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    Hmm... not as many poeple found this as I would have expected.
  2. ---*NOTE: THE MATORAN ENCODING HAS BEEN UPDATED, PLEASE RE-INSTALL THE SOFTWARE*--- For the past few days, I've been working on encoding the Matoran alphabet into the Unicode Private use area. I've encoded letters "A" through "Z", as well as two versions of "Å", the letters "Ä", "Æ", "Ö", and "Ø". I've also encoded numbers "0" through "9" and a Period, Hyphen, and Three Virtues Symbol. Below are all of the encoded characters, they will appear as boxes until you installed the font.                    The files include 3 keyboard layouts in a .bundle file and a font, called Matoran Elliptical with 3 weights: Regular, Light, & Bold, as well as oblique (italic) and a style in which the characters are tilted to the left, called tilt. You can see a type specimen here. The file contains instructions for macOS, I have no idea if a .bundle file will work on Windows and, furthermore, no method of making a Windows keyboard layout as all I have is a Mac, sorry Windows users! The files for macOS can be downloaded here. Just the font and .bundle keyboard layout can be downloaded here. To see the characters on your browser you need to change your browser's default font to the one included with the above file. If you want to make a font that subscribes to this encoding you can find an encoding chart in the macOS files under 'reference'. If you do make such a font then post it in the comments and I'll add it to this post. Also, if anyone makes a keyboard layout for Windows then post a link, I'll add it to the post. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this encoding of the Matoran alphabet!
  3. The concept of this game is amazing and your characters & level design are very creative, although adding attacking and blocking animations would make the combat a little easier for the player. Also if you need any rough sketches, graphic design, level design, character design, etc. I would be more than happy to help!
  4. I know the contest is over but... was a entery alowed to use a lego ornament shell
  5. My third and final entry. History Makuta Hordika was a makuta named bordax, the was experimenting with visorak to see if he could make a visorak that had wheels (would be used as a ram) the visorak he was experimenting on just after it had be fused with wheels to him, the visorak scrached him. the way that he had fused the wheels was to fire a blast of fusion energy a the visorak. Although this caused the visorak to fuse to any thing it touched so when bordax got injected with hordika venom. He also was fuse with the visorak causing his legs to turn into one big wheel Powers Due to Bordak's adaptation powers. after becoming makuta hordika he could change his armor to be able to use any of the six main elements. Link just edited the text... again
  6. My second entry. "Scorpion" is a dark hunter who was created when a Nui-Jaga got fused with a Turahk who was fused with a Vakhi Bordakh all of them where then fused with a Skakdi of fire who had already been fused with a Visorak Boggarak. After all of the fusing (which was done by the makuta) "Scorpion" escaped and joined the dark hunters. it is also said that he will randomly fuse to things. Link
  7. My first entry. Oohnorak-Kal is a visorak Oohnorak that was exposed to the same power that turned 6 Bohrok into the Bohrok-Kal. he now leads other visorak into battle and is sometimes given a flamethrower during sieges. Link: http://029446.wix.com/awesome#!1/c1ah1 just edited the font size.
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