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    WHOA! YAY! I FOUND OUT HOW TO DO THIS PART! Um, well...........<br /><br /><br />Books:<br /><br />Spiderwhick Chronicles<br />Bionicle<br />Bible<br />Sticks *awesome novel by Joann Bauer! A MUST READ FOR POOL/BILLIARDS LOVERS!*<br />Tangerine *another awesome novel, but by Edward Bloor. A MUST READ FOR SOCCER/FOOT BALL/SPORTS BLOOPERS LOVERS! Though, there are some intense language.....*<br />Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry *getting in the middle of the book, but it is INTENSE so far!*<br />Matilda *I read it for a grade last year, and I didn't regret reading this book!*<br />The Watsons go to Birmingham: 1963 *humor, action, (though some INTENSE language), this book is yet another must-read*<br /><br />Everything comes from something. (Bit.Trip Beat) I came from the sheer light, and I search for ways to cheer people up. I am helpful in many ways, and am highly educated. I am a bright child. :)<br /><br />If you saw the ROTHMC *Roll OF Thunder, Hear My Cry* movie, you'd know that Cassie had a "heart burn!" XD XD XD

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  1. and how would I access your site?

  2. Aw, that's just sad. D: First comment.

    Plus, I heard you have to use a computer at school. Does it happen to be an Alphasmart? Because my teachers had me using one since 5th grade.

  3. ._.

    I hope you didn't die or anything. D:

  4. Well, if you think about it, all he wants is attention. So it's best not to give him any of it.

  5. Why don't you come back? D:

  6. Gata's right, just don't pay any attention to this guy whatsoever! He just wants attention, and since he's doing it like this, we'd better not give him what he wants.

  7. *facepalm*

    I think it'd be of your best interest to take a look at the rules, and actually FOLLOW them. Unless if you've come here to spam and try to ruin a perfectly good website. You choose.

  8. NUMBER 9.

    NUMBER 9.

    NUMBER 9.

    NUMBER 9.

    NUMBER 9. :P Just the only "lyrics" to the "song" Revolution 9 by the Beatles.


  9. Well, it's still better than all of this. lol Plus, like I said. It summarizes the craziness on BZP right now.

  10. I did a while ago. It scared me.

  11. Meh.

    Well, search Revolution 9 by the Beatles. It's way better and more EPIC.

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