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  1. I use the Lvl. 3 Prize Money O-Power, Amulet Coin, and Restaurant Le Wow. After selling the Balm Mushrooms you get, you easily make about $300,000 per go. Also, after much resetting and hair-tearing, I finally got an awesome Mewtwo X: Mewtwo - #150 (Jolly) : 31 / 31 / 4 / 22 / 31 / 31 Not very good Defense, but Mewtwo doesn't really care about it. Besides, he can just use Bulk Up to compensate.
  2. "Quintessential sludge" I see what you did there.
  3. Added. Could you add me too, please? Also, can anyone tell me what my Friend Safari is? My friend code is 4098-4028-0743. EDIT: Never mind. I found out.
  4. Yeah, they do. I'm just happy that I got a decent Xerneas on my first try. I probably won't ever use it, but if it helps me sleep better at night, hey.
  5. Finally caught Xerneas in X, and what a beaut it is: Modest: 26, 27 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 10 / 31 And caught in my first Premier Ball, too!
  6. From Bulbapedia: "Counter, Mirror Coat, Metal Burst, and Bide deal the full amount of damage for both hits."
  7. I'm trying to clone a lot of Pokemon in preparation for the Wi-FI shutting off for the DS, but if I do it through the GTS glitch, that will take a LONG time. Is there a way I can clone Pokemon on Pokecheck without getting that Premier Ribbon on it?
  8. So I really want to add a Clawitzer to my in-game team, but I don't really know who to replace. Here's my team: Chesnaught Charizard Gardevoir Doublade Helioptile My 6th team member is my HM slave. I just beat the 5th gym, by the way.
  9. So I'm trying to build my first competitive team, but it's not going so well. I want to use Pokemon that aren't seen that much (I'm really tired of seeing Greninjas and Rotoms and Talonflames in every battle I watch) and still counter a lot of stuff. So far, I know I want to use an Assault Vest Rhyperior, a Gallade, and a Porygon2, but beyond that, I dunno. I'm thinking a Grass-type that doesn't mind being burned to take on Rotom-W, and maybe Mega Ampharos to deal with Flying-types and Dragons? It'd probably be KOed by other Dragons before it gets them, so there's that. I'm really new at constructing teams for competitive, so please help me out, guys!
  10. You mean the field effect? Yeah, field effects work even if the lead Pokemon is fainted.
  11. So I was rummaging through my boxes in Black when I stumbled upon an Adamant Immunity Gligar with an IV spread of 14 / 20 / 20 / 8 / 19 / 31. I think that's pretty good, the problem is that most Poison Heal Gliscor are supposed to be more defensive, so Adamant wouldn't be that good. Considering my lack of experience in competitive battling, do you guys think it could be usable?
  12. What's a better move to use on Shell Smash Cloyster in the Battle Subway: Ice Shard or Razor Shell?
  13. Last attempted trade for the Regis/event Regigigas didn't work out, so could anyone trade me the Regis/event Regigigas that I could borrow?
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