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    *Bionicle<br />*Star Wars<br />*Spiderman and Venom<br />*Lord of the Rings<br />*Narnia<br />*Ned's Declassified<br />*Drake & Josh<br />*Video games: Battlefront I & II, Lego Star Wars I & II<br /><br />I'm also a 2nd degree TaeKwonDo Blackbelt (seriously!) so don't make me mad!

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  1. A question: how are you going to make the 3D models for your movies?

  2. I guess you aren't truly 14 :D

  3. 7 Years...


  4. Wow, you've been here for a while and you joined when you were 6 or something?

  5. I`ll give Vezon a 9/10 rating because he really was the kind of character that stood out from what has been done before him, what I really liked was his cape, you don`t see that every day in bionicle. I didn`t like the Vahki though, they reminded me of the clones from star wars to much, plus they weren`t as fun as I thought they would be. jakejar.
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