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  1. Just sent the e-mail to Lego today, and took some pictures of the little guy before sealing him in a Legoland bag for safety. I also made a /r/bioniclelego post, but no one there seems to know much either... Fingers crossed!
  2. Update: I'm home from the trip now, and I just got done cleaning all the dust off of the model, which I've named Goopy. I'm going to leave the glue on partially due to it being difficult to remove and partially due to the glue adding a bit of value and character. I'm also going to try and get in touch with Renate tomorrow and see if she knows any more about where Goopy came from. It really wasn't anything special, just a piece of string with the three masks attached to it using these. If you're really that interested in it, I can post a picture!
  3. Hi, I'm very, very new here! I had made an account a while back, but I haven't posted before. I was visiting Legoland California, and was wearing a homemade Bionicle necklace (nothing special, just a Hau Nuva, Kaukau Nuva, and a Miru Nuva on a string). I decided to walk through the Factory Tour even though I'd seen it quite a few times before, and noticed one of the machines was broken and two attendants were fixing it. One of the attendants, Renate, noticed my necklace and asked about it. After talking for a few minutes, she took me into a back area and showed me some behind-the-scenes things, and let me take home a few bricks from the machine on display, as well as a very dusty, old-looking Roporak with bits of glue on it. It was in a small bin she kept under a chair alongside two or three other Bionicles (I can't recall which ones- I'm pretty sure Vakama Hordika was there, as well as one other Visorak). She told me the Roporak- as well as the other Bionicles- used to be on display, but it had since been taken down and was going to be recycled. Now I'm in the hotel room, and I've been Googling around for the past hour trying to find a picture of it on display, and I can't seem to get anything. Do you guys know of any Visorak sets that were on display anywhere in Legoland California? Oh, and just in case this seems fishy- I took a few pictures of the Roporak in question in the hotel room. They're crummy phone pictures, but I think they show it clearly enough. https://imgur.com/a/ViXJq
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