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  1. I miss this crazy bloke.

    1. Makaru


      I can only imagine the POWER he wields to this day, as foretold by his prophecies.

  2. JinzoHuman73's MoC was made into a real set!

  3. Seems I've woken up too early. Summary: Those very few of you who I've privately told of things (in-depth) going on in this world and where I fit into it? True. Things are happening soon. Actually, they're happening right now already. My head explodes with things I'm thankful to know yet stabbed with not being able to discuss, be it about me or the darker things going on elsewhere. The world's getting ready to change again, brace for impact lol. Anyway, I probably won't be the same person (or have the same name in real life) when I get online again for good, so here's a pretty much finished (piloted!) moc I (apparently?) never had the opportunity to post. Schattengeist and Jinzo: (chest even unlocks to let head swing back to accommodate me) Don't fret the stuff I said. The reasons are good... mostly. Take care, kids. Hoo boy.


    Sounds infectiony. Bad tooth perhaps? I had that happen in 2002 when I cracked a tooth... just got up from a nap, felt hot, sweaty and "odd"... then was like, "WOAH MOMMA WHERE'S THE PORCELAIN?!?"
  5. Heh, I'm happy when I hear a person is creeped out by a story from me but there's no lies being told in regards to paranormal stuff. Like the other day where we have our recently deceased dog's ashes and the memorabilia we had of him jumped FORWARDS and... yeah, crazy stuff but no "story" telling. "Plasma ball"? Again, I never really read up on stuff like that. All I know of ball lightning is what I saw when I was a teenager. It was a pretty calm sky at twilight looking out over a cornfield... but there in the sky was a single cloud with a freaking light show like you never saw going on inside it. For a brief moment it came out the bottom and went back in, continuing it's colorful explosions for many, many minutes. I THINK that chaotic thing was what is called ball lightning. The thing that came out the bottom was circular anyway. The light on the road though... man, I just don't know. Lol... made me chuckle there. ::pictures teensy aliens like from BZP Lovers::
  6. http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=309919


    Just pop it in for 3 minutes... no special settings or anything. But you know, even then you still have to listen for the end of the popping based on the brand you're cookin'.
  8. TBB is a little too dramaey for me. Like someone on another Lego site said, System builders intruding into Bionicle parts are not as versatile as Bionicle builders intruding into System. I'd say one exception is this moc... but yeah, a bit too limey.
  9. Bionicle 2010 weaponry, please take this image down and submit it to the news crew. Same goes for any Flosarax projectile pics that may have accompanied this one.
  10. The one and only time I went to a paintball forest... that was me. Everyone there was a bunch of reject weirdos that thought they were military geniuses. However, the other team (also reject weirdos) had these 3 Japanese dudes in draped camo who didn't speak English and carried fully automatics. The whistle would blow and those 3 just went BAM straight to the ground to go and steal our flag on their bellies time and again. Noone really noticed them until after many games. In the last game, I let all the yahoos go howling off into the woods and I just jumped behind a tree into like 3 feet of mosquito-infested water. Inevitably, they showed up and I held them from our flag without getting hit. I snagged one and held the other two down until the game was over... even though I'd run out of ammo and was just tossing pebbles when I fired to make them not realize it. : p
  11. Nanites and gene manipulation. THIS is our future. Nanites especially. They're going to be EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING. Trust me.
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