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  1. Mythological Being of the Day: Sharur

    1. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      Sharur is a powerful intelligent mace used by the Sumerian war god Ninurta, though it may be in fact using him instead. Sharur has the power to communicate and move on its own through the air, along with communicating with its wielder even over a distance. Sharur helps Ninurta by providing him both information and support in combat, allowing him to defeat the nearly indestructible demon rock Asag, who was leading a rebellion of plants and stones. using Ninurta's own pride as a tool, Sharu...

    2. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      Sharur convinced him to fight the monstrous dragon Kur, and in doing so caused the primeval waters that the ancient Kur held back to polute and flood the land. Ninurta managed to fix the flooding, but it seems Sharur did not help him. Sharur could also shapeshift into a winged lion.

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