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    -Science: I like science, mostly Chemistry, Geography and Astro-Physics.
    Rock Raiders: Quite possibly my favourite LEGO theme.
    BIONICLE: What really got me interested in this was the intricate plot and story.
    LEGO City: I've been a fan of this since as a severn-year-old, I put together enough money to buy the Police Station. My collection has grown enormously since them.
    LEGO Space: Back in 2007, I decided to buy a Mars Mission set, the Astro Fighter. I liked it, and even when Mars Mission was discontinued I still got it in the form of Space Police III. Unfortunately, Alien Conquest hasn't quite captured my imagination as much as M.M. or S.P.III.
    Video games:
    LEGO Island (1997)
    LEGO Loco (1998)
    LEGO Creator (1998)
    LEGO Rock Raiders (1999)
    LEGOLand (1999)
    More to come...
    -Films: I like good films, mostly comedy and drama. Nothing can beat a good drama.

    Dads Army (1971) - Puts together both Series 1 and 3, providing excellent entertainment.

    The Pink Panther (1964) - Crime comedy staring Peter Sellers.

    The Return of the Pink Panther (1975) - Sequal to the first film, again staring Peter Sellers.

    The Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978) - Another follow on, where Inspector Clouseau is believed to be dead, but he isn't. Once again, it stars Peter Sellers.

    2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - Science fiction, staring Keir Dullea as Dave Bowman.

    2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984) - Sequal to 2001, staring Roy Scheider as Heywood Floyd.

    -TV Series:

    Fawlty Towers - British SitCom staring John Cleese, this is definitely one of the best comedies in the world.

    Dads Army - British SitCom about the Home Guard in WWII.

    Porridge - British SitCom staring Ronnie Barker, about life in a prison.

    Yes Minister - British SitCom staring Paul Eddington as the newly appointed Minister for Administrative Affairs, the Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP.

    Yes, Prime Minister - A follow on to Yes Minister, about when Jim Hacker becomes the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom...

    -Radio Series:

    I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue - a long running parody of panel games, where the chairman (At the moment, Jack Dee, formerly, Humphrey Lyttleton) gives two teams of comedians (Usually Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden in one, and Tim Brooke-Taylor and a guest in another) 'silly things to do'.

    Another Case of Milton Jones - Sureal comedy in which Milton Jones stars as a expert with no ability whatsoever.


    Arther C. Clarke - I recently started to read some of his short stories, they're very good. This is my favorite Sci-fi series. I have also read 2001: A Space Odyssey, and have seen the 2001 and 2010 films.

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  1. IC: The Fire Hammer was soon rescued from it's precarious position, and David entered the battle once again. It appeared that the first group of Dino Attack agents had entered the temple. David wished he could be with them, but he was sure he would get his chance. For now though, he could make himself useful in fighting the remaining Mutant Dinosaurs outside the temple.
  2. OOC: Just to let people know, I'll be away until Friday. Feel free to move my characters on as the plot develops.
  3. IC:The Fire Hammer was a mere 50 yards away from where Cranky was trying to punch Dr. Cyborg. David had quickly formulated a plan. He had two regular missiles in his Fire Hammer, and one of them had been loaded into the launcher. The plan was to aim it directly below Cranky. This would provide distraction, and then Dr. Cyborg would have time to fight back."Fire!" shouted David.
  4. Member Name: imperial officerAnswer/Entry Category: 3Entry Question: Black Six recently said it would be a bad idea for him to pour Cola over the main BZP server computer. I am shocked and can only assume he was joking. Was he?
  5. IC:The launcher on the back of the Fire Hammer was designed to fight off mutated dinosaurs, not Stromlings. Eventually, Dr Smith gave up hope of using it, and instead grabbed a rifle. David had already taken one. But he had a thought. If Maelstrom could infect the imagination of a being, could imagination "infect", or rather purify the maelstrom inside a being..? His query was swiftly answered when he saw Dr. Cyborg's style of fighting. It seems I am not the first to think of that idea.But suddenly, a Stromling Ape descended on Dr. Cyborg. David was not too far off to try and help the doctor. He climbed into the driver's seat and started up the engine."I think we found someone who needs help," remarked David as the vehicle accelerated.
  6. IC:The gunners were managing to hold off the mutant lizards surprisingly well. Now,thought David, is the chance."Quick!" shouted David to B's group. "Climb aboard my Fire Hammer and we can be away from here!"
  7. IC:As Semick finished his speech, David ran towards his Fire Hammer, where he found Joseph Smith waiting for him."I figured I might as well come on for the ride," remarked Joseph as David quickly turned the ignition key, put the gear box into 1st, and slammed his foot on the pedal. At high speed, the vehicle shot out of the outpost and into the artificial rampage of vehicles headed for the Maelstrom Temple. Fifty miles per hour. But then, a crackle came through on his radio."Mayday! Help! Anybody!"David looked, and saw crashed Fire Hammer. He recognized B and two other agents, fighting off some lizards."Right Joseph, you fire at those lizards, and I'll try and rescue the agents!" said David as he put his foot on the brake...
  8. IC:Although the mission briefing was imminent, David decided to do some last minute preparation. He set aside some of his equipment he could use for gathering a small Maelstrom energy sample. Even though the Maelstrom was a powerful, destructive force, while it lasted it could be facinating to research, and David did not want to miss his chance. His equipment ready, he carefully packed it into a case, which he carried to his Fire Hammer and placed it next to his seat.The outside of the outpost was packed with agents. David positioned himself at the back of the crowd, and waited...
  9. IC: As it turned out, David had no reason to be afraid. He had found his way into a clearing, got a GPS signal, and promptly found his way back. But now it was the following afternoon. David was eating a late lunch when he looked up and saw the familiar face of Dr. Smith."Joseph!" exclaimed David. "I haven't seen you for a bit. Nice to see you again.""You too," replied Joseph. "I've been here at Outpost 4 since the whole Rotor court marshal business. I've been keeping myself busy though, researching samples of maelstrom energy, would you have it.""Maelstrom energy?" asked David. "Sounds interesting, but I hope you've been keeping yourself safe. From what I've heard, it's very dangerous.""Well, it's mainly because I've been in Section 18G. We deal with research that requires more... care."David nodded in understanding. "Well, keep me posted."
  10. IC:-Five miles north-west of Outpost 4, 18 hours ago-But now, David began to get the horrible feeling he was lost. He had been on a quick scouting mission to the north-west of Outpost 4, when suddenly, he heard an explosion about 20 feet away from him, and with a sinking feeling had realised that James Carlson, the agent he had been paired up with, was gone. Turning around, he saw a fragment of twisted metal. A landmind. But why would there be a landmind here... There was no time to think about that, for the sun had set, the moon was visable, and David was around five miles away from the outpost with no map, for that too had been destroyed in the explosion.David pulled his PDA out of his pocket. Seven past nine was the time, but David was more interested in where he was. But the trees were too thick for a GPS signal. So, instead, he took out his compass and began to walk in a south east direction.
  11. OOC: It is good to be back! :DI am now 13, and I was as young as 10 when I first posted David's profile, so I'll take this opportunity to update it:Name: DavidAge: 37Skills: Technology, ScienceVehicle: Fire HammerPersonality: Reasonably friendly once he gets to know you.Background: David was born in 1973. In secondary school, he began to develop an interest for technology and science, going on to study them both at Cambridge University in 1992, and getting a PhD in science in 2000. He spent a couple of years after this working in a research facility, before being recruited by the Technological Department of Alpha Team. Eventually working his way up to field operations, David was transferred to the newly formed Dino Attack Team shortly after the beginning of the attack.IC coming later.
  12. Being both massive fans of LEGO and Minecraft, I have to say, it looks awesome. This is the only licensed set I've seen that I've liked the look of, for a long time. Unfortunate about the price though.
  13. Sorry for the absence around one month. Will be on more, hopefully.

  14. IC: The caravan soon pulled into Po-Koro. Vade had been there a few years ago on a similar trip, so the sights of the Kohlii stadium, and the bazaar were not a surprise.The matoran in charge of the trip pulled Vade over."While we're setting up a stall, if you can watch over the caravan, that would be helpful.""I think I can do that," replied Vade.
  15. Among the old LGD RPG community, as I have said, a judge system had almost universal support. It had been looked at, in very large detail by the community, and that is what they wanted.However, I would agree that rpgs that were running and active when the forums went down should have the right to come back when the creators want it to happen.
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