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  1. I run with scissors I got em
  2. Nope. It couldn't. Otherwise Bionicle would have attracted an equal amount of girls and boys. Instead it attracted mostly boys. This is because girls just, don't really like the same things as boys. Don't get me wrong, plenty of them do. But even then they don't like those things as much as boys do. Bionicle and things like it literally can't be marketed and mainly girls, simply because of what it is.
  3. I report you for crashing the thread Oh boy I got em
  4. *uses the U.S.S. Vengance to glass the planet I got em
  6. I land on you and go full DOOM 2016, doing a glory kill whileyelling "RIP N TEAR!!!" Oh boy I got him (I an't believe people are STILL playing this! This is awesome!!!)
  7. MCGPY


    I don't think DOOM was ment to be a competitive game. Just a fun game Any DOOM game
  8. Are we allowed to post crossover roleplays?
  9. Ok. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. XD But I would liketo mesion just afew things. Mainly that I new Halo Wasn't the first story drivin fps, I think it was Marathon. That was a typo. The second is that I was talking about fpses in general. So the DOOM reference would fit eather way, because all fpses harpen back to DOOM (also DOOM 1 was also released for Play Station 1 when it came out). And finaly, I'm not saying that Hal shouldn't borrow stuff from Cod, I'm saying that people shouldn't complain about it anymore But again, thanks for pointing out my mistakes.
  10. An orange Onua wearing sunglasses and a headcrab...no offence it looks .
  11. Granted!!!! You get crushed. I want earth to explode.
  12. I come down from the sky with a chaingun like a god. I shoot EVERYTHING. Got him.
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