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  1. Around two weeks ago, I found a sealed vahki nurrahk at a TJ Max for $13.
  2. Hello new people. I recently purchased bag #3 of set 8593 Makuta from eBay. I bought it since I saw in the official online instructions for the set that the section where you open bag #3 contained the pieces to build Makuta's arms, lance, and included his infamous mask of shadow;s. Well, I get the bag, open it, and find 2 Kanohi Avohkii, the pieces for the arms, lance, and no Kanohi Kraahkan? I also noticed that the bag did not contain any small technic pieces like axels and such. To anyone who bought/had this set, was the Kanohi Kraakhan not in the 3rd bag? or was it not included in neither bag 1 or 2 and just floating inside the box? cheers.
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