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  1. Thanks! I'll probably have a go with MNOG just to test and play with, but I'll leave the serious work to the pro's such as yourself
  2. The only other reason I build digitally is when I don't actually have access to my LEGO at that time. I guess that kinda falls under the "Build without constraints of having enough physical LEGO bricks" category. It's mainly lack of bricks/prototyping for me. LDD for me. I have used LDraw and a few others long long ago, but have found LDD generally the easiest to use. Overall it's a great tool, and my only issues with it are; a) It has a really narrow Field of Vision (FoV) which can make viewing the model difficult. b) Lots of bricks that I would like to use aren't on the list. Generally these are older pieces that are no longer used in current sets, so I can understand why I LOVE LEGO Worlds. Will I still import models into the game rather than building them in LEGO Worlds? Probably. I find the controlling the building process in 3nd person pretty difficult, and find it a lot more difficult to navigate to the bricks I want to put use. As I have to use the lowest resolution settings possible to play the game, it can often be difficult to tell which brick I'm selecting (a 2x2 black plate looks pretty similar to a 4x4 black plate when your resolution is 640x480 px...) I can't say I've ever looked for a website about this. I guess the closest thing I've experienced was visiting other players properties in LEGO Universe, where awesome properties would be visited in huge parties to check the place out. Is it not as exciting as physical building? I don't think that's the issue. It's a different experience entirely. With physical building, you're searching to find that piece you need at the bottom of the tub, and if you can't find it/don't have it you have to improvise some other way of achieving the build. It's also a lot easier to randomly build something when bricks are in your hand. With digital building you've got to be pretty clear from the beginning what you want to achieve. The process I find is more that I'm having to find more ways to make the build more efficient, use more effective methods, and perfect any snot/sideways techniques that I might not have the pieces to do in a real set.
  3. First of all, please let me just say that, although I visit BZP for news information now and then, I actually made an account just so I could congratulate you on this piece of work. I've honestly wanted this fight scene to exist for some time and am so glad you have created it and done it justice. They're from Templar's stuff, so I should hope so! Am I missing something that is common knowledge here, or have you managed to extract the graphic files that made up MNOG? I've tried searching for them countless times but haven't been able to get aything usable in order to do some flash animating myself. Any advice on this for a "I've not animated in years but used to be fairly decent at it" animator who does not want to spend any more time attempting to clone this art style? Anyway, thanks again for putting the time into this. It's made my week
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