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    lel i hadn't touched this field since i was about 13
  1. Happy Birthday! =P

  2. EjE


    hurray for the internet channel! *is blogging from a wii*
  3. You're 2008 years old?

    Awesome! :D

  4. EjE

    Three Long Months

    Whoa, has it seriously been three months since I last posted an entry? Huh, I wonder why.... *thinks back* I can't seem to spot the reason.... --EjE P.S. Current progress: 104/120 (really 104/241)
  5. EjE

    Index 2

    What is "Agori"? --EjE
  6. EjE

    Eje's Comics

    My comics are up! Click here to view them.
  7. EjE

    Moc Section Up

    I put up the MOC section up on my web site. Two MOCs are up so far, so check back later for more.
  8. EjE

    On Red Axles And Blue Pins

    Hmm... you have a point. *gets out Tacky and notices dozens of red and blue spots* . I agree, though, black for friction and grey for non-friction was better. So it would be better, then, if blue friction long pins/short pins/pin-axles changed to black, tan non-friction long pins/short pins/pin-axles were light grey and 2 axles were black (aka what it was originally ). Plus, just the other day I got a Technic set. As you know, Technic sets are for older and more skilled Lego builders. And guess what? It had colored pins and axles too! Bionicle, which is targeted towards 8-year-old boys, I can understand. But Technic? ...No.
  9. I see no reason to hate blue pins and red axles. I find their bright colors to be very useful when trying to find them in large piles of pieces. For example, normally it is hard to tell the difference between a short pin ( 0|0 ), a 2 axle ( +|+ ) and a pin/axle ( +|0 ) just at a glance, and I often will pick up, say, an axle when looking for a pin, or vice-versa. But now, with the blue pin/axles and red 2 axles, it is much easier. Also, the "high-friction" pin/axles and long pins are blue (black for short pins), as opposed to the tan (grey) "low-friction" ones. And if you, the reader, find it unnecessary, keep in mind that Bionicle sets are aimed for young children, who may find it very helpful.
  10. EjE


    I am stuck on BIONICLE: The Game, and I was wondering if I could get some help... (my blog seemed like the best place to put this...). Click the thumbnail below to see the full image. Does anyone know how to get past?
  11. EjE

    Turaga Rank Acquired

    After months of semi-inactivity, I finally Removed, please do not state when ranks are aquired, that is something that is supposed yo be surprise. -Kohaku become Turaga. So I made an avatar: If anyone wants to use it, just give credit to me: http://ejezone.com/cache/bzp/avturaga.png Oh, by the way, I put my website up last week. Feel free to check it out. --EjE
  12. EjE


    Yay! I'm a premier! (I guess you evil plan worked after all, mods...) Now I can post here whenever I want to, not just for one short week!
  13. EjE

    Onua And Bitil

    I got Onua and Bitil today! I'll add some pics in the morning. Oh, and Bitil is Jala yellow, not Keetongu yellow .
  14. EjE


    Yesterday, two friends of mine and I were playing a game in which we rolled the die to see who goes first. My friend rolled. He got a 6. My other friend rolled. He got a 6. I rolled. I got a 6. ... ... ...
  15. EjE

    Now Recruiting!

    Sure. Never heard of it, but... oh well. 8) *changes av & sig*
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