I might even try to make those myself
  14. It looks awesome! Definitly feels like a big daddy from Bioshock
  15. Oh man, you really used the sunlight in a great way! good photos! there isn't much sun here in Norway either also the proto(?) guy looks really cool. It actually feels more or less like an actuall prototype set.
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