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    I play Piano, I stopped learning at Grade 2, so I could continue with Guitar. I love my Acoustic and Electric Guitar, my favourite genre of music is rock and metal, so I use my Electric more, but I still play the acoustic.<br />I am probably a lead guitarist, not a rythym guitarist, but time will tell if I even get in a band or not...<br /><br />Music I like includes Metal, Rock, more Rock, and Metal.<br />Iron Maiden,<br />Metallica,<br />Guns N Roses,<br />Slayer,<br />Slipknot,<br />Foo Fighters,<br />Hurt,<br />Motorhead,<br />Led Zeppelin,<br />Nailbomb,<br />Mudhoney,<br />Sepultura,<br />And most of all:<br />Nirvana.<br /> <br />Among my favourite films are Batman. The films are really cool. The new ones. I saw Batman Begins, and I was truly blown away. It remains, along with The Dark Knight, my favourite overall films in my life.<br /><br />---\/---<br />---[]---<br />---[]--- SUPPORT METAL!<br />-/\[]/\-<br />-\.[]./-<br />-/....\--<br />-\-_-/- -

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  1. 2 (cont'd.) so I kind of don't want to have kids just to ###### her off..

    3. I'm gay...and...really...I don't want to do it the artificial way, OR the traditional way...

    and ...

    4. I don't think I'd want to be responsible for bringing more humans into the world...

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