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  1. Onua was my first then, and will be my first now. Still happy with the new Pakari, but I might have to mod him to be less gorilla-y.
  2. Oh gosh how cool that would be. Even being in Bionicle since the beginning I was too young to know about or participate in some of the realy cool promo stuff early on, so this would be a great way to kind of jump on that in the rrebooted sense.
  3. Oh man, the feels... Kinda hoping the music does little callbacks to MNOLG. There was some memorable stuff there. You know, whatever wasn't stock sound.
  4. Hrm.... I do like the Protectors being the village head, but now I reeeeally want to know what the villagers are supposed to look like? Do they have a unified body type that gets changed when promoted to Protector? Do they only don those masks as Protectors? Do the villagers even have masks? What the heck is a Sonic? I, for one, really like the Protector mask, and it's icing on the cake that it comes in so many colours, but boy I would be happier to see a variety of new mask designs in the future.
  5. so hang on... Were the Skull Spiders ever confirmed to be called Kraata? I feel like I missed a few tidbits in the maelstrom of info in the past two days
  6. hm... that's a shame, 'cause a MCtoran kind of design would fit really well here... Maybe there will be future sets with little mini-build villagers instead of Skull Spiders?
  7. Kinda hoping for Purple, what with Makuta's appearance in the animation. That is, of course, if he ever gets a set with that appearance. We might just get a red eyed version.
  8. Wow. It's been years, but I cannot deny I just about died whaen I saw them. Legit or not, I can't say I mind he design direction. Eurgh... Wish I could say more, but suffice to say I'm very happy to return to the fandom if this happens. I only hope the masks are still compatable.
  9. I'm actually fairly excited for the possibilities opened up by the new, smaller balljoints. I only worry that they might not be strong enought to hold a lot of weight before flopping over. I'd really have to have one in hand to know for sure, I s'pose.
  10. "A kmoo poops ice cream- your argument is invalid." I've got millions more- the Kmoo is so great!
  11. This cheese is not right said the makkle to the Flee If ever there was anything, then nothing ever will be quite so good as a cheese better than this. There must be. But the makkle knew not that the real place to get a good cheese is Kmoo.
  12. ooooh.... That's gonna be deadly cool when finished!
  13. Hey, Bink- do you have any examples of what these actors have played before? I'd like to look it up and hear them so I can see if the voice fits.
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