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  1. Astronaut100000000

    July 1st

    Well, the latest issue of the Lego Magizine (I think it was the latest issue) I liked; With Toa Nuparu's guide to Voya Nui and Hahli's chronicle on the Inika. That was an awsome setting. And also the combination set instructions from an earlier issue. Those are definently keepers.
  2. Comic three DID rock! And I got all the Inika, for all it's worth. I talk to a lot of people outside BZP about lego and Bionicle, to awnser the question.
  3. That is an awsome game. I wish I still had it.
  4. Wow. That's good there's improvement.
  5. Yikes! That must've been hard. Hope it goes better soon.
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