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  1. Mythological Being of the Day: Pulunga

    1. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      Pulunga is the creator god of the adaman islands. When his people stopped listening to his orders, he left for the sky, then drowned the whole island in a flood, killing everything except for two men and two women. Then he recreated all of the animals and plants, leaving the humans to fend for themselves. The flooding had destroyed all fire on earth, leaving the people without any. Here I think I should note that the Adamanese didn't seem to have any knowledge of how to make fire, but ins...

    2. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      but instead preserved what fire they had by keeping it constantly burning. But Pulunga, who lived on a tall mountain, still had a magnificent fire of his own. One of the ghosts of the dead rose, promising the humans that it would help them regain fire. Transforming itself into a kingfisher, it rose to the top of the mountain carrying a log. Setting the log alight in the fire, it flew above Pulunga and dropped the burning log onto him, burning him severly and causing him to fling the log down...

    3. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      log down from the mountain to the people below.

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