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  1. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay - Fort Garsi) Power coursed through the Nahikl as they tore a path in the metal-littered landscape. With a wide-craven grin, they were for a moment lost in the euphoria of it all, till a stone shot from the battlements struck them in the shoulder, with a harsh crack sounding from the impact. Immediately, Ahuum lost their concentration and scrambled to cower behind their fellow Skak. Gritting their fangs, the old Skak snarled as they remembered what they are now and not what they were once before. They weren't a warrior; they're a conniver, a manipulator, a torturer and a shrewd wretch. They had just rushed to the front of the line like some sort of brazen champion, and for what? A broken collarbone and not a single howl of agony yet? 'Pity!' Ahuum thought as they pressed their left hand to the broken bone, gripping the two ends into alignment as they channeled their strength into mending it. For now, a misaligned collar was going to be a much better alternative than a broken one. Looking back up towards the battle at hand, or at least what Zanakra might call a battle, Ahuum witnessed as, just in the nick of time, T'harrak erected the massive bulwark that had just saved herself, the other Skak, and Ahuum as well from being buried. It was thankful that there was at least one Skak here who could think beyond bludgeoning the nearest thing. Clawing back up from the ground they were sat upon, they peered through the window T'harrak had left for what they had to presume was the other Skakdi's sake and saw what was rapidly approaching. Bikes. "Bah~" Ahuum said allowed. They never liked the use of vehicles or firearms in battle, it made it so much less personal, took away the visceral edge of it. Regardless though of their feelings about them, Ahuum still recognized the threat that a gang of them can be... And the tremendous weakness they shared as the old Nahikl looked towards the iron wall they hid behind. With their fierce, thin grin returning to their face once again, Ahuum jumped up towards the side of the iron Skakdi and practically snatched their wrist with hardly a word, only their subtle, yet forceful will making it clear what they wanted as they pressed their hand to the barrier. Though it would not be immediately noticeable to the squad of bikers, as they got closer to the iron wall that faced them, the outcome of the Nahikl's actions would become all too clear, as there was little way for them to keep from crashing over themselves as the wall, now made into an oversized magnet, snatch at their metal vehicles to draw them close. OOC: @Nato G @Visaru @ARROW404
  2. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay, Fort Garsi) And its off with a bang. A very Skakdi approach, Ahuum thought to themselves as they lingered within the gathered forces under Zanakra's control. They were no combatant; they were an old Skak who did not belong on the battlefield, they didn't even carry a weapon for Irnakk's sake. And yet, many tricks lurked up their sleeves, waiting to be used. Watching from behind the crowd, utilizing their extraordinary sight to see all that was happening as if they were right in front of it all, it was not hard to make out the rows of traps that laid buried and hidden, nor was it difficult to spy the tunnels that laid deeper below. And one such tunnel it seemed, was beginning to swarm with ravenous beasts. A sneering, thin grin spread across the Nahikl's face as they let a little stuttering chuckle rise up from their throat. 'How conniving', they thought, but it was a hopeless plan now. Reaching out, their left hand found itself clasped around T'harrak's wrist, clenching with a near vice-like grip. "Still your heart T'harrak, before our foes do it for you," Ahuum said, with their usually tone, raspy and annoying, now surprisingly clear and calming. "And also," They added, with that thin, sneering grin on their face widening, "mind granting your elder a little help?" Beginning to mutter in an ancient tongue, mentally reaching out to T'harrak for some sort of connection, they lifted their hand and enforced their will onto the world. Intent on killing two gukko's with one stone, Ahuum attempted to clear a path towards the fort, lifting what metal debris and nuisances there were and sending them launching over towards where he perceived to be the exit of the tunnel that was soon to be spewing forth hungry hounds. And if any of the explosives went off while he was unearthing them or while they were mid-flight, well... he tried his best. OOC: @Nato G@Snelly@Mel@Geardirector@Zeal@Smudge8@ARROW404
  3. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay - Fort Garsi) Traveling southwards for their destination, Ahuum shuffled as they always did behind Zanakra, existing solely within her shadow as they belonged, but as the visage of Fort Garsi grew steadily in sight, the wry Nahikl lingered further and further back till they were at the very end of the line. And then the words of Zanakra reached their ears. "Suppose we should knock." Scrying forth their gaze, they could easily make out the blatant gesture their lady flourished. 'Was this it?' They wondered. 'Has my time with this one finally come to an end?' Though Ahuum was truly loyal to their lady, Zanakra, Zanakra was not the first to ever hold the loyalties of the Nahikl. There were others before her, and those others are now all dead. Was Zanakra going to join them now or is there some plan the elder Skak simply does not know? Regardless, Ahuum made themselves ready, to either materialize at their lady's side if they were called or to slip away and find another to lurk behind. OOC: @Snelly
  4. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Tahtorak Encampment, Spineless Bay) For a moment, Ahuum halted in their step, looking towards Zanakra with an expression that edged on concern. Would this be the day? The day that they are at last strung up for being the abomination in Skakdi-skin that they truly are? Would they go down fighting? Would they even resist, let alone even be able to inflict any lasting harm? "Akuum is with me because they are useful. As long as they continue to remain useful, then there is no issue. The same goes for everyone." And then the near-concerned expression dispersed into the faint, thin-lipped sneer that constantly persisted on the Nahikl's facade of a face. Turning towards the failing champion Jojax once more, Ahuum watched as the Skakdess lurched away, slinking back towards the boat. Currently unbidden by their lady Zanakra's will and still keen to see if there are any bones that need to be set, painfully if possible, they followed after Jojax, but not before catching the will-infused statement of Zanakra. They are to head south. And they are to bring conflict... Or at least Ahuum hoped so, they did always find the sport of Sarke lacking in the enjoyment of ones pained cries. OOC: @Snelly @Zeal @Smudge8 @Nato G @ARROW404
  5. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Tahtorak Encampment, Spineless Bay) And thus, the battle, if one deigned to call it that, ended. It was certainly a display, Ahuum might have admitted, but it was ultimately a waste in their eyes. Afterall, where were the screams of agony? The crunching of bones? The rending of muscles? The death? 'No matter', Ahuum thought to their self, shifting from the shadow of Zanakra into the shadow of T'harrak as they followed the other Skakdi. Jojax was most certainly wounded and it was their duty to mend such ailments. Afterall, if their lady wished the camp to be razed, they would need every able body to do so. OOC: @Nato G @Snelly @Smudge8 @Zeal @ARROW404
  6. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Tahtorak Encampment, Spineless Bay) Watching the fight and more, Ahuum lurked by their lady's side, watching the violent proceedings take place. So is the way of Skakdi, to greet with tooth and claw. It was a thought that made a raspy gasp of a chuckle to emanate quietly from the Nahikl. Having scanned their gaze across the whole of the camp, dissecting each and every member with their unnatural sight, they had deduced that beyond the usual rigors of Zakazian life, none of them bore any lasting ailment. A blessing and a shame should their lady wish them to be dispatched. Speaking of, Ahuum tilted their head upwards towards Zanakra, though their veiled eyes remained on the fight, as they quietly whispered and conferred with her. "So, my lady Zanakra, what promise has these Skakdi so far peaked in your future ambitions? Are they so far worth this trifling trouble?" He queried, curious and wondering. OOC: @Snelly @Nato The Whisperer
  7. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Tahtorak Encampment, Spineless Bay) Standing behind and slightly to the side of Zanakra, the crooked, hunched, and veiled form of Ahuum peaked and peered from beneath the hood of their cloak. They had pulled upwards their hood upon arriving, as to hide their expression and horridness. No point in putting such a damper on the initial pleasantries. But even though the Nahikl was doing well to keep their general presence of clear wrongness to a minimum, they were still listening and watching with unnaturally keen senses. Their ears held prone and ready, to snatch any hints of sly or coy word use or plain old lie, while their peering eyes scried through both flesh and frame amongst this encampment's occupants, scanning for minute cracks in bones to faint tears in muscles. Anything and all signs of weakness that could be used or exploited. OOC: @Snelly @Nato The Whisperer @Smudge8 @ARROW404 @Zeal
  8. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Watching with interest from behind their shadowy cowl, the old Nahikl watched with a mixture of amusement and interest at the new arrival. They certainly bore strength, something any warlord would not mind in their retinue, but it was a matter if they had any form of intelligence, or better rather, the knowledge of knowing where their place was. Ahuum would have to figure that out later of course, but for now, they were content to watch and snicker to themself in their mad little way. OOC: @Snelly @Nato The Whisperer @Smudge8 @Zeal
  9. IC: Ir'rask (Ko-Wahi, Arriving at Obsidian Outpost) The travel was swift and easy over the snowy terrain, with them truly used to the area. If challenged, a part of them didn't doubt they could have navigated one end of Ko-Wahi to the other blind. Eventually though, they spotted the monorail that led to the place they were searching for, and going parallel to it, eventually spotted the Obsidian Outpost. They didn't like places like that, they were too crowded, too loud, too fake...But they were safe and could offer them the shelter and food they needed. They just needed to bare through it. With a trail of snow prints marking the way they came, Ir'rask reached the outer edges of the village, slipping inside the perimeter as to avoid any unwanted attention. They didn't want trouble and they knew trouble was what people thought he brought, for whatever reason. But he didn't care what people thought, all he cared about was a place to rest.
  10. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At that, the old skak couldn't help but began cackling as they stepped closer, their staff tapping against the ground. "Ahaha, seems like that rock might have a mind greater than either of us if it told you all that without a mouth to speak with. Mayhaps I should spend some time speaking with this oh wise rock on my own time." Ahuum said, holding out their gnarled hand, silently requesting T'harrak to hand over the stone. OOC: @Smudge8 @Nato The Whisperer @Snelly
  11. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) "That depends, what is it the rock has told you?" Ahuum asked. Though they grinned wide and seemed to be very amused, they asked with genuine serious interest. OOC: @Smudge8 @Nato The Whisperer @Snelly
  12. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At the nudge, Ahuum's thin, sinister grin briefly turned towards a hostile sneer as their sharp eyes darted towards Jojax before resetting into a grim look, their skin beneath the cloak crawling from the contact. And then they turned their head towards T'harrak as they grinned once again. "Many things can be learned if you look in the right places, from the insides of a tree to the guts of a fish. Sometimes the most profound portents are in the most insignificant of things." OOC: @Smudge8 @Nato The Whisperer @Snelly
  13. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Approaching Zanakra, the old sage placed themself in between the warlord and the two other Skakdi, standing just off to the right side of her as they bowed their head. "Yes, a small, perhaps insignificant camp, but one that may just be the alluring worm-tongue of a war tortoise. One or the other, I doubt it will matter against you, it will fall or serve you my lady, whichever you so desire." OOC: @Smudge8 @Nato The Whisperer @Snelly
  14. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At the continued questioning, annoyance seemed to take the mystic, with their spines from beneath their cloak bristling slightly and their left hand tightening and untightening its grip. But that brief annoyance was also peaked by a vague curiosity by the specificity of the question. Relenting internally, Ahuum spoke simply, lacking the tenseness from earlier when answering Jojax' question. "Out of doing my duty as an advisor, both to our lady and to whomever else desires to seek my services, I shall answer your question in earnest and in all seriousness. Lest the thief was lucky enough to bare a close enough resemblance to the original warlord, I'm sure those loyal to the former would tear the thief apart. That's of course assuming said warlord had any loyal followers, which many lack. Rather, they may just go along with it, a few most probably seeing it as their chance to claim leadership and challenge the 'new' warlord for it." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper @Snelly
  15. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At Jojax question, the sage stiffened in their pace, their weak grip tightening around their staff as it began to faintly tap, tap, tap on the dockside wood. Slowly, eerily, they turned to face the Skakdess, gazing through them before grinning, baring their blackened jagged teeth, and spoke. "If he was simply robbed? Then, like a mad, rapid Kavinika, he would fight, claw, and bite his way back to the top. As foolish as that sounds...But if one was simply to disappear? Dashed to the abyss? Consumed by their own ambition? Unremembered and forgotten?" As they spoke, an intensity gripped their voice, their optics still yet wild, as they slowly approached. " . . . Then mayhaps it would be best if they did disappeared." And then the madness lifted and they once more looked like some decrepit, twisted old Skak, shrugging away the question as they turned back around. "Now shall we continue with idle chatter or shall we meet with our lady?" They spoke off-handedly, like nothing weird had just happened, them simply plodding along towards the fort. OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper @Snelly
  16. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At that, Ahuum gladly laughed openly and loudly in his chilling way as he waited for the other two to follow. OOC: @Whisper @Smudge8 @Snelly
  17. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) As the boat moored itself back at the fort, the elder Skak quickly rose and glided out from the rickety boat onto the dock once more, gazing at the fort as if they hadn't seen it in ages. Muttering beneath their breath, their words turned towards Jorax though their gaze remained stiffly upon the fort. "No, nothing big. But that does not mean good. In history, it has often times been not the grand, mighty warlords that were feared and brought ruin. Grand means obvious and mighty equals well-known. No, it is the little camps, the upstarts, that we should keep eyes on. They can be very worrisome, unknown, secret, hidden.....hehe." Faintly, they began to laugh and chuckle to themselves as they began to plod along ever so slowly, eager to report to Zanakra. "But that is knowledge not fit for you, lest you ever seek to rise above your place." OOC: @Whisper @Smudge8 @Snelly
  18. IC: Ir'rask (Ko-Wahi Tundra, near the Obsidian Outpost) Brightly, the sun shone over head the icy white tundra of Ko-Wahi, and yet a frigid chill still remained, cold and frigid whenever the wind blew. Stepping out from the cave they had made into their home since first awaking, Ir'rask surveyed the vast white landscape ahead of them, once with their natural sight and then once again with their thermal sight, their optics shifting into hues of orange and blue. Nothing, good, that meant it was safe...assuming nothing was hiding. Prowling out from their hidden dwelling, their unstrung bow over their shoulder with a wrapped sack of what little possessions they owned, the Skakdi began to make their way out across the snows, their wide, flat feet allowing them to just keep from sinking too deep. The season was ending and game was growing scarce they knew. At this rate, they were going to have to resort to scavenging to survive. That, or dare to go south into Le-Wahi, into that hot, humid, deafening jungle. The idea brought pangs of annoyance to the Skakdi's head as they imagined it. No, they weren't going to go there, they were not going to resort to such lows. But how were they going to survive, they pondered. As they thought on what they were going to do, the far-off distance sound of a tram peaked the very peripheral edges of their hearing, something that only them in such silent climates could have just made out. But it was that brief bit of noise that brought a thought to their mind, a wild, mad thought, but a thought nonetheless. With that thought in mind, Ir'rask turned in their direction and made their way towards the noise, towards the outpost they knew existed in that direction. The Obsidian Outpost. OOC: Ir'rask is open to interaction and is just arriving to the Obsidian Outpost
  19. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay) Craning his neck back, Ahuum continued to leer and grin sinisterly towards the camp as they rowed away till eventually he looked back away as he settled back into his seat, a part of him disappointed at how casual the interaction went. "So, we shall continue to explore the shores? Perhaps in hopes of finding where that meager camp came from?" The Nahikl queried, looming over the side of the boat now as their left hand listlessly ran through the water. IC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  20. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Spineless Bay) Sitting curled up in his corner of the boat, Ahuum leaned over and leered with excited interest as the meager camp in the distance was spotted. Grinning wide with a sinister and vaguely manic grin, the Skakdi reached deep into their robes as they pulled out a scroll, it being an ancient and weathered map of the bay. Looking down towards the piece of papyrus, Ahuum began to mark down the location on the map, quickly ascertaining the outposts exact location before leering back towards the camp. "So many Skakdi. So many warm bodies." He murmured under his breath. OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  21. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Settling into the back of the boat, Ahuum sat there with his unsettling self, beginning to murmur and mutter to himself in an unsettling tongue as the boat began to drift away out into the waters of the bay. OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  22. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Grinning, Ahuum's twisted left limb would gently grip their staff as they gently poked at Jojax, smiling. "Ah, this one can see the reef through the coral. Good. Our lady will need that I'm sure." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  23. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) At T'harrak's retort, Ahuum couldn't help but break into a harsh, chuckling laugh, shuddering as their body was wracked with wretched coughing before they looked back up towards the Skakdi of Crystal. "The closest one of course, or do you wish to scout out the edges of Seprilli for our lady's inevitable invasion." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  24. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Sitting there in his little spot, his attention split on the two Skakdess with him and the void of a shadow he spied in one of the corners of the boat. But hearing T'harrak address him, even unintentionally, his stiff smile snapped to look over towards her as his lips twisted around the words he spoke. "Perhaps the shore would be for the best, as it is the closest to our lady's domain. And should anything happen, it would be for the best that we are quick to return." OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
  25. IC: Nahikl Ahuum (Fort Razorfish;Vaa, Spineless Bay) Chuckling once more in that hoarse tone of theirs, with a faint wheeze and gasp in their small and brief outburst, they settled down as they nodded their head in some self-important sagely way. "Of course. Of course. It is good to be prepared for a classic Skakdi greeting." Stepping past T'harrak, Ahuum began to approach the boat, unsteadily climbing in, with it looking like a miracle they didn't just fall into the water with their clumsy stagger. Looking up from his seated position, the old Nahikl, at least gracious enough to take up as little space as possible, spoke up to Jorax. Or perhaps T'harrak? Or maybe he was simply asking the air itself. "So then, are we ready to depart dear?" OOC: @Smudge8 @Whisper
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