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  1. We miss you... Very much.

  2. ... It's you again, isn't it... -_-


    1. The Legendary TNT

      The Legendary TNT

      What is real anymore? I seriously don't know.

    2. Canis Lycaon

      Canis Lycaon

      His account got hacked. B6 had to close it.

  4. Jeez, does it really have to be perfect? Annoying grammar errors aside, I just want to apologize to the staff if this is causing any upset. Getting everyone all wound up about the announcement wasn't my intention at all, I guess I should have waited.
  5. Greg can I ask that if this is true, would you make a return to the forums? Certainly I will, as much as I am able. Remember, I have other commitments, but I will make a post now and then, and of course answer PMs. After all, it is partly this community that gave the line a chance at coming back. Coming here and keeping in touch with the community is something I will always try to do. Keep coming here, and I will try to do the same.
  6. I thought that people might immediately suspect it was a joke. Should I have posted today saying Bionicle wouldn't come back, so everyone would suspect the opposite? I guess I'll just post an update tomorrow, so you guys can know for sure.
  7. Hello everyone, I have an announcement to make. Although it is sort of unfortunate that it is April fools, I just recieved authorization from LEGO to talk about this today, so I didn't want to wait. (Hopefully it isn't their April fool's joke on me!) Over the last few weeks, I've been in talks with LEGO about the fate of Bionicle. More specifically, we've been discussing the possiblity of it making a return in some shape or form. The intrest in the line has keep going strong, which is one of the reasons this came up. Although I went into the discussion not knowing where it would lead, I'm happy to say that its good news! Although the revival wouldn't mean having a full line of sets again, there would at least a few small sets, and at the very least, a continuation of the story again. I'm not going to talk about where that's going, but I'm sure you have a few guesses. I'm really grateful to you guys for sticking with this community through thick and thin, and helping to show that Bionicle really does deserve another chance. I'll be posting more information on what's going to be happening as soon as I can, and hopefully allowing you guys to be involved in the process. Untill then, carry on! I still really enjoy this community, and I am looking forward to becoming a more active part of it again. Best wishes to everyone, -Greg Farshtey
  8. I know you are inactive, but if you're interested, I gave some good ideas for the next hero factory story.

    1. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      gave is actually have... sorreh!

  9. thanks for the info you gave us recently.

  10. Hello Greg. I am a HUGE fan of your work on Bionicle, and was wondering if you can make my own bionicle character official bionicle canon? He is Toa Jalokim, toa of fire. I am currently writing my own bionicle story, which takes place during events of the real Canon. I would appreciate it if you can read it once its done.

  11. I'm sorry I know you're busy, I know the fanbase can be demanding, but i have a question that I think you will have fun answering. Were some Makuta meant to be sympathetic villains? You have Makuta like Teridax and Antroz but then there's Krika, Krika said his motivation was mostly species loyalty but he said that he wished that he could be like the toa; alright I lied and the second question won't be so fun to answer. Krika said that he couldn't be like the toa, was th...

  12. hey I have an idea, since the PTP and YQ hasen't had a new chapter in a while, why don't we, the fans, continue those bionicle serials, and create other serials?

  13. Well, apart from that annoying 'Ask Greg' on bionicle.com, this is the first time I've contacted you directly! *faints*

    1. Chip Wiseman

      Chip Wiseman

      Back to the point though, take as much time as you need on the serials. I know we're impatient, but I say you should keep a cool head and don't rush. As the old saying goes, 'Better to have gold in a year than junk tomorrow' something like that. Stay awesome!

  14. OMG its you!!!!! *fan squeel* .... nah JK but seriouly your like a hero to me, it was you that convinced me to read when i was younger, i must say that you are doing a great job and if anyone were to tell you other wise they are hating, keep at it greg, who knows, maybe in the future they will promote all that you have written on bionicle into a TV show

  15. You're the best!

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