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    hom much chuck can a wood double wood chuck wood can chuck!
  1. Hey there! I miss talking to you!

  2. You didn't happen to upload the video yet? :)

  3. Left Handed Moth


    1:Never heard of said fad. 2:No. 3:Probably. 4:You're too good for them Doksy. 5:Never heard of that either.
  4. Do you believe that Santa Clause is real?
  5. Ee. I don't like most of the violent games.

  6. What's the difference between a fish? (If you get this right you are a genius)
  7. Yes to the PM gun thing.

    I remember who made the tank-JuJu.

    And I'll check this Steam thing out.

  8. So you want to get/have streaming guns?

    Also, I don't know who made the tank.

  9. Lol, awesome avatar and banner.

  10. Hooray. I don't really care, though. :D

  11. Left Handed Moth

    Have A Day

    How many blogs does it take to blog in a light blog?
  12. •What are you happy about right now? The fact that I finished my Lit. Homework. •What are you disappointed about right now? That I actually finished my Lit. Homework. •If this blog wasn't named [0.o], what would be a good name? Besides the point you already asked said question, probably (0.0) instead of [0.o]. •If I weren't named Dokuma, what would be a good name? Mr.Dokuma. Fits with Mrs.Dokuma. •What BZP member do you miss (don't mention banned member, o'course )? Link, a comic maker/ movie maker.
  13. Haps Late birthday.

    Please don't eat anyone important.

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