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  1. IC: Zak-Yak (Ash Barrens) “Correct.” "Zak-Yak no like Blue One either. Blue One attacked Zak-Yak." OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Nato the Traveler @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator IC: Drukarus & Gore Fury (Fort Nektann, Mess Hall) Drukarus, alongside the rest of the warskak, looked on at awe and enrapturement at Grime's performance, with some ethereal force preventing Drukarus from drawing his attention away from the little Matoran. The words Grime spoke held a weight beyond Drukarus' understanding, but he did not know what that significance was, for he himself lacked some form of integral trait that would allow one to understand the truth of the song. And as the song ended, silence held the host within the hall, with not a peep being muttered... Till a firm clap came from Drukarus, as he pounded his palm upon his knee...Truly, there was more to Grime than anyone could've thought. ~~~ As Drukarus started clapping, Gore happily and joyfully joined in, in support of his newly made friend. OOC: @Burnmad @Crimson Jester @EmperorWhenua @Conway @Nato the Traveler
  2. IC: Zak-Yak (Ash Barrens) Following after Providence, and by extension Marrow, Zak-Yak carefully made his way near the Bohrok, Havohk, before timidly speaking towards the entity, "So...No like Blue One too?" OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator @Nato the Traveler
  3. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) Once more Vulimai wandered through the streets, till arriving at a large seared crater, the remains of a structure on one side sheered perfectly in half. And just about a bio away, was Vulimai's hut, surprisingly enough in one piece, with not even a scratch. Stepping into the hut, Vulimai surveyed the space...And sighed from just how empty it was. In the founding days of Metru-Koro's formation, Vulimai had wound up with the rank of Captain, and loaded upon with duties concerning the safety and wellbeing of Metru-Koro's populace, Vulimai was left with the weight of it all. For days on end, Vulimai would work in her office throughout nights on end, only resting when forced by her squad or when her body couldn't take anymore. Spending nearly all her time within her office, Vulimai honestly couldn't remember if she spent more than a day within her hovel and saw just how bare it was now. A bed, a small desk and chair, and an empty shelf, all of that was there to greet Vulimai and nothing more. Leaning her halberd against the desk and planting her pack onto it, Vulimai went to plant herself upon her bed...Till Bronk showed up. "Captain Vulimai, I sure am glad to know that your alive." Vulimai set back up from where she was lying on the bed, letting out a sigh before continuing with a weak smile, "Bronk, thank goodness. I saw the garrison, and although I hoped, I had my worries. Mind telling me what has been happening?" "Sorry Captain, but I got trapped in the armory after the initial volley and only got out after the fight. But I do have some important news to give you." "Well then, tell me what it is." "Pridak and Sans are dead....." ".....What?!" Vulimai was shocked, not by Sans death, she assumed the worst when she saw the crater, but hearing that Pridak was, that was something she didn't expected. "Although I don't know what happened to Sans, apparently a bunch of Toa got together and assassinated him and some other Toa by the name of Aurax who was sided with the League has taken up leadership, and though I can't guarantee his full intention, from the sounds of it, he is intent on endin' the war." Silence pervaded the room has Vulimai processed the information. Pridak was dead! Pridak, the Takean King, was dead. Vulimai should've been ecstatic, without Pridak, the war should virtually be over. But it was the death of Sans that dwelled on her mind. While Vulimai had worked ragged since Metru-Koro's founding, her focus was solely on maintaining order and rallying the guard, while the rest was on Sans' table of responsibility. But now that Sans was dead, the title of leadership fell on her. But Vulimai was strong, and she would endure. But as the silence endured, Bronk was about to speak, to relay the knowledge of what had happened within their old universe, what had caused the crash, and the identity of who had done it...When a member of the Matoran Guard, breathing ragged, bursted in. "Captain Vulimai? Are you here?" "Yes Guard Matoran, I am present, speak." "Captain, a note for you, it was left by a Su-Matoran after they assisted with the recovery of the garrison during the battle." Reaching up for the note, Vulimai unfolded it and began to read. And as she read, those watching would see no difference in her expression, except for the tightness of her grip as she held onto the note. Bronk, being the more aware of the two Guard Matorans, quickly ushered the other Guard out of the hut, sending them on their way before positioning himself just outside of the hut, out of sight. As the two other Matoran left, Vulimai continued to read over the note, hoping, praying even, that what she was reading was wrong. But no, the words stayed and they told her the one thing she wished wasn't true out of everything else. Juno was dead. But it wasn't that alone that put her to tears, for as a soldier, death was a constant companion, no matter how unwanted, but what was at the bottom of the note was what brought tears to her eyes. Don't worry so much "Juno you karzing brakas, you just..You jus..Karz..." Outside the hut, Bronk listened to the silent sobs of his captain and friend as he slumped back against the hut. A part of him knew that now than ever Vulimai needed the comfort. But another part of him knew that he was blunt and was nothing like Juno, and if there was anyone who could comfort her, it was only him. And soaking in the revelation, the two guards soaked in the loss of a friend, and for one, the loss of their other half.
  4. IC: Vulimai & Bronk (Metru-Koro) Leaving the crater that once was where Sans' hut was, Vulimai wandered through the streets of Metru-Koro in a near daze. All around her, Matoran lingered, some trying to rebuild their homes from the rubble, others simply gazing somberly at what was once their home. Mixed amongst them were the Guard, trying to do their best but they themselves were also filled with the same tired weakness that pervaded the populace. Walking through the streets, Vulimai stopped, as she looked towards the ruins of the garrison, her unconsciously walking towards her office, now gone. Looking towards the structure, Vulimai wondered where she was supposed to go...Till remembering that she did indeed have her own hut, hopefully it still stood. ~~~ Bronk silently and dutifully followed along behind Zaliyah and Ostrox, accompanied by Iradra, and ensuring the safety of the lot from any form of harassment from the Matoran, and as he was keeping his eyes out, lightly listening in on their conversation, he spotted someone that he hoped was still alive...Captain Vulimai. Remembering all that he had learn, Bronk knew he needed to speak with the captain. Turning towards Zaliyah, Bronk spoke, "Ms. Zaliyah, I have escorted you to the western half of Metru-Koro and I'm sure with the help of Toa Iradra here, you can continue with the rest of your journey unimpeded. But, Duty calls and I have business to attend to as I must speak to my superior officer all that I have heard so far." OOC: @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler @Onaku
  5. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) Vulimai simply sighed as Tekmo spoke of his promotion, the inanity of the situation starting to grow to much, before she looked back up and addressed the two. "I suppose you are right Toa Tekmo, there is no point in attempting to try him for crimes that can't be proven...But I can try you Tekmo for attempting to impersonate a superior officer, so kep having your fun at your own risk." Vulimai said the last part with the upmost joking seriousness, but one could easily tell the Vo-Matoran was starting to get tired of these shenanigans. "But regardless, I suppose welcome to Metru-Koro, don't get yourself into trouble. Tekmo, mind keeping an eye on them, I have business to attend to." Turning away from Druu and Tekmo, Vulimai went to walk away, just missing the conversation between Knichou and Nale that would most certainly catch the Guard Captain's attention if she heard it. OOC: @Onaku @Tarn @Toru Nui @BULiK IC: Gore Fury (Fort Nektann, Mess Hall) "Crazy, indeed, like the Skakdi were wholly unoriginal and ized the indigenous name of Xa-Nui and called this land Zakaz because what else would they call a place they lived but the same as they came from?" "Huh, you ok there old timer? Not sure what ya talkin' about there. Well, here, let me get you another bowl, I myself am ready to dig in as well. Hahaha!" Walking off and away, Gore returned to the stew pot and refilled the bowl that he gave to Stannis before also getting himself a bowl. Handing Stannis another bowl, Gore got ready to drink up in his stew, when he spied a particular little buddy of his. "Hey there little buddy! Dinners all set up so come on, eat up. Oh, here's a bowl of stew, its my Ma's special." OOC: @Burnmad @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester @Conway @Unreliable Narrator @Nato the Traveler
  6. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) "She is...Your daughter?" Vulimai spoke with incredulity at Druu's statement, but not quite with doubt, just simply disbelief that a Skakdi, that Vulimai had been informed of being so kind and sweet and made one forget that ninety percent of Skakdi would kill or enslave you without a second thought, could be related to a Skakdi who was once working for the League that sought the annihilation of the Matoran race. "Well...I suppose that is certainly a reason to not kill civilians, but I must admit, beyond you breaking off from the League, what is keeping me from taking you into custody for your previous crimes?" OOC: @Onaku @Tarn @Toru Nui @BULiK IC: Gore Fury (Fort Nektann, Mess Hall) "Heh, wise words from a wise Toa ey? But yeah, ya ain't wrong, although soldiers give lots of mouths to feed, war doesn't do good for enjoyin' what ya eatin', now does it? Hence why my family left ole' Zakaz...OH! Hey, did ya know that this island's name is also Zakaz, crazy right?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Burnmad @Conway @Crimson Jester
  7. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) "A Bo-Skakdi?...Yes, I do believe I know of a Bo-Skakdi by the name of Zadred, they worked at the greenhouses using their elements to help crops grow. They left earlier today alongside three Toa, a Vortixx, and a Krahli unit heading north, northeast along the coast...Wait a minute, why are you asking about them?" OOC: @Onaku @Tarn @Toru Nui @BULiK
  8. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) "So you're League, huh? That explains some things. Are you coming here to surrender?" "Or, are you here to get away from the League? You were fighting against the soldiers who were aboard the ship when we boarded, so that raises the question, whose side are you on and why is it not the Leagues?" OOC: @Toru Nui @Onaku @BULiK IC: Apex (The Fau Swamp) "That...Is good to hear. I was...Concerned what your response would be, for I was unsure entirely what was to occur, even though I was instilled with the knowledge of its outcome. Even now, this worm..." Apex gestured to the serpent that was now curled around her shoulder with her lesser pair of claws, "...Though born from my essence..Still bears the taint of shadow, as such to bring chills throughout my form..." Apex looked towards Morangad and tilted her head, as if mulling a question while also waiting for a response. "I am curious...What is your opinion upon shadow, upon myself and my nature. Speak your mind, do not be afraid of reprisal, for I am not so easily injured by words that those amongst their little villages are." OOC: @Burnmad IC: Gore Fury & Drukarus (Fort Nektann, Kitchen) Gore let out a bellowing laugh before wrapping his arm around Stannis and giving him a little shake, "Ahahahah! There ya go old timer, glad to know that my Ma's cookin' had that much of an impact! Honestly, it's quite the coincidence that both of found our way out here in the wastes in this here fort." ~~~ Following the sounds of cheers and raucous celebration, Drukarus followed by Grime reached the mess hall and entered the chamber. Looking around, the play was a mess of chaos as Skakdi tore into food and many were engaging in light amounts of roughhousing, enough to get the point across but not yet enough to cause an outright brawl. Stepping amongst the crowd, deliberately trying to not get dragged in, Drukarus soon found and approached the table where Barius, alongside his company were seated, though the addition of another Skakdi was of interest, but not enough to be made were investigation. Reaching the far right end of the table, Drukarus took his seat, balancing his maul on the wall and keeping his gauntleted hand in his lap as he began to dig in, far less vigorously though. OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester @Burnmad @Conway @Nato the Traveler
  9. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) Following after Knichou and accompanied by Tekmo, the trio made their way through the streets, many Matoran guard recognizing Vulimai, who Vulimai simply told to continue with their efforts as restoring the settlement. But as they made their way through the streets, Vulimai stopped as Knichou continued. "Is... this the right place? I'm not exactly familiar with the streets here yet." But Vulimai didn't respond. For what Knichou seemingly didn't register, was that where now laid a sizeable crater, was where one Sans hut one belonged. Stepping closer to the edges, Vulimai looked down, in hopes of finding any noticeable signs of the Turaga, but none could be found. Did...Did Sans die? Vulimai didn't know, and she couldn't be certain, for not a trace remained. But..But if Sans did die, then..Then that would leave only one person left to lead Metru-Koro, and Vulimai wasn't sure if she could handle that responsibility like she wasn't sure she could handle the responsibility of captain. "Here...Here is where his hut would be...But, it's gone now. We need to ask around. NOW! Someone must know what happened to the old Turaga." OOC: @Toru Nui @BULiK IC: Sala (Kini-Nui) At the top of the stairs, Sorilax offered Sala a nod, but Sala didn't return it, let alone register it. He simply stared down. It was Sorilax who took the first steps, and the next several. But to the perceptive, anyone would have noticed that only one pair of steps were making their way down. Sala simply stared, his mind was stuck upon other thoughts. "...Weak...Coward...Helpless...Worthless...Failure..." All these words and more rang through Sala's head as he simply stared. Till, at last, he took a step. But not down the stairs, not after his companion Sorilax. No, it was towards Nuju. One step, two steps, three steps, from steps came strides and from the stairwell, Sala now faced Nuju and the tear. Looking down towards the Ko-Matoran, Sala simply said, his words devoid of all emotion but determination. "You say this is the difference between those who break...And those who are a hero...I suppose...I'll see which I am." The Far Shore has offered its invitation, and Sala has answered it. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend @Eyru Sala has accepted Nuju's invitation and has entered the Far Shore.
  10. IC: Vulimai (Metru-Koro) As Knichou pulled upon the rickshaw and the landscape around them quickly dissappeared into a blur, the only thing that Vulimai could focus her attention on...was Metru-Koro. As the trio got closer, more and more devastation could be seen, as walls, houses, and streets were blasted, burned, and buried. It was a terrible and sorry display. But the largest portion of destruction that caught Vulimai's optic was the collapsed remains of what once was the Metru-Koro garrison. What was once Vulimai's shelter and source of purpose, now reduced to rubble, it was a sight that tugged at her heartlight but she held firm, for it was just a place, no more. As the rickshaw stopped, Vulimai got off the ramshackled, yet still surprisingly sturdy, vehicle as she approached Knichou's side. "Time to...see what...Sans thinks...Lets...go to...his hut..." Vulimai waited by Knichou, waiting for him to catch their breath before the trio continued, "Easy there Toa, we still have a Duty to do, no point in adding to the casualty report. Now come on you two." Vulimai said as she gestured for them to follow in the direction of Sans' hut. OOC: @Toru Nui @BULiK IC: Bronk (Metru-Koro Hospital) Bronk knew his words weren't going to immediate sway anyone and that nothing apparent was to happen because of them, but the Onu-Matoran still hoped something would come from it. As Bronk watched as the duo started to leave the building, he heard Nale speak, and heeding her words, went to follow, informing any concerned Matoran or guards that nothing was amiss and to not be worried. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Eyru @Onaku @Conway @Tarn IC: Sala (Kini-Nui) “Is there anything I can do for you?” Looking up towards his friend, Sala, replied, and though he seemed to be better, some level of hurt could still be discerned from his voice. "No. No I'm fine. We need to get back to exploring." Getting back up to his feet, with Sorilax assisting his companion in rising to his own two feet, Sala turned towards Nuju once more. "Thank you Nuju for all that you have told us, it was...An experience. But we have still yet to fully explore these ruins. Perhaps we will assist you when we are done...Right Sorilax?" Sala said, as he glanced towards his friend before moving towards the whole where the Suva once was. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator
  11. IC: Vulimai (The Protodermis Moat) "Well, while we're all alone here, now's probably the best time to explain... well... this...Artakha's mask of creation. Sans gave it to me just before the battle. He said to keep it a secret... but I had to use it to try to save both of you, even if I wasn't sure how. If this falls into the wrong hands, everything is doomed. I'm not sure just yet how I'm going to use this, but for now, I'm pretty sure only the three of us and Toa Nale know I have this, and I'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible. If word gets out, well, I'll be quite the target, and it will be bad for everyone if this is stolen. Understood?" "Figured there was something to that mask, a mask does glow and be golden for no reason. And as for not letting it fall into the wrong hands...Well, I have a suspicion that mask may have had something to do with Pridak sending emissaries to negotiate." As Vulimai spoke her opinion on the matter of the mask, Tekmo swore to keep the secret safe...While also suggesting a surprisingly intelligent idea. Knichou also seemed momentarily stunned at the brilliance of the suggestion before getting to work. In a miraculous display, Vulimai watched in awe as the Kanohi upon their face began to glow with a radiant light, till at last, materializing before them was...Well, some sort of contraption that proved unable to work as intended. But not allowing a failure seemingly stop them, Vulimai saw as Knichou turned whatever they intended into a hopefully sturdy ricksaw. "All aboard, and hold on. It might be be a bumpy ride." Looking with momentary apprehension, Vulimai shrugged as she climbed aboard. "I'll admit, this isn't the worst idea I've agreed to so far today." OOC: @Toru Nui @BULiK IC: Bronk (Metru-Koro Hospital) Continuing to listen, Bronk saw as the conversation took a turn for the...Well, he wasn't sure if this was the worst or not, but it certainly wasn't for the best. But as he continued to listen, Bronk heard the words spoken by Zaliyah and Irna and felt turth in their words and their efforts...And found his opportunity to speak. Stepping forwards to be positioned amongst those attending, Bronk spoke out in his firm, dry, earnest tone of speaking, speaking out to all around. "Apologies for interrupting but, Ms. Zaliyah Ms. Irna, I've been listenin' to this whole debate and I've reached a conclusion that I feel like needs to be said out loud in clear terms...There is no argument, not really. I consider myself to be a mighty fine judge of character, and listenin' to all of y'all, I personally believe that I have most of ya figured out. Not that some of ya made it that hard," Bronk muttered the last part to himself before continuing, "But no matter...What I'm gettin' at is three key points. First off, Metru-Nui is our home, it is all of our home. From Mantaxian," Bronk gestured to Ostrox before gesturing to Orieus "to Toa. Metru-Nui is the last place of home we got, regardless of creation, because it is the only piece of a universe we all once shared that's left." "Second off, is that all of us wants peace. We've been at this war only Mata-Nui knows exactly how long and I reckon he ain't on speakin' terms, all things considered," Bronk said as he jabbed a thumb towards the direction of the head, "We can keep on arguin' on who's wrong and who's right till the Skakdi take us all mid-sentence, but it won't change the fact that in the grand scheme of things, the war is over. You could try to keep on sayin' that it's not but you'd be wrong. We Matoran, here in Metru-Koro, all we wanted to do was live our lives and hopefully be free. All you want to do," Bronk gestured to Zaliyah, Ostrox, and Irna, "is to be recognized and accepted. Now I'm not saying that there isn't still goin' to be animosity between the both of us; but what I am sayin' is that there is a greater desire for peace than there is war amongst all of us I'm sure." "And lastly, and I feel like this is an important one that we can all relate too, we both hate who our leaders were. When I first met that smug face of Sans, I instantly knew I didn't like him. He liked to make the appearance of some sort of fun-loving elder, but deep down, I knew he was just a crochety old Turaga who was fueled by spite. Honestly, I would have voted against him as leader but...Well...as a Turaga, it made sense for the Matoran to place there faith in him." Bronk said the last part, shaking his head at the absurdity of such a concept. "And this Aurax fellow, I agree, he sounds shadier than a bog snake. But also, in my eyes, he isn't Pridak. And if he is intent on endin' the war, then I would support him, but only to that point. We don't need leaders who could be called shady, insane, or hateful. What we need are leaders who are actually willin' to listen to the words of their own people and realize what's best." "So there, I've said my peace. And in case anyone is wonderin' who I am, well I'm just a simple quartermaster of the guard. But I am also a close acquaintance with the captain of the guard, and with Sans' death, the new leader of Metru-Koro. And if I know Vulimai half as well as I think I do, I have a feelin' she would agree with me." And with everything that he felt needing to be spoken spoken, Bronk kindly and humbling walked to a nearby cot, sat down, and waited to see what everyone else did. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Eyru @Onaku @Conway @Tarn IC: Drukarus (Fort Nektann) "...If you pledge your love and trust with all your heart, you could do such incredible things. You could part oceans, channel the winds, sway others to a better path, and someday you could even go home." Drukarus listened to the words of Grime, but his focus was on the orb, as Drukarus felt the presence return to his mind; security, comfort, trust, all and more was what the orb instilled into the Skakdi's mind, and as much as Drukarus tried to ignore the feeling, to maintain his self and to prevent bias, Drukarus couldn't help but think. Since he has come to this island, he has seen things he has never encountered before; mountains home to nightmare gods, monsters that could scrap against the sky itself, beings born of shadow and deals. Back within the Matoran Universe, Drukarus knew what to expect from Zakaz, but here, perhaps, Drukarus needed to embrace that which is not natural to finally understand. With a white knuckle grip, Drukarus stared deep into the sphere, descending deep, deeper, ever deeper, and for the briefest of momenta, Drukarus could have sworn that some three-eyed abyss stared back at him. Breaking from his trance, Drukarus shunted the sphere back into the pouch he had as the shadows returned to where they once came from. Strain and exhaustion was evident on Drukarus' face as he began to take in several deep breaths to steady himself. For a moment, Drukarus' gaze was unsteady and unfocused till his eyes refocused onto Grimes. Taking one last breath and returning to his stoic self, Drukarus looked towards Grime and spoke as the sounds of joyful shouts came from afar. "We are done here...I suppose it is time we go to dinner." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator IC: Sala (Kini-Nui) Sala took in Sorilax's words and all, and although he did listened and took heed, a part of him still held doubt. "You don't understand. This isn't about a matter of me having limits, this is a matter that no matter what, I won't be able to escape from being weak. But how would you understand the way I feel. You are an immortal being. You are inherently greater than I, no matter what I do." Sala didn't know where these thoughts came from but he did not feel any need to halt their approach as Sala contemplated all that he heard and recently learned. Still laying against the wall, Sala continued to take his time to correlate himself, but he did make eye contact with Nuju, and instead of the eyes of a frightful scholar, Sala held the eyes of a determined explorer. Even with uncertainty filling Sala's being, he now knew a purpose, to prove himself, to at last have a chance to prove that he is strong. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator IC: Apex (The Fau Swamp) It was in the dead of night when Apex at last moved from her spot, the first sign of her stirring be less Apex's own movement but rather the rapid shifting of the Kraata worm which had wedged itself within the cracks and crevices of Apex's vessel. Slowly raising her head and opening her optics, Apex looked at her surroundings with a tired glare. The sounds of insects and nightborn critters filled the air, and the light of the moon filtered through the leaves, giving the clearing that Apex awoke in a mystical sense. As Apex slowly rose to her feet, the Kraata worm wrapping itself and planting its head on Apex's own, the Aspect's gaze went around the clearing, seeking their desecrated companion. There amongst the brush, was Morangad, resting and watching over Apex. Moving with a gentle grace, Apex approached Morangad before sitting next to them, their eyes focused upon the glamour of the clearing. Several silent minutes past as Apex sat and watch, till she broke the awkward silence she was suffering from. "I have now desecrated you now, Morangad, though not by traditional means. The worm, it was what I learned back in the ruins from whence we came from......" Another couple moments passed as the Kraata worm slithererd onto Apex' shoulder, and began to flick its varius tongues at Morangad. "...So how does it feel?" OOC: @Burnmad
  12. I would like it to be known and established that Gore Fury hold the single greatest example of BZP-Time in SKR by making an entire feast to feed a fort of at least 100 Skakdi, as well a whole turkey substitute in roughly and reasonably two hours. So either there is an active time anomaly in Fort Nektann's kitchen...Or Gore is just that good of a cook.
  13. IC: Gore Fury (Fort Nektann) Pushing and pulling along several trolleys into the closest thing anyone in the fort would call a mess hall, Gore began to set up pots, pans, and plates laden with food, alongside two other Skakdi who were thoroughly told what would happen if they tried to snatch a few bites early. What Gore would simply call dinner, the Skakdi helping him and those coming in to see what the fuss was all about would see a feast. Laden upon the tables were platters upon platters of quality meals; potatoes, mashed, boiled, and scalloped of several varieties, slices of meat, both thin and thick, of Mahi, Husi, and Mukau, bread rolls, freshly baked and soft, paired with several boats of gravy of both varieties, either to be laden upon the rest of the food or to be soaked up by the rolls, and lastly was a sizable mixed vegetable dish, that although would normally be seen as the least appetizing portion of the feast to most Skakdi, those attending would soon learn the taste Gore's vegetable dish...There was also distinctly no fish, thankfully. Shuffling into the hall, the whole of the fort soon arrived and started crowding into the space, with Gore overseeing and maintaining order as the gathering began, with the apparent grandeur of the event and the hypnotizing smell of the food keeping all the Skaldi from simply digging in like some sort of pack of craven Rahi. Coming alongside with the crowd was also Barius, still carrying the equally sky-bound Stannis, followed by the skeptical Aspect Parnassus and the brooding 'Aspect' Korruhn. Making their way towards the head of the tables, Barius placed Stannis onto the chair to his left, draping the Toa over it like some sort of coat, with Korruhn sitting next to the draped Stannis, his eyes keen on prizes besides the food and Parnassus at Barius' right hand side, looking towards the currently comical-looking Stannis. With the whole of the attendees now seated and eager in waiting for some sort of signal that they could dig into the vast feast before them, Gore stood within the middle of affair, within ear and sight of everyone present as he spoke out to all, the sheer joy and excitement of his nature lining each word he spoke. "Thanks every Skakdi for attendin' this feast, I may have just strolled into 'ere just today, but I'm always willin' to serve a crowd, and oh boy what a crowd I got 'ere." Turning toward the head of the seating, Gore using his deductive skills of biggest guy at the least crowded table, Gore gestured towards Barius, hoping that he chose the right person to give a chance to speak a few words. "Ey! Cheers to my good friend here Stennis!" At that, cheers rang out from the crowd in agreement to their newly appointed leader. "Well then, guess it's time for us to give thanks, anyone want to st-Bahahaha!...Who am I kiddin', dig in and if you're goin' to stab someone, please be careful not to bend the utensils doin' so!" Gore said with a wide smile, with several laughs coming from the Warskak members present...Yet still no one ate, till Barius, spoke up once more. "Cook takes the first bite, Warskak tradition." At that, Gore's wide grin grew evermore wider, and with a chuckle that turned into an eager laugh, Gore spoke out, "Ey, who am I to go against tradition then, HAH!" And with that, Gore reached over towards a nearby table and tore off a Husi drumstick and took an immense bite out of it. And with that, cheers and shouts came from the Skakdi as they dug in, followed by moans, gasps, and sighs of pleasure and satisfaction at the taste and texture of the food; the potatoes, were soft yet firm, and enriched the mouth with each bite with their hardy earthy flavors, the meat tore off the bone, and was cooked to a near perfection with savory juices spurting out with each bite, the rolls were like pillows and had more butter than a churn with each one melting in the mouth alongside the gravy, which melded with the flavors, offering its own kick let allowing the others to take center stage, and the vegetables were more than just boiled, they were baked, and were seasoned in such a fashion that one could hardly distinguish the taste from the meat itself. It was a perfect meal. But that was not the peak of Gore's creation, sticking the Husi leg in the front pocket of his apron, Gore got one last trolley, and laden upon it, was paradise divine. An entire stuffed Gukko, perfected roasted and sizzled, seasoned to a crispy brown, bathing in the juices of hours of fine work, and stuffed with all but the best ingredients. And to whom this dish belonged too, was none other than Barius and his company. Pushing such a fine piece of food before the warlord, Gore, in a final flourish of skill and cooking artistry, focused his vision through his shades, and like a wave, washed the Gukko in a bath of heat, ensuring that the entire thing was completely cooked and that the skin would be extra crisp. ..... But that wasn't Gore's magnum opus. As Barius and those with him tore into the Gukko, Gore took out a small bowl and ladel from the pot beneath the Gukko, and walking around the table, placed it in front of the Toa Stannis, who at this point had finally uprighted himself. Looking down into the bowl, one would find a stew consisting of various root vegetables soaked and drowning in a steamy brown broth, chunks of Kikanalo meat, once intended to be made into jerky, now seasoned and quenched in the bowl, the aroma rich in strong spices and a drop of...Something, a sauce of indeterminate nature but...Potentially familiar to the Toa. And as Stannis took in the sight, Gore spoke to him in a much softer tone than he had been speaking in. "Hey there Stannis, I don't think you'd recognize me, it's been literal ages since we met. But, I'm sure you would remember my mother's cookin', exact same stew, broth and all. Go on, take a sip, got plenty of it." And with a sincere smile, Gore eagerly waited to here the wise words of praise of Stannis, Toa of the Maru, on what Gore saw as his best meal in the hall. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Burnmad @EmperorWhenua @Crimson Jester @Conway @Unreliable Narrator
  14. IC: Vulimai (Protodermis Moat) "I agree, but we can’t just oust him without majority support, that would be improper. Though, I think we might have it anyway. The League might have been responsible for this, but he did not exactly do us any favours. If he does not step down despite the wishes of the populace, I will ensure that he does." "I do not know who is best to lead the survivors, but I'll do my best to uphold the will of the Matoran, whether that means Sans should or should not be in power. We aren't the slave-driving Barraki - the Matoran will choose their path, not have it chosen for them by elders like Dume or Sans." "Huh, I suppose that was easier said than done. Well then, I suppose all their is left to do is to wait for the pick-up." OOC: @Toru Nui @BULiK
  15. IC: Sala (Kini-Nui) As Nuju spoke more and more about the cosmic infinitude that made up their universe and of the meagerness that the people within it made up, Sala grew more and more distressed. Though his expression was hidden by the frame of Avagah, his body language spoke volumes, as Sala teetered back, only stopping once he made contact with the prophecy wall as he slid down onto the floor as the mechanical hands of Avagah mimic those of Sala, as he grasped at his temples, trying to fully corroborate all that he heard. Universes, planes, pages in a story overseen by some being greater than Mata-Nui. Then the nature of the Ark. What was once the entire universe in which Sala lived in, was in reality some great machine. That was no great reveal, as evidence by Mata-Nui's caved in skull. But was a harrowing implication was the meaning that is Ark, a ship built to save a species from a great disaster. And now, they were back on apparently the island they all once lived upon in some time past that Sala couldn't for the life of himself remember. "I appreciate you waiting Sala, and I hope I answered all your questions Sorilax. But now I have a question of you both: with everything I said and you have learned, what are you going to do?” At that, Sala let out a laugh, not one of joy but of one of sheer maddening anxiety. The laugh started out quiet and stuttering but grew into a boisterous outcry, as Sala attempted to speak throughout his bouts of existential terror. "What now? What now?! I don't even know! All this time, I've been trying to help Sorilax achieve his Grand Wish, in some vain hope that it would lead to everything being put back to the way it was. But now, it only just now struck me the significance of Mata-Nui's death now with the full context and how nothing will ever be how it once was. And then this entity, Tren Krom, who seems to be an overseer laughing at our lives like we're characters in a book, you say we could reach his world but what is keeping him from simply stopping us?..." It was at this point that Sala's laugh started to descend into sobs, "I...I..ju-just...Every time something seems to go right, that I've been able to grow strong enough to help others...I'm left with another problem greater than I. So what am I supposed to do?!" OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator
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