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  1. IC(PS): "I was going to do that now that I've secured the arm in place, but then you came up here and started talking at me! Good day to you, SIR!" The toa dashed out towards a hut with a medical cross on it.
  2. IC(PS): "AH! Okay, please, I didn't mean to cut off his arm! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!""I hate you so much!""I figured that!"
  3. IC(PS): "Okay, okay, I might know how to fix this."The Seer grabbed a bit of cloth from off the table, and began to tie the arm back to the matoran's body."YOU SUCK! I SHOULD HAVE STABBED YOU WHEN YOU CAME IN!""Sorry about slicing your arm off! I didn't mean to drop my sword into your arm...well, erm...bye!" The toa ran off as fast as he could, ensuring his hat wouldn't fall off as he did.
  4. IC(SS): The toa landed in the village. A commotion was being raised around someone who appeared to be a toa of ice. "Hmmph. This village is pitiful. Where's the castles of doom? The bars? The Puppy Orphanage?" He hid himself in the trees around Pala-koro, and continued his observation.
  5. IC(SS):Good. If they cannot see me, well...it should be harder for the Seer to find me too.He continued his flyover of Pala-koro.
  6. IC(PS): "NO! MY DREAMS! HOW WILL I EVER JUGGLE AGAIN!""Oh...oh my." The Seer then saw the arm on the ground.==> Seer: Retrieve Arms.While he already has arms, he does pick up the severed arm on the ground in hopes of taping it on, or some such ridiculous thing.
  7. IC(PS): The matoran was now screaming and rolling around on the ground."ERM...THIS IS KIND OF AWKWARD!""WHY ARE YOU YELLING!? THAT ISN'T HELPING AT ALL!""I'M NOT YELLING--wait...I guess I was. Okay, let me help get this out." He started to pull out the sword.The sword came out, as did the barkeep's arm."AAAAAAAAA! OH MATA-NUI, THE PAIN!""I'm...I'm just making this worse, aren't I?"
  8. IC(PS): The toa lost his grip on the Tetrixcalibur, as it slid out of it's sheath."OH, NOW IT COMES OUT OF IT'S SHEATH! WAIT, ARE YOU SAYING SOMETHING?"The blade flew, out of it's sheath, and proceeded to lodge itself the equally stunned barkeep's left arm."AH OHKARZ OHKARZ I DIDN'T MEAN TO DO IT!"
  9. IC(PS): "No! He started it! I was just asking some questions, and then he tried to stab me, and I think he'll stab me if I let up on my blade!" Said blade was beginning to slide out of it's sheath, unnoticed by the toa.
  10. IC(PS): "What is it!? I'm busy interrogating this IMPOTENT FOOL, who refuses to tell me things of a nature of which I need!"
  11. IC(PS): "Look, kid, I don't have time for your crazy stuff, so either order a drink, or find an adventuring party. They congregate in Bars and Inns if they don't have a group already.""I have an order for you alright!" The toa raised the sheathed Tetrixcalibur over his head, and swung at the matoran Bartender, only just missing him."Hey! What's your problem, kid?""As the Champion of Pulchritude, I command that you tell me everything you know about the Sovereign Slayer!" He pointed the sheathed end of the blade at the matoran, stepping around to the opposite side of the counter. The noise was beginning to startle the patrons."Look, I don't know who you're talking about! What does he look like, maybe he came in here?""He is a toa, wearing a mask of flight. Tattered harlequin clothes are around his neck. Also, he has a scratched eye. Black armor.""Oh, Noire! I gave him a fixed up kata-ulp."The Seer picked up the matoran by the throat. "YOU DID WHAT!?" He threw the matoran up against the wall."That man is an evil...abomination. Do you know what he has done!? He has destroyed my homeland, and his as well. I will not be able to sleep a single night until he has fallen, and you gave him a new sword!?""His old one was broken, I didn't know who he was!" The matoran gently reached for a particularly sharp fork that he kept under the bar. He grabbed it and stabbed at the Seer. The seer parried the blow, catching the the fork's spokes on either side of his sword's cutting edge.OOC: PS open for stopping a bar fight.
  12. I find being evil incredibly delightful. But yes, certain things are outside my realm of breaking my morals. I can see how being evil could go a bit too far.
  13. Well, we all know what kills the Makuta.His worst enemy.A Moon.
  14. If that happens, I suggest it's whichever char is the most ridiculous and likely to exaggerate. Kinda like Hercule from DBZ.
  15. We're going to die to show Makuta's great power, or are we all going to die in a single mega-smite-post that shows Makuta's secret shrine of My Little Pony, or what?
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