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  1. IC: Apex (The Grand Temple Ruins) "You're right. And I won't pretend we're suddenly friends. But this—Administrator obviously holds all of us in equal contempt. So we might as well work together. For now, at least." "That part, concerning the Administrator, we can agree upon. But unless your goals align or directly defy my own, you and your alpha's wishes do not concern me." And with that, Apex made her way towards the exit of the chamber, intent on finding the rest of the ritual's text, when the shifting in shadows caught her attention and made her halt in her steps. Drawing her gaze along the shadows, tracing them to their source, Apex took note at how the Toa seemed to manipulate the shadows with such a lack of fear or trepidation. Then the Toa made their way towards the odd funnel within the wall, before manifesting and launching a sphere of shadow within it. At that moment, Apex realized that she had never heard of, let alone seen, a Toa wield the void like the Aspects have. With a brief hesitation, Apex turned towards Taja and spoke out to them, their voice coming out like the sounds of a quiet rodent and the soft creaking of wood, "T..Tell me Toa. How is it that you have come across the void, why is it that you are able to use its power with such ease and lack of fear, and how is it that you and the young shadow came together as you have. As I have said before, from my age, the Toa were actively antagonistic to my kind and their society saw us as beings of irrevocable moral darkness compared to their light." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Eyru IC: Sala (The Air Suva) As Nixie gave her two widgets upon the matter, Sala joined Sorilax in their contemplation upon the matter. But unlike Sorilax, Sala began to actively review what knowledge they had, and peered once again at the murals along the Suva, looking at the direction in which it is presented. “Maybe direction of rotation matters? But how would that tie into circles? This is very puzzling indeed.” Looking up from his crouched position near the Suva murals, Sala spoke up, "No, I think your right about direction, a dial usually can be moved in both direction to solve the combination, it could also be that it only goes in a single direction. If that is the case, then maybe the direction is the direction in which the murals go. And if nothing happened after we made a full rotation, than maybe we need to put in the right position for something to happen...Honestly though, beyond that, I don't know how most of these things relate completely and whether or not the mural has anymore significance. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Kal the Guardian
  2. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) :It is certain.: As Drukarus received the brief reply to his complex question, he only let out a soft sigh as the odd sensation waved across his form. Drukarus at this point realized that further questioning weren't going to lead to anywhere. And so, accepting the odd thing that he now held, Drukarus returned the sphere to the pocket he had stored it in previously. Exiting the tent, Drukarus took notice of the starry night that now loomed overheard and the silent that had fallen over the Warskak, it seemed that the celebrations are over and the day had reached its end. Looking amongst the sleeping masses of Skakdi; from those sleeping on, in, and around their Rigs, those seemingly fallen and passed out in a drunken stupor onto their makeshift tables and chairs, and some Skakdi were presumably slumbering in the scattered tents. Looking around, Drukarus made his way across the camp, beyond the very edge of it, before finding a long since dead burnt tree; its bark brittle and gnarled, its trunk and roots burnt and layered in ash, its leaves long since scattered and desiccated. Positioning himself beneath it, sitting in a cross-legged position, Drukarus leaned his mass against it, the rough bark of it biting and scratching into his more organic components more so than he originally thought they would, but he endured it. Pulling out his maul, Drukarus laid it lengthwise across his lap, his hand loosely wrapped around its handle, in the case some foolish Skakdi tried to pull one on him. Staring up towards the stars, Drukarus' thoughts lingered on the simply fact that he was a foreigner, an outsider, a stranger here. Too these Skakdi, he was either an oddity that their warchief had thought as amusing, or a source of jealously, for being honored for no apparent reason. Drukarus knew that if he was too make the changes he desired, he would have to prove himself, prove that he is strong, that he is wise, that he is truth. Looking back up towards the stars, Drukarus stared at them, noting many constellations of former skakdi warlords that had been honored in the stars from his native Zakaz, "Truly this island was a wonder." he thought has he passed into sleep. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad IC: Apex (The Grand Temple Ruins) Once again, Apex had been foiled in her goals to achieve knowledge and power. The ritual, it was incomplete. What she had read before was the beginning, while this was the end, that had left only the most important part, the middle, the actual process of it. But another sign showed itself, an odd shape, one that she thought might have been in the other room but she had simply missed it, was this a Taboo, the sources of power she sought. Apex was about to touch it when the words of Taja broke the air. "What did you find in the other room?" Apex jerked her head up, like a prey animal jerking its head up mid-graze in the response to sudden stimuli. Unfortunately for Apex, the chamber was small in height, and Apex ended up bumping her hardened skull against the skull ceiling before turning back towards the void-touched Toa, a somewhat surly look upon her. Craning her head over her shoulder, the languid flesh of her neck shaking as Apex let out a course groan and responded. "Huh, the Toa speaks to the Rahi not with malice but with curiosity, quickly one's tone changes, does it not." Rolling her head and turning her whole form towards Taja, Apex extended her neck and took a step forwards towards Taja, leveling her eyes with the Toa's. "There is no point in hiding what can't properly be concealed. Within the other chamber, I found much of the same, pipes of black and white, the remains of former inhabitants," Apex said as she gently scraped against the brood cells with one of her foreclaws, a few flecks coming off and landing onto the ground, "And evermore secrets hidden in the tongue of Xa-Kuta, that which I am sure you cannot speak, let alone read, and that I do not know whether the shadowling would know the true history of." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Eyru IC: Sala (The Air Suva) As the Suva made its next rotation, the half-moon of the sapling and the window aligning, Sala took note of the lack of apparent change and pondered upon his and Sorilax's method before Nixie made herself known once again. "Okay, now I'm confused. I know you're both moving this around, and there's a plant, but why? Sala, care explaining?" "Oh, uh, ummmmm..." Sala stopped and paused for several seconds, unknowingly scratching the side of his Kanohi in a similar manner to Sorilax, "Well, I suppose, we're simply trying to see what it does. It is obvious this it is meant to do something, so we're just trying to see what that something is. But it does seem apparent that our method is flawed somehow. Anything you care to share Nixie? Anything particular clues of note that we're missing? Sala offered, gesturing to the Suva with his off hand. OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator
  3. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) :You may rely on it.: Druakrus nearly dropped the sphere when he heard, no felt, the response within his mind, but his grip held firm. Once again, the island known as Zakaz has left Drukarus surprised at its oddity, and this one surprise had elicited a genuine look of curiosity and surprise upon the old Skak's face. Peering back towards the orb, Drukarus held it to an arms length once its message registered, as a cautious gaze was befallen upon the shadowy device. Although Drukarus didn't know whether the sphere could only be spoken to in thought or if he was able to speak to it like any other, but Drukarus didn't care nor thought to try as he thought back towards the foreign presence. "It? Tell me, how can I rely upon it? Why should I rely on it? What can it offer a noble warlord as I and why should I rely on...It?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator IC: Apex (The Grand Temple Ruins) "What purpose does this room serve?" "Really, by now I would have assumed you could have formed a solid prediction based on the data previously provided. This is a temple. It's a place of worship and prayer. And it's also a place to prove one's worth. Lewa believed in thinking outside the box. Ironically, he built boxes within this sacred space." "It amazes me how you can speak without answering anything, at least not truly. Rather than hiding behind bushes you hide behind words...Typical of one born not from the wilds." Apex said as she loped behind Taja, surprised that the void-touched Toa was here rather than her companion Morangad that she had told to go into this room. No matter, the affairs of this Toa and of the Administrator did not concern her lest they impeded in her goals. Passing by Taja and entering the room, Apex took a brief moment to peruse the room. The pipes did nothing for her, she did not care for whatever secrets they may hold or their purpose, such things were meant for those who didn't rely on strength or instincts to survive. Although, the starry background on the far wall did momentarily caught her attention at it's odd placement, and the brood cells, although Apex could not tell exactly from what Rahi they came from, she could tell they could be of no good to those without the ability to control them. But Apex's true interest was the floor, the ancient writings of Xa-Kuta lining the floor. Thankfully, unlike in the previous room, the need to clear the floor was not needed as the room was mostly free of clutter and the only removal would be of some of the brood cells along the wall that partially obscured some of the letters. Hopefully interfering with them will not anger something. Circling around the center of the chamber, Apex had completely lost attention and interest in the Toa as she began to engross herself in the writings. Although Apex could not make out their true significance yet, nor completely comprehend what they speak of, she knew that with diligence, she just might find what she is seeking... OOC: @Eyru @Unreliable Narrator
  4. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) "You're oftly nice, and I wish I could say otherwise. Do Matoran have many names where you come from? I'm sorry. I overheard a little bit of your conversation. The Skakdi say I need to listen less and work more, but there's not much work to do when I'm hiding in the tire compartment." Drukarus gently listened to Grime speak, solemnly shaking his head and carefully formulating what to respond to as the Matoran spoke, him taking note of the wheezing sound that came from the old instrument in their hands. Drukarus was about to speak when a sudden, persistent thought made its way into the old Skak's mind. It was something akin to an intrusive thought, but it was most certainly one of a truly foreign nature to his own mind. : A s k A g a i n L a t e r . : Slowly reaching up to his hand and rubbing against the side of his temple, Drukarus tried to dismiss the thought but knew that something held it against his mind. Stepping up and nearly walking past Grime, Drukarus directed enough of his attention back towards the Matoran to speak to them, "Uh...Indeed..uh, Grime. Indeed, from where I came from, Matoran were able to name themselves...And do not worry, I..I will at least attempt to help with your situation. Do not think that you will be relieved of your duties, but your years of hiding in fear will cease..." Drukarus thought for a brief moment before he spoke the last part, "...I promise." Shuffling off, Drukarus made his way around the whole of the camp, being careful to avoid any of the other Skakdi, the protruding thought not putting Drukarus in the mood to deal with others of his kind. Finding a relatively remote tent, one evidently set up for the members of the Warskak to sleep under, Drukarus made his way into the currently empty tent. Taking a seat on one side of it, Drukarus tried once again to force the thought out, but no matter how hard he tried too, it stuck, as if it was constantly being poured into his consciousness. Getting nowhere simply fighting against the thought, Drukarus tried to decipher it, assuming a meditative pose that he learned from an even more ancient elder of his kin from the world before. Focusing his thoughts, Drukarus found himself subconsciously moving his hand towards his back pocket. Reaching in, Drukarus pulled out the small orb, the same electrical dark cloud roiling inside it, as he stared towards it. Within Drukarus' mind, he thought to himself, and perhaps indirectly towards whatever this thing was, "What are you?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  5. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) “What do you mean “true” name? My name is Grime.” Drukarus allowed an audible sigh to escape his lips as he fell backwards, landing upon his rear and sitting back from across Grime. Looking towards the Matoran, a faint glimmer of sympathy could be sensed from his gaze before Drukarus spoke again, "I mean the name you had before...Before you were called Grime...I do not know how many decades, let alone centuries you have spent amongst the Warskak, but I do hope that you remember something from your past life...Lest this will be a regretfully short conversation." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  6. IC: Sala (The Air Suva) Looking throughout the room, Sala sought to find any clues onto just how this puzzle is meant to go. Looking amongst the room, a few key traits made themselves apparent. The odd plant that grew within the center of the room, upon the Suva. It's odd shaping, the way it flexed and formed, it reminded Sala of a few shapes; a Crescent, a vertical line. But what did they mean? And then there is the windows, one a full circle, the other a half circle. Most certainly something had to be involved with those odd structural designs. Not entirely sure on what would be the best course of action, Sala hoped to simply find a common position between the two pieces of evidence he has. Turning towards Sorilax, Sala called out has he positioned himself on the opposite side of the Suva. "Sorilax, can you help me with this, I'm going to align the vertical line angle of the sapling with the semi-circle window." Working together, the two individuals being assisted by their mechanical frames that they both inhabited, rotated the Suva so that from the right angle, the sapling formed a vertical line that was aligned with the semi-circle. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Kal the Guardian IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) "You can do whatever you want with him...Provided you pay for any damages incurred to the warband's property." Looking towards the warlord, Drukarus did not register any sort of suspicion coming off of the Skakdi. "But of course...And I'm sure the few canteens of fresh water and spare rations can equals this one's apparent worth." Gesturing for Grime to follow him, Drukarus made his way from the rest of the warskak. Drukarus did not any expect any Skakdi to attempt to listen in on his conversation, seeing as how many of them are too busy engrossing themselves in their own entertainment, but he still did not trust them and knew that what he wanted to discuss would draw suspicion if not immediate hostile reproach. Now just beyond the edges of the camp, out of immediate view and earshot, Drukarus turned towards the meek Matoran and crouched down before them, a harden look upon Drukarus's face. "What is your name...Your true name?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad
  7. IC: Uraborask & Skrillix (The Fau Marshes) It took a days worth of travel till Uraborask lost sight of the Rig and the coastline and till he genuinely entered the vast desert wastes of the North. It took Uraborask another three days till at last he saw the first traces of marshland, with the occasional once of crab grass and sodden, sandy pools of water being forbearers to the thick ruts and pits of mud and foul liquid and vast fields of mixed grasses and shrubbery. For those days of travels, Uraborask had to often stop and allow the young Hapaka that sat next to him to..Relieve itself, and to burn off all the built up energy that slowly grew inside of Skrillix. With these stops, came Uraborask working as hard as he could to train the Rahi. When Uraborask first made his attempts at training the Hapaka, the beastial Skakdi had to more than on one occasion chase after Skrillix as their attention was taken by whatever small Rahi that strayed to close. Although many of those times, Uraborask ended up with some fresh meat, it was still an exhausting effort that egged on Uraborask's patience, but the soft, friendly face of Skrillix helped to relax his nerves. By the end of his trip, Uraborask managed to make in some regards headway. Although Skrillix still understand most complex commands and still occasionally chased off on her own, Uraborask was at least able to teach the Hapaka the basics of stay, fetch, come, and follow. At least that was one once of good that Uraborask had while on his trip, as bad news struck him from the radio halfway through his trip. Climbing back into his truck just after a brief rest stop and training session, Uraborask turned on the rig only for the radio to come to life and a familiar force to blare out of it. * H..Hey there everyone...It is once again I..The Gadunka! To all those who...Survived, my deepest condolences you sorry, sodden, skaks, for it is with grave news that I must tell you all...That the Rig is gone. Destroyed, devastated, demolished, gone to the sea. * At the mention of the Rig's destruction, Uraborask couldn't help but have his intrigue be peaked as he turned up the volume to listen as intently as he could. * To those who were there, I guess there's no need in retellin' it, but to those who haven't...Well, it first came with a rain like bullets and a wind like buzzsaws. The sky was blacker than motor oil and the waters were rougher than a stand-up Skakdi comedian. At first, from my off shore radio party barge, I thought it was some freak storm, you know, those that come by every once and a while. Well, this was somethin' else. * Uraborask didn't get much farther from when he first got into the truck, has his foot had left the accelerator and he was now just stopped in the middle of the wastes. * You all remember that roar that came out from down South a few days ago, well...It turns out that it was somethin' else, a Tahtorak. And this one was truly fierce... * A long silence took hold of the radio as the radio static started to build, Uraborask nearly beating the truck radio into working again when the deep shallow breathe of the radio host came out of the speakers again. * ...Listen, I'm not goin' to sugar coat it, I'm goin' to give it sober. The best thin' every last one of you can do at this point is to either get a boat and sail as far away from this island as you can. If you're lucky, you're either only die at sea or find a deserted island to starve to death on. If not that, then head as inland as far as you can and get as high up as you can. Maybe the thing will take it's time sinkin' the island. Honestly, the luckiest thing that we can hope for is that this beast is Nektann's...And that Nektann is willin' to simply enslave the rest of us rather than kill us... * Another long silence came about, but this one was briefer than the last before the Gadunka spoke again. * ...I'll stick around on the shores for a few more days, to gather whatever I can and report what I can, but don't expect much good news from here on out. Well, good luck survivors, this has been the Gadunka and formerly RRN, Rigger's Radio Network, signin' off for perhaps the last time my beloved followers, maybe next time. * For several moments, Uraborask sat back onto his seat, Skrillix seemingly taking notice of his soured mood before trying to comfort him. Uraborask, pushed away the slobbering Hapaka before he started the truck again, silencing the radio and the music that came blaring out of it. Driving once again, and Skrillix curling up in their seat, Uraborask was left with his thoughts. Uraborask didn't care that the Rig was gone, that wasn't what bothered him...What bothered him was the potential that his shack, his home, had been damaged if not destroyed by the monster. Even though Uraborask's shack was far from the Rig itself, he still couldn't be certain and hated the thought of all of his trophies and treasure being destroyed. But that thought, that thought only fueled a far more ambitious idea in Uraborask's mind. The idea, of the ultimate hunt. Uraborask knew he couldn't kill that thing as is, he was going to need something bigger, something deadlier, something that could kill a monster beyond measure. But that was a hunt all in its own that was going to happen later. Maybe if he was lucky, that measly, craving, skakdi had died in the storm. "Oh well, hopefully I don't die in the Fau Swamp before I can find out." OOC: To anyone with access to a radio, The Gadunka sends his best wishes.
  8. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) “I play music, I also light explosives and run when we’re out of fuse cables." Drukarus let out a silent, soft gruff tone at the last portion before speaking up. "Well then...looking around, it seems the Warskak is entertaining themselves fine enough...and I have need of your services," Turning his head, Drukarus looked towards Barius before continuing, "Barius, if I may...I would like to relieve myself of your presence and take this...Grime with me. I desire to learn what I can from them...So please, may I be excused...Warchief Barius?" OOC: @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator IC: Apex (The Grand Temple Ruins) Examining the text, concepts and ideas made their way back into Apex's consciousness, things that Apex had once forgotten but now returned themselves to her like Mahi being herded by a Hapaka into their pen. Xa-Katu, Apex remembered this one, yet she still did not remember much, she did not remember if she met this one, or if she came after, whether they were young or old in relations to herself, but it did not matter. The text, left here, written in the language of their kin, it was a trove of knowledge...But it was incomplete. As Apex made her way to the end of the darkly scrawled floor, she was left agitated and annoyed, that such a font of information had been cut off from her. "No, NO! There is more, this temple, it is grand, great, vast. Deep within it's depth the knowledge lies for sure, but is it within this chamber, behind the blockade or simply in another room. I must find it, I MUST!" Whirling around, Apex made her way out of the room, but not before tossing the detritus she had moved back across the floor. No sense in giving the younger one a chance to steal what she worked for. Leaving the right-most chamber, Apex returned to the main, briefly noting the lack of both Morangad and the void-touched Toa, Apex made for the left-most chamber, the one she had told Morangad to take. OOC: @Burnmad @Eyru @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator Note, Apex is taking the corridor that Taja went down into, not the one Morangad went down to. Apex told Morangad to take the left one.
  9. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) "A god is merely what we call the most powerful class of beings known to us. If you doubt their existence, you have made the mistake of setting your sights too high." As Drukarus listened to the words of Barius and absorbed all that he said, a stray thought began to lurk upon the back of the elderly Skakdi's mind. Perhaps, just maybe, there was some greater merit among these off-shoot of his own people. Perhaps they are capable of greater society and philosophy. That thought was shattered upon what he saw next... Upon seeing the Matoran supposedly named Grime step forwards, Drukarus could not help but internally cringe at what he saw, although his current stoic expression did not shift in inch at the sight. Obviously the Matoran before him had been abused, both verbally and physically, leaving nothing but a timid shell. Drukarus did not think that slavery was an abhorrent practice, he understood its necessity and value, but he did not approve of the senseless abuse inherent to those subject to it. Stepping off of the rig alongside Barius, Drukarus made his way around and approached the meek Matoran, them obviously cringing for a brief moment as Drukarus planted himself directly in front of the Matoran before crouching down onto one knee. Up close, Drukarus could see the faintest hints of former injuries, chips and cracks pocked through the Matoran's frame and Kanohi. A sorry sight he noted to himself as he inspected Grime. Deep within Drukarus, a simmering fire burned, one that Drukarus only quelled because he knew that now was neither the time nor the place to speak his mind, now was the time to make an impression. Standing back up, Drukarus stared down towards Grime before he at last spoke. "Tell me Matoran, what is your purpose amongst the Warskak?..Why is it that you are able to stand before me?" OOC: @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator IC: Zak-Yak (Outside the Fire Ruins) Looking back and forth, listening as Providence and Cravious spoke, Zak-Yak was filled with uncertainty at the situation at hand. Zak-Yak knew his goal, it was to become blessed, to be desecrated, to be able to be powerful. But now, a thought nestled its way into Zak-Yak's mind, for never before did Zak-Yak think he would had to choose who would desecrate him. Zak-Yak had always assumed that he would simply find an Aspect and from there it would all work out, but now, Zak-Yak was unsure. "What Zak-Yak do now? Varian Master has always been good to Zak-Yak, and Providence Aspect is helping Zak-Yak. But Aspect Providence lied to us, didn't tell us that he could have blessed us. And we are being offered blessing now, we would need to do nothing else. But white Skakdi hurt Zak-Yak, broke Master's Talons. Skakdi always mean to Zak-Yak, everyone mean to Zak-Yak, but not Varian Master and Providence Aspect. But Providence is friends with the blue one, the blue one tried to kill us also. And Master Varian hasn't given us blessing, he even tried to leave us back in Mesi cave." Shaking his consciousness into a singular train of thought, Zak-Yak readied himself to do as he needed. At this moment, Zak-Yak knew what he needed to do. Stepping forwards from behind Varian's leg, Zak-Yak spoke up. "Zak-Yak will have Heartlight, Zak-Yak will have blessing. If deal you want, deal Zak-Yak make. Zak-Yak help Whira Aspect grow strong...But Zak-Yak serves Varian Master, friend of Providence Aspect. So no, Zak-Yak not have Whira's Aspect blessing, Zak-Yak gets Providence's Aspect blessing. OOC: @Burnmad @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Kal the Guardian @Vezok's Friend
  10. IC: Zak-Yak (Outside the Fire Ruins) From behind the leg of Varian, Zak-Yak glared at the Aspect and the Skakdi, a fierce snarl upon his face unlike anything that either Varian or Providence had seen yet. Truly, Zak-Yak was not the same cowardly and meek Mesi that he has been, no, Zak-Yak was now channeling the more feral nature of his kind, he was not going to give up. As Zak-Yak looked between the two, he focused his gaze upon the briefcase. Zak-Yak knew that with but a single thought, he could cause the briefcase to become as ghostly and ethereal as he himself can become. But he also knew that to attempt anything would likely lead to either Cravious or Whira to strike him down. “I will have back what is rightfully mine.” Screeching out in reply, Zak-Yak called back in reply, a viciousness lining his words, "NO! No no no no no, nooooooo! I will have heartlight, I will have blessings. And you won't stop Zak-Yak! Varian Master, Providence Aspect, help Zak-Yak." OOC: @Burnmad @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Vezok's Friend IC: Sala (The Air Suva) “There’s a crack around the bottom of the suva where it meets the floor, but the suva keeps going down! It looks like the crack is a groove or something, but it’s too small for me to slip my hand inside, let along some string. But Sorilax, if I can call you Sorilax, you just made a desk out of shadow or something like it right? Maybe you can do something about it?” “Huh? Oh, well I guess that I did indeed make a desk. It is just so natural an action at this point that I don’t even register making shadow objects any more. I suppose thousands of years of constant usage will do that with just about anything. Now let me see what I am able to do. Thank you for remembering, Nixie. I am quite glad we didn’t miss this.” As Nixie pointed out the odd architectural feature of the Suva and Sorilax attempted to see if he could interact with the Suva, Sala looked between the Suva and the architecture of the temple as a thought came upon him. "It's a puzzle...It's A Puzzle! That is why the windows are different, and the Suva digs into the temple, it's a puzzle! The Suva is a dial and the windows are the keys Sorilax, Nixie, what do you two think of this?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Kal the Guardian
  11. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) "I reckon the most reasonable explanation is that our two worlds had some contact with one another, prior to now. Maybe your giant robot originally came from this world, some time ago?" Joining Barius in his thoughtful mulling, Drukarus dryly replied, "Yes, maybe it did. But, I do not think that anyone owned that robot...If anything, it might have been Mata-Nui himself...As absurd it is for me to admit the existence of a god..." Continuing to think about the true nature of the great machine, Drukarus's turned his head skywards, perhaps in a hopeful attempt to see the remains of his former universe through the ash-filled clouds of the Irrnak's Tooth. "But to think, that something so massive could have even made it up there, truly the idea of it is just as absurd as the idea of an actual god?..What do you think of this?..And perhaps, to sate my own curiosity, what is it that you know of the Matoran of this land, if they do still exist here?" OOC: @Burnmad IC: Apex (Grand Temple Ruins) “I harbor disdain for your kind because you broke everything. It was your meddling that ruined the calculations. If it wasn’t for the naïve and jealous selfishness of your kind, we would be in paradise. The Kaita were sufficient. They had use. Your kind are a bug in the system, an unfortunate backdoor in a perfect society created in harmony and peace by the Builders.” “But please, identify yourselves. New users requesting access require an initial login. A name will suffice. Or, as you might say: please tell me your names so I know who has come to pray. I am nothing if not willing to learn.” Although the Administrator's continual speech irked ever more and more upon Apex's senses, she knew that she genuinely couldn't do anything against this Administrator, and that simply roaring at her till she silenced herself was pointless and a waste of time. Simply grumbling in reply Apex spoke, her attention more upon the room she was in. "I do not know of what these calculations of yours are, or how my mere existence harmed it. My domain was only ever the wilderness of this island, and it was perfect under its own rule. These Builders, whatever society and their Kaita had, it had no bearing upon the natural order of things, and if it ever did, then it would have had to contend with me. Honestly, whatever problem you have with me or those like me, I do not care for, my concern is solely the Skakdi. Now, quiet yourself here and busy yourself with those who care to listen...Oh, and if you need a name, I will at least offer that. I am Apex, Aspect of the Beast." With that settled, and hopefully the Administrator finally accepting the fact that Apex did not want to talk lest they were willing to offer anything of use to the beastial Aspect, she continued to survey the room. Looking around, Apex honestly could not make any sort of heads nor tails concerning the pipes. She did not know nor cared for the technology of others, and that to mess with said pipes would disturb the birds and insects that dwelled amongst them, something that Apex did not care to do to the innocent creatures. Besides, that was not Apex's desire. Lest she needed to do so, these ancient machines were not her goal, it was the ancient writing that was across the floor. Though the floor was covered by a variety of detritus, Apex felt the dark energies that ran through them. With great care and concern, Apex cleared the floor as best she could, using her large forelimbs to sweep massive portions at a time with her wings at times quickly flittering to shoo away the lighter and looser debris. After several long minutes, Apex eventually managed to clear the floor, with the debris being placed against the plain wall to the right of the doorway. Briefly registering the little jungle bug that sat upon the right wall, Apex joyfully buzzed back in return to the little Rahi, before she turned her attention back to her handiwork. Looking at the floor, Apex began to decipher the language, pressing through the mental shroud of her mind to recognize the words upon the ground...And hopefully, being able to trace the rest of the text to where it went. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  12. IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) "Sure thing. Come up and pop a squat." Though Drukarus's neutral visage didn't change, he was momentarily surprised that Barius would allow him to, in a manner of speaking, be allowed to be placed upon equal footing with him. But, not looking a gift Mahi in the mouth, Drukarus joined Barius up onto the hood of the E. Street Wagon before opening himself up to heed the warchief's questioning. "Now, perhaps I misunderstood what you related to me at the volcano's mouth...But, I believe you did say that the land from which you hailed - which also bore the name Zakaz - was not included within the skull that impacted our western horizon a week back? I am curious what does lie within it." At the mention of what lies within the head, a worn-look came upon Drukarus face, the elderly Skakdi obviously being bothered from already having to speak of it. "Yes, I suspected you would be curious about that. What lies within that head is failure. Failure of war, failure of a people, and a failure of a universe...But more exactly, there within that head lies the corpse of the once legendary city of Metru-Nui. Before the crash, and the war that destroyed a world, the city was known as the capital of the Matoran people. It was a center of technology, society, and governance...And depending on who you ask, the ultimate symbol of an oppressive theocracy that sought to subject all beneath the Matoran...Well, all except the defiant Skakdi." Gazing downwards at his clasped hands, Drukarus took a momentary start and looked back towards Barius as something he said registered in the old Skakdi's brain. "Which also bore the name Zakaz? What do you mean by that?" OOC: @Burnmad IC: Apex (The Grand Temple Ruins) Brooding within the chamber, her gaze fixed upon and scanning from where the voice came from, her attention was taken by the sound of soft footsteps quickly approaching her. Raising her stinger, Apex nearly struck out at the approaching intruder before the sight of Morangad made itself known. "Where is the danger?" Rolling her head over along with her eyes, Apex began to shake her head as she spoke, letting out a soft rumbling growl like boulders going down a hill, "There is no danger Morangad, at least none present at the moment. The only thing here is a nuisance that refuses to show itself..." Looking back towards Morangad, a stray thought wormed its way into her mind, Apex swaying her head and shoulders as if weighing to options before speaking to the Tiokaha, "A..Apologize Morangad..For startling you, I had simply reached the end of my roots." "Hopefully this is what you do." OOC: @Burnmad @Unreliable Narrator
  13. IC: Apex (The Grand Temple Ruins) Carefully Apex moved through the stony corridor, mindful of the various vines and roots that filled the passage as to not get caught or snagged on them. But even with her being careful, her horns and legs got caught once or twice and she had to tuck in her wings close to her form. Looking over her surroundings, Apex sensed the dripping of droplets and felt the hum of the insects within the air. "Truly, even this place made itself a good home fo-..." Apex staggered in her step as an electrical sensation ran through her form. Peering behind herself, she saw the distortion that enveloped the place from which she came from and remembering her brief time in the Fire Ruins, Apex's mood was just as soured as quickly as it was being lifted. "...Great, suppose I shall have to worry about that later then." Entering the main chamber, Apex surveyed the entirety of the room. The three, wood-rotted corridors leaving Apex with a choice on where to proceed. To the right of the chamber, Apex took note of a dead Skak's corpse, the fungi growing upon it eliciting a croaking chuckle from Apex's throats and maw. "Huhuhuhu. Good, fungi, the great equalizer. Truly something of beau-..." Apex's thought was interrupted as she looked towards the white lotus, somehow pure and untouched, within the toxic pool. "...Huh, truly nature is somethi-" "I am the Administrator, and you are -- oh it's you." Upon hearing that same voice she heard once before, Apex let out a growling howl out into the air, the sound of which echoing and filling the entire chamber. Although such a cry might be seen as an outcry of anger or a roar meant to instill fear into the hearts of Matoran. But this cry was simply fueled by raw, utter, exasperation. "Why? WHY! Are you here in this temple as well? You know what, I should not be surprised. But know this, this time, I WILL find and claim the taboos that dwell within this temple, and there is nothing, NOTHING! You can do to stop me." OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Nato the Traveler @Eyru IC: Drukarus (Irrnak's Tooth) "You are my guest tonight, and it becomes a host to treat his guest well, moreover... I would like to learn more from you, of the world from which you came. And I hope that my generosity towards you this evening will entice you to impart that knowledge freely." Drukarus thought upon these words for several seconds, certainly long enough for Barius to grow uncomfortable and to start wondering if the elderly Skak had heard him in the first place before he spoke. "Yes...This is acceptable. I suppose, from one former-warchief to a newly made-warchief, civility should be the least we can offer each other...Speaking of offerings, that is the first thing that I am...Freely, giving you. I was, upon my home island of Zakaz, was a great warchief. One that lesser warskaks payed tribute too, whether willfully or by force, and greater warskaks only challenged when necessary or justified...But, if you want to know more, go ahead, and I'll tell you whatever else I can...But first, may I come up and join you though?" OOC: @Burnmad IC: Sala (The Air Suva) As Sala listened to Nixie and Sorilax talk, Sala felt a feint sense of familiarity from the sight. "Huh, so that is what it looks like." “You are quite right. It is an oddity. Either symbolism… or perhaps… at a certain time, light from the windows reveals something otherwise unnoticed? I wish I had brought my scrolls that I made when I documented the outside of this location. Sala, what do you make of this?” His attention being caught back into the conversation at hand, Sala spoke back to Sorilax. "Well, in some of the more antiquated portions of the Archives, there are religious texts referring to the two moons within the sky being synonymous with Mata-Nui's eyes. I don't know if that relates here though, since this is a different world, but I did notice two moons within the sky so, who know? It might have some religious significance. Without a native, we can't be fully sure and our only clue would be the murals." OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Unreliable Narrator
  14. Hey DM, minor question. What would happen if a Av-being got desecrated? Like a Av-Toa or a Av-Skakdi? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  15. IC: Zak-Yak (Outside the Fire Ruins) In a singular fell swoop, Zak-Yak claimed his prize of the briefcase, it now trapped within the vice-like grip of Master's Talons, from the white Skakdi, and immediately, not giving a single moment the slightest thought, Zak-Yak bolted, beginning his retreat back towards the Ruin's entrance. Swiftly the Mesi ran, but not as swift as he normally would have been able too, as instead of simply propelling himself forwards with the talons of his severed ACR arm, he was forced to move upon its knuckles as to ensure minimal damage occurred to the briefcase. But as Zak-Yak ran as fast as he could, the sound of Cravious's seismic jackhammer roared out. One, two, three thunderous shots rang out, the shots thankfully going just wide enough and only blasting into the blacked soil and igneous rock that formed Zak-Yak's path to the ruin's entrance. As Zak-Yak ran through the hail of thunderous shots and shrapnel, a few of the shards found themselves imbedded into the Mesi's frame, a biting pain beginning to cover his body. But he did not care. "Keep running! We have felt pain like this before, we have felt worse pain than this before! Yes, keep running! Now that Zak-Yak has heartlight, Varian master can give blessing. Now Zak-Yak won't ever feel the pain! Yes, good, good, look master Varian is co-" That was all that Zak-Yak was able to think about before a singular shadowy tendril grasped at him, attempting to pull him down. As Zak-Yak's center of balance was thrown off to one side, a heavy-duty round went off against Zak-Yak's right shoulder, blasting into the support structure of the ACR arm and causing Zak-Yak to tumble onto the ground unto his back. For no longer than a few seconds did Zak-Yak laid there, trying his best to process what had happened...When the sight of the approaching Skakdi reminded him that he needed to get away. But when Zak-Yak tried to move, a horrifying realization took hold of him. Master's Talon had been damaged, Zak-Yak could no longer move with it, and as such, was essentially pinned. "No, no, Zak-Yak was to win. Zak-Yak had heartlights. Varian master's blessing? No, NO! We will have out blessing, and we will not be STOPPED! Fight, FIGHT!" And so, like an injured Kavinika caught in a trapped, Zak-Yak did the only thing he could, he began quickly cutting loose the leather straps and bindings that held him in. His measly shiv working as best as it could, Zak-Yak even using all of his meager strength to break the hydraulic supports that was fastened to his body and harness. Twisting and turning, contorting himself like he would do in the tight narrow spaces from his old subterranean home, like the spaces he would hide in, where no one could come and hurt him, Zak-Yak at last slipped free. But, the briefcase, though seemingly undamaged, was still trapped within the claws of the ACR arm, and Zak-Yak truly had no time to pry it out. Left no other choice, as the white Skakdi soon reached him and his prize, Zak-Yak did the only thing he could do left. He disappeared into the aether, only reappearing alongside and behind his master, Varian. A singular, unanimous thought taking up his mind. "I will have that heartlight." OOC: @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ @Burnmad @Snelly
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