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  1. I just read the ultimates 6- there is good stuff toCome
  2. That's the mainstream 616 with the AvX. In the ultimate line though any human is granted permission to kill mutants on sight since ultimatum
  3. I've stopped reading the normal captain America comics after the whole captain america reborn storyline though I heard about the winter soldier series- I might look into it.Though is anyone one excited about the avengers vs xmen crossover this year? I was reading the prelude to it called x-sanction. So far I find it disappointing. Though that might be cause I disliked Jeff lobe since the ultimates volume 3.
  4. Well its different from the main 616 universe- when it first started back in 2000 it was kinda a reintroduction into the normal characters but with a twist. A good example is the ultimates- they were the new version of the avengers but instead of being a group of heroes gathered to stop street crimes/super villains they operate on a global threats handling mutants terrorists or helping with wars.There are also many changes with characters- instead of dr. Doom being the universes most feared enemy- it's been given to magneto and recently reed Richards. Also since Peter Parker died a new spider man was introduced. Also on good thing about ultimate marvel is that when a character dies- there ain't no coming back- with two exceptions (one which died again 10 issues later lol)It's pretty interesting and I recommend it over the 616 any day
  5. I really like the ultimate universe so far- they have taken what's happened in the 616 and spun it all around. I really loved the republic is burning storyline though I'm really curious to see what happens next
  6. i really miss walugi in the new kart game– though it's a fun game for sure- im new to n3ds- 4296-3529-7420
  7. Perhaps you could try leaving a comment on the profile page(s) of the member(s) that you can't reach via PM. -Toa Of Justice But gregf doesn't read the comments on his page The problem started about a year ago, and thats when I couldn't receive pms
  8. I have this problem and don't know how to fix it... can someone help me?
  9. I strongly disagree... it was right up there with iron man.... another movie I am going too- I even get to go to the midnight release- something I did not do since Star Wars: ROTS
  10. more like Teenage waste land

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  12. happy belated birthday

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    I too went skiing lately... although it is a 5 hour drive to banff it has to be the second best mountain in the area... the best is big white- though its another 5 hours farther.
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