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  1. Binding of Isaac.I just beat Meat 4 Eva! challenge.
  2. Watching it now on NASA Edge. It was night in the UK and now its 3:42AM and I've been watching since the beginning! 3 more hours left...
  3. Ca we strike some sort of deal for a Black Visorak and a Gold Vahi? Also, do you ship worldwide?
  4. I hardly ever use Beastmode, I mainly rely on my max Sneak and Dark Brotherhood gloves for the sweet insta-kill
  5. My favourite music comes usually from:SonicMachinariumMass EffectPortalTrineHaloWorld of GooMega Man
  6. Oh, yeah. Lemme edit that >.<1/5
  7. The word giraffe originated from the Arabic word "ziraffeh" for the same animal.The word twin also originated from the Arabic word "tow-'en"
  8. 1/5Sorry >.< Haven't been on in ages.
  9. Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce
  10. Me: How old are you?Cleverbot: I am coming to get you.What the....heck?!Cleverbot is an AI that learns from conversations it has. It basically stores like a giant database of all these sentences and uses them when it feels it's appropriate. I think it does this by looking at what words are used in the sentence and then correlating them with an answer. Which is why you get random sentences like above.
  11. Diabetes, if you didn't know, is a disease of sorts that in some way, shape or form prevents insulin from the pancreas working on your blood sugar levels. There are two types, Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is mostly found in children, while Type 2 is mostly found in adults. The medication for each type varies, with Type 2 being treated with pills and Type 1 being treated with injections, generally.I've had diabetes since I was 1 year old, and have since had a few hits with low blood sugar. Nothing fatal though.Any other fellow diabetics out there? If so, what's your story?
  12. You should thank us Canadians for inventing insulin. :P

  13. Heard you're making a game.


    Read my epic please. Its called Forerunner.

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