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  1. I would accept adding [f] to the language, since it's another labial approximant you could make while smiling. But the word "Fenrakk" couldn't possibly be of Skakdi origin. The Fenrakk species was created by the Makuta and inhabited Voya Nui long before the Piraka arrived. I take English pronunciations of Skakdi words as Anglicizations, and assume that the Skakdi would pronounce it [zɑ'kɑz], just like [fræns] versus [fʁɑ̃s].
  2. It's because I think hexadecimal is a superior number system. If you want a canonical explanation, cultures don't always develop number systems based on the number of fingers they have. I'm aware of one language that has words for "one", "two", "many", and nothing else; and another (Filipino, I think?) that counts by 27, using their eyes, nose, armpits, all their upper torso's features. Maybe Skakdi use their spines. We don't even know how many fingers the Skakdi have (although movie screenshots show Matoran and Toa with ten).
  3. Go ahead! I'm eager to see what others create with this framework! I made a mistake on page 5 with the word "soirin". It is a multisyllabic word that doesn't contain a k. Let's just say it's instead "soikin".
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I have developed the barely-mentioned Skakdi into a full language. That is, I have created a rudimentary language framework, and all that needs to be filled in is the vocabulary. Also conjunctions. I didn't make up any conjunctions. Edit: and prepositions. Read all about it here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/7b3wjeaxjcs6669/Skakdi.pdf
  5. Greg Farshtey first stated at http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/6596-update-920-disguised-great-being-revealed/ "The Great Being was already named Velika before inhabiting the Matoran body." Then, in chat, he contradicted himself: "He assumed it [the name] as a Matoran." So we'll never know whether the name in this story is valid. I'm sad to see this series end. You could produce infinitely many flash fictions like these, because there's so much character from which to draw in Bionicle.
  6. Teridax specifically says "the Mask of Life still exists, and you were connected to it". The implication here is that it was lost, or its connection to Matoro severed.
  7. The Kingdom is my favourite Bionicle story, but it just doesn't make sense. Matoro hesitates in pursuing Voya Nui and doesn't get into Karda Nui, I get that. What about the rest of the Toa Mahri? Jaller was about to go nova because they were losing the battle, remember? There's no way Matoro could have gotten back to the battlefield in time to prevent Jaller from going nova, and even then he alone wouldn't have been able to swing the tides (no pun intended). Let's assume that somehow Matoro did save the day. So the universe has to evacuate. I can accept that. How did the Toa Mahri get to Metru Nui? The Great Spirit Robot is 40,000,000 feet tall. Voya, Mahri, and Karda Nui are at its belly; Metru Nui is at its head. That's a journey of thousands of miles, at least half the diameter of the Earth! Yet somehow Hewkii was able to join Pohatu (who would have had a considerably easier time due to Artakha's teleportation abilities) during the evacuation to die. And what about the whole issue of air? Matoro never used the Mask of Life, so the Toa Mahri never became amphibious. What's Jaller doing at the great furnace without some kind of breathing apparatus? Shouldn't they all have suffocated?
  8. WhereFMF


    What I would have entered in Memoirs of the Dead had I been participating in this forum at that time. ------------------------------------------- Stretch. Yawn. Has the day passed already? The other Makuta think me odd for enjoying sleep so long after we evolved beyond the need for it. It's only because the day is so terribly long if you don't sleep. I've turned noctural, unlike the rest. It helps me enjoy the shadows. Where are you now, Bitil? Where'd the exploits of the previous night take you? Some kind of hut...Oh yes, that village on the first of the islands. The Western Southern Islands, that's your territory. You marched in just as the day was about to close, woke them all up, and demanded they serve you a feast. Morning meal for them, evening meal of sorts for you. Then you passed out and slept the day away. Time to get up. Another night of useless, unproductive patrol to do. Out the door, into the main street of the village—oh look, some Matoran are pointing and whispering at me. And now they're trying to pretend they weren't. I ought to disintegrate one of them to teach them a lesson—no, Bitil, you have to hold off on that. If you start wasting them willy-nilly, eventually you'll have no one left to obey you. Or you might have Teridax breathing down your neck. If he hasn't severed it first. Hey, that's clever. It's a nice little dictatorship I've concocted here; I've heard Gorast has done something similar on the Tren Krom Peninsula. But it's kind of pointless when you only get to rule five villages over two islands, with a population of maybe two hundred Matoran among them all. The rules are simple: don't attract my attention, and you live. Goodness, are those Matoran following me? That's enough. I turn around. I don't see them, but I know they have to be behind that barrel sitting in the village's main street. I extend my hand. I could unleash so many powers from that hand. I could make them believe each was a vicious Rahi intent on killing the other. I could electrocute them, suffocate them, incinerate them, shatter them into a million pieces. But I don't. I'm feeling unusually merciful today. I hear nothing more as I leave the village. Now I'm on the shore of the island, gazing out into the silver sea. What a magnificent universe I live in. Only I got the worst part of it. The part beyond all the charts, where nobody but me, the caretaker of it all, goes. Oh, you've explored it all, you softie. You've been as far south in the universe as you can go, the foot of your island chain. There was a door there, a door sideways along the ground. But it wouldn't open. Miserix's assignments were total junk. Teridax got what everybody wanted, Metru Nui. Mutran and a couple of others got the Southern Continent and then did nothing about it. I don't even think anyone but Gorast is actually involved in watching over their realms, but what do I know, I'm stuck on these islands. Why'd we even maintain the assignments after we deposed Miserix? Patrol. To patrol. That village looked okay. Their Turaga doesn't care if I show up once in a while; he was once a Toa of the Green and is too busy maintaining his garden. In rapid succession, I teleport to the other four villages and inquire around. There's two more on this island, the northernmost of the Southern Islands. Then there's one on the second island, and a house where three Matoran live. Why they'd choose to live there is anyone's guess, but most certainly not my concern. And that's it. It's only been an hour, there's a lot more night to go, and your duty for the day is done. If only Teridax would let me go to Destral. I'm capable. I can make Kraata like the rest of you. But no, I'm so dangerous and need to be kept away on these barren islands. I could head to Destral myself, of course, but I'd be teleported back immediately. They "need me here". Bah! I could come here once a milennia and nothing would change. Indeed, my more frequent presence has caused some Matoran to start "visiting" their friends on the Southern Continent. Then they don't come back. What do I care, fewer of their annoying little faces to deal with. I think I'll jump to all the other islands today. See what nothing their is. Next stop and next island in the chain, Artidax. Come to think of it, I haven't stopped there beyond a cursory glance since...actually, since Teridax's rebellion. I'll give it a full explore today. Teleport... The island's changed since I last saw it. It's...somehow darker. It's rocky and barren, like every other island in the chain but parts of the first two, but it seems rather shadowed. I like it. Oh gosh—caught by a giant hand, can't breathe—oh, wait. Shattering power, and I'm safe. Should I leave now? Evidently I'm in danger. Nah, a Makuta can fight his way out of anything. When Toa aren't around. The others may think me a dangerous fool, but I admit our weaknesses. Search around for a while. Nothing much to be found that might have triggered that—wait, there's a tunnel in the mountain? Who would have bored that? I venture cautiously down the tunnel. I step over the vine tripwire that nobody thought to conceal properly. I could have done a far better job of...whatever this is protecting, if only the brotherhood allowed me to. A rickety bridge. Ah, I see those branches below are actually insects. And they don't look happy. I try to control them, but a more powerful will won't allow me. Hmm... I activate my limited invulnerability power and march through the swarm, which is now buzzing around me. They're biting and scratching at my armour, doing no damage. The power wears off as I leave the nest and enter a short tunnel that opens into an enormous chamber. Hmm, they're not following. There's a huge chamber at the end of this tunnel...and I see why they're not following. ..."Miserix?" His shadow hand is extended from his chest, and he's absorbing some hideous creature into his substance. In seconds, it is overcome. Only then does he notice me. "Bitil!" He says it with a sarcastic warmness. "I haven't seen you since you joined my lieutenant in deposing me. You were the first to join him, in fact. I'd kill you in an instant, but the effort of absorbing my last guard has rather tired me. You have about five minutes before I go from reasonable to unreasonable and you go from alive to dead." "How...I thought...didn't Spiriah and Krika kill you?" "Teridax told them to, indeed. But Krika, that weakling, he imprisoned me here." I'm in awe. Miserix is a legend, a memory of a time long forgotten when the Makuta were benevolent. "I...you swore you would be avenged, and that's considerably more easy if you're still around." His eyes flash. Laser beams strike me and throw me across the room. "I grow weary of the company of a traitor. Get out before I hit you with worse, and I will forget you were ever here." I quickly teleport to the first island in the chain. I have been assigned to watch over Miserix. I and Krika, and maybe Spiriah, are the only ones who know he's alive. This is such precious knowledge... Someday, somehow, I will find a way to make myself a part of this. When the plan goes into effect, perhaps I will find a way to free him. Then the others will respect me. I look out at the village, at the Matoran who are still whispering and pointing, never dreaming of what lies two islands to the south. Perhaps my assignment isn't so bad after all.
  9. I felt that Ahkmou's plot line was kind of squandered. Makuta has a double agent Matoran all to himself, and could have done all sorts of terrible things with him—but no, he does nothing but put out some poisoned Kohlii balls, and is appointed ruler near the end.
  10. I'm sorry; BioSector01 lists him as a servant of the brotherhood. I will not add any non-sapient beings. Since everybody seems to like this, let's continue. Be warned that I neither know nor like the 2009 story and characters, so they may be off. This post once held all the families from Turaga to Rock Tribe. I will add miscellaneous beings eventually.
  11. Based on the appendices at the end of the Song of Ice and Fire books. If you haven't read the books, all you need to know is that braces around a name mean that being is dead. This is current as of the Battle of Bara Magna. This is not a complete list, because I don't feel like going into the realms of ordinary Matoran today. Also, is this the proper forum? THE GREAT SPIRIT —MATA NUI, consciousness of the Great Spirit Robot and Ruler of the Matoran Universe, briefly a Toa who wore the Mask of Life and briefly consciousness of the Prototype Robot, in permanent hibernation inside the Mask of Life THE TOA Bestowed with the power of the elements, mask powers, and weapons, the Toa are the public face of Mata Nui's will. They are skilled enough in combat to best foes far more powerful than they. The Toa Mata and Nuva The Toa Mata were created on Artakha 100,000 years ago to awaken Mata Nui if he ever fell asleep. After a battle with the Bohrok, their forms were upgraded to the Toa Nuva. —TAHU, Toa Mata of Fire, leader of the Toa Nuva and wielder of the golden armor, devolved to his Mata form by the Mask of Life, —his companions and siblings: —KOPAKA, Toa Nuva of Ice, his deputy, on a mission to the Red Star, —POHATU, Toa Nuva of Stone, on a mission to the Red Star, —GALI, Toa Nuva of Water, called away by Tahu on a special mission, —ONUA, Toa Nuva of Earth, last seen commissioning Orde, Chiara, and Zaria to find the Great Beings, —LEWA, Toa Nuva of Air, held captive by the Earth Tribe on Bota Magna, —TAKANUVA, Toa of Light, honorary member of the Toa Nuva The Toa Mahri Jaller once led a team of Matoran to rescue the Toa Nuva on Voya Nui. The Red Star transformed them into Toa Ignika, and the Mask of Life transformed the Inika into water-breathing Toa Mahri. Matoro's sacrifice gave them the ability to breathe both water and air. —JALLER MAHRI, Toa of Fire, leader of the Toa Mahri, held captive in the service of the Skakdi Fusion, —his companions, likewise captive: —HEWKII, Toa of Stone, his deputy, —HAHLI, Toa of Water, —NUPARU, Toa of Earth, —KONGU, Toa of Air, —{MATORO}, Toa of Ice, died in donning the Mask of Life to save his Universe, The Toa Hagah —NORIK, Toa of Fire, leader of the Toa Hagah, leading his team to rescue the Toa Mahri at the request of Kopaka, —his companions: —BOMONGA, Toa of Earth, his deputy, —KUALUS, Toa of Ice, —POUKS, Toa of Stone, —GAAKI, Toa of Water, —IRUINI, Toa of Air, —Other Toa, unaffiliated: —LESOVIKK, Toa of Air, the last of his team, missing and presumed the murderer of Karzahni, —KRAKUA, Toa of Sonics, member of the Order of Mata Nui, a saviour of the Siege of Metru Nui, —HELRYX, Toa of Water, the first Toa ever created, leader of the Order of Mata Nui, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —TUYET, Toa of Water, treacherous and insane, long thought dead due to the death of her decoy from an alternate universe, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —ORDE, Toa of Psionics, the only male being of psionics, on a mission to seek out the Great Beings, —CHIARA, Toa of Lightning, on a mission to seek out the Great Beings, —ZARIA, Toa of Iron, on a mission to seek out the Great Beings, —VARIAN, Toa of Psionics, held in suspended animation on Odina, THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAKUTA Created by Mata Nui as protectors of the universe, the Brotherhood turned sour, and eventually rebelled against and deposed Mata Nui. After the rebellion of the League of Six Kingdoms, Miserix assigned a Makuta to monitor each region of the universe. They did not even go without conflict within themselves; Teridax at one point rebelled and deposed Miserix. Makuta have access to the forty-two known Rahkshi powers, including teleportation, disintegration, and weather control among many others. —MISERIX, last of the Makuta and former leader of the Brotherhood, deposed by Teridax in a rebellion, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna —His siblings deceased: —{TERIDAX}, commonly called simply MAKUTA, Makuta of Metru Nui, Master of Shadows, once controller of the Matoran Universe, slain by Mata Nui in the form of the Prototype Robot at the Battle of Bara Magna —{ANTROZ}, Makuta of Xia, killed by the energy storms of Karda Nui, —{BITIL}, Makuta of the Western chain of the Southern Islands, killed by the energy storms of Karda Nui, —{CHIROX}, Makuta of Keetongu's Island and Visorak, killed by the energy storms of Karda Nui, —{GORAST}, Makuta of the Tren Krom Peninsula, killed by the energy storms of Karda Nui, —{ICARAX}, Makuta of Karzahni, slain by Gorast and Vamprah at the Codrex, —{KOJOL}, Makuta of Artakha, assassinated by Tobduk on Xia during the aftermath of the Raid on Artakha, —{KRIKA}, Makuta of the Northern region of the Northern Continent, slain by Gorast at the Codrex, —{MUTRAN}, Makuta of the Central region of the Southern Continent, killed by the energy storms of Karda Nui, —{SPIRIAH}, Makuta of Zakaz, long exiled from the Brotherhood for his experiments with the Zakaz population, absorbed into the substance of Miserix for his part in Teridax's rebellion —{TRIDAX}, Makuta of Nynrah, slain by Tobduk on Daxia during the Destiny War, —{VAMPRAH}, Makuta of Odina, killed by the energy storms of Karda Nui, —The {MAKUTA OF STELT}, given name unknown, absorbed into the substance of Miserix for his part in Teridax's rebellion —His minions former and deceased: —{KARZAHNI}, ruler of the realm by the same name, slain by an unknown assailant, his body discovered by Kopaka and Pohatu —{SIDORAK}, former leader of the Visorak Horde, slain by Keetongu at the Battle of Metru Nui —ROODAKA, viceroy of Sidorak, once held prisoner in the Pit but journeying to Spherus Magna, THE ORDER OF MATA NUI Formed out of the remnants Hand of Artakha, the Order was once an extremely secretive organization, but revealed itself to fight against the Brotherhood of Makuta in what would become known as the Destiny War. Its members are shielded against mental assault, and well-trained in combat. —HELRYX, Toa of Water, the first Toa ever created, leader of the Order of Mata Nui, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —her agents: —{ANCIENT}, spy pretending to aid the Dark Hunters, slain by The Shadowed One to preserve a secret, —AXONN, an armoured warrior who carries an axe, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —{BOTAR}, a harsh but just gaoler, slain by Makuta Icarax near the Southern Continent, —BOTAR'S REPLACEMENT, given name unknown, a member of the same species, —BRUTAKA, a redeemed traitor to the Order, transformed to a higher form by antidermis, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —{HYDRAXON}, a gaoler in the pit, killed in the Great Cataclysm, —"HYDRAXON", actually a Po-Matoran named Dekar transformed by the Mask of Life, a gaoler in the Pit, —JERBRAZ, accidentally rendered permanently invisible in an experiment gone wrong, —JOHMAK, capable of dissolving and reforming freely, —KRAKUA, Toa of Sonics, —MAZEKA, a Ko-Matoran, —TOBDUK, nine feet tall and skilled in combat, —TRINMUA, nine feet tall, bearing the Mask of Charisma, —her allies: —KEETONGU, a semi-sapient Rahi and the last of his kind, —TERIDAX, Mazeka's companion, the Makuta Teridax from another universe, —her servant, UMBRA, once a guardian of the Mask of Life THE DARK HUNTERS The Dark Hunters are a band of mercenaries and bounty hunters under the command of a single leader known only as the Shadowed One. The members are frequently known only by their codenames, and they specialize in theft and assassination, all in the name of profit. They are headquartered on the island of Odina. —THE SHADOWED ONE, real name known to few, leader of the Dark Hunters, —his Hunters active, AIRWATCHER, AMPHIBAX, CHARGER, CONJURER, DARKNESS, DEVASTATOR, DWELLER, ELIMINATOR, FIREDRACAX, GATHERER, GLADIATOR, KRAATA-KAL, LARISKA, LURKER, MIMIC, MINION, PHANTOM, POISON, PRIMAL, PROTOTYPE, RAVAGER, SAVAGE, SEEKER, SENTRAKH, SHADOW STEALER, SILENCE, SPINNER, SUBTERRANEAN, TRACKER, TRIGLAX, VANISHER, VENGEANCE, —his Hunters deceased and former: —{ANCIENT}, secretly member of the Order of Mata Nui, slain by the Shadowed One to preserve a secret, —{GUARDIAN}, slain by Teridax during Teridax's reign over the Matoran Universe, —{NIDHIKI}, a Toa of Air mutated by Roodaka, absorbed into Teridax's substance at the battle to escape Metru Nui, —{KREKKA}, a savage brute, absorbed into Teridax's substance at the battle to escape Metru Nui, —TYRANT, betrayed by the organization 3,000 years ago, missing and presumed dead, —ZAKTAN, HAKANN, VEZOK, REIDAK, THOK, AVAK, members of the Skakdi species, merged into a powerful being known as the Skakdi Fusion —his servants: —THE RECORDER, assigned to record all the doings of the organization, —VOPORAK, master of time, currently in possession of the Great Mask of Time on Spherus Magna THE LEAGUE OF SIX KINGDOMS These warlords, once servants of Mata Nui, realized that he could be overthrown. Their rebellion was put down by the Brotherhood of Makuta, and they have spent the past millenia in the Pit, plotting their revenge. —PRIDAK, once aide to Icarax, now chief of the League of Six Kingdoms, —his fellow warlords, KALMAH, MANTAX, and EHLEK, —his fellow warlord, {CARAPAR}, slain by Tren Krom on Tren Krom's Island, —his disgraced fellow, TAKADOX, who betrayed the League to the Brotherhood of Makuta, was later recruited by the Order of Mata Nui, and betrayed that organization as well TURAGA When a Toa fulfills their destiny, they may elect to create six Toa Stones, which can transform Matoran into Toa. The cost of this is that the Toa is transformed into a weaker but wiser form called a Turaga. —DUME, leader of the Matoran of Metru Nui, —Dume's aide and fellow ruler VAKAMA, former Toa Metru of Fire, leader of the Matoran of Metru Nui, —ONEWA, NOKAMA, WHENUA, MATAU, and NUJU, Vakama's companions and fellow Turaga, —{LHIKAN}, former Toa Magnai of Fire and protector of Metru Nui, slain by Teridax at the Battle of the Great Barrier, —{JOVAN}, former Toa of Magnetism, Turaga of Metru Nui, died in the Great Cataclysm MATORAN The workers and dominant inhabitants of the universe named for them, Matoran are associated with a specific element. As there is a great population of known Matoran, only Matoran with a relevant storyline role are listed. Ta-Matoran, Matoran of Fire —BALTA, former member of the Voya Nui Resistance, —KAPURA, eccentric but deliberate, former member of the Ta-Koro guard, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —NUHRII, who knew the location of a Great Disk, former member of the Ta-Koro guard, —SARDA, known for defeating Karzahni in Mahri Nui, —VULTRAZ, transformed into a Shadow Matoran by Makuta Gorast, held captive in another universe, —{AN UNNAMED MATORAN} who saved Toa Inika Hahli's life at the cost of his own, Onu-Matoran, Matoran of Earth —GARAN, former leader of the Voya Nui resistance, —MAVRAH, eccentric inventor, drowned by a sudden wave but discovered alive on the Red Star, —MIDAK, namesake of the Midak Skyblasters, —ONEPU, aide of Whenua and member of the Chronicler's Company, —{REYSA}, slain by Kalmah during the Barraki's invasion of Mahri Nui, —TEHUTTI, who knew the location of a Great Disk, Le-Matoran, Matoran of Air —DEFILAK, former leader of Mahri Nui, —ORKAHM, who knew the location of a great disk, —PIRUK, former member of the Voya Nui Resistance, —TAMARU, former member of the Chronicler's Company, Po-Matoran, Matoran of Stone —AHKMOU, who knew the location of a Great Disk but betrayed the Toa Metru, corrupted by Teridax and instituted as Turaga of Metru Nui after Teridax's reign —HAFU, a captive in the cell of the Great Being on Bota Magna, —VELIKA, former member of the Voya Nui resistance, actually a Great Being in disguise, Ko-Matoran, Matoran of Ice —EHRYE, who knew the location of a Great Disk, —KAZI, former member of the Voya Nui resistance, —KOPEKE, former member of the Chronicler's Company, —MAZEKA, member of the Order of Mata Nui, Ga-Matoran, Matoran of Water —DALU, former member of the Voya Nui resistance, —IDRIS, known for defeating Karzahni in Mahri Nui, —MACKU, friend to Toa Hewkii, member of the Chronicler's Company, —VHISOLA, who knew the location of a Great Disk, Av-Matoran, Matoran of Light —GAVLA, RADIAK, KIROP, once transformed into Shadow Matoran aides of the Makuta but since reverted, —TANMA, PHOTOK, SOLEK, aides to the Toa Nuva during their time in Karda Nui, —THE BUILDER OF THE CANISTERS, has forgotten his own name, who sent the Matoran who would become the Toa Inika and Mahri on their way BARA MAGNA SOCIETY Much like the Matoran Universe, the tribes of Bara Magna organize themselves into elements. Fire Tribe —The ELEMENT LORD OF FIRE, leader of the Fire Tribe, —RAANU, acting leader of the Fire Tribe and of all tribes on Spherus Magna, —their Glatorian: —ACKAR, their prime Glatorian, imbued with elemental fire powers by Mata Nui —MALUM, exiled for attempting to kill an opponent who had yielded —their notable villagers, CROTESIUS, KYRY, and an UNNAMED "HERO AGORI", Water Tribe —The ELEMENT LORD OF WATER, leader of the Water Tribe, —his Glatorian: —TARIX, prime Glatorian, imbued with elemental water powers by Mata Nui —KIINA, second Glatorian, imbued with elemental water powers by Mata Nui —his notable villagers, BERIX, KIRBRAZ, and SCODONIUS, Jungle Tribe —The ELEMENT LORD OF JUNGLE, leader of the Jungle Tribe, —his Glatorian: —VASTUS, prime Glatorian, imbued with elemental air powers by Mata Nui —GRESH, second Glatorian, imbued with elemental air powers by Mata Nui —his villager, TARDUK, a treasure hunter who encountered several Element Lords, Ice Tribe —The ELEMENT LORD OF ICE, leader of the Ice Tribe, —his Glatorian: —STRAKK, former prime Glatorian, exiled from Bara Magna after yielding and then attempting to kill his opponent, —GELU, former second Glatorian, now retired, —SUREL, a former Glatorian who now resides in a cave near Iconox, —his notable villagers: —KIRBOLD, who encountered several Element Lords, —METUS, a traitor to Bara Magna working for the Skrall, transformed into a snake for his crimes by Mata Nui The Rock Tribe and Skrall —The ELEMENT LORD OF ROCK, leader of the Rock Tribe —STRONIUS, leader of the Rock Tribe and the Skrall, —TUMA, once leader of the Rock Tribe and the Skrall, defeated in single combat by Mata Nui and wandering in exile —BRANAR, a scout who worked for the Baterra, —ATAKUS, an Agori who acts as assistant to the Skrall
  12. From a couple of chapters ago..."Ending the count at a hundred"? Whoa, whoa, whoa. In canon, there are 13 Makuta named, 7 unnamed but specific (Stelt, Killed-By-Zaria, and the five who sided with Miserix), and two variable but plural quantities (an unknown number who died on missions, and an unknown number killed by Teridax). The fewest Makuta that the Brotherhood could comprise is 24. I find it doubtful that so many Makuta would die on missions, and I also doubt that many would remain alive at the time of Teridax's Reign for him to kill. Mata Nui is surprisingly communicative at this stage. If I may offer another general critique (which I forgot to include in this chapter): I think you should avoid speculation and explanations of things that weren't covered in canon (like the intricate workings of Protodermis). They're not that interesting to people new to Bionicle, and even if they are to this forum's users, they distract from the main storyline.
  13. I have previously declared myself to be a lover of 2006. My attitude towards 2007 is somewhat less passionate. Indeed, it was a lot like 2006. It had the darkness of the Barraki in the first half of the year, and the light of the Mahri in the second. But it just didn't have...the edginess, the personality of 2006 that made me love it. It felt like a cheap clone to sell more sets. But you redeem that in this beautifully characterized clash between the Barraki. And I thank you for that.
  14. A short story was recently posted to this forum that suggested an interesting possibility. Since Tahu incinerated Teridax's Rahkshi with the Golden Armour, it's possible that some of Teridax's spirit lives on through him. So he could become a new Makuta.
  15. This was a fantastic story overall, although it could have used some pauses or breaks greater than a paragraph. Also, it's not in line with canon. The Yesterday Quest states that Marendar was created before the Shattering, and that it was named by the Great Beings.
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