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  1. Your article says "unofficial", but I don't know. With Faber's connections it could lead to another round with LEGO given time. In the interim, if something does come of this, I wonder if we could get buildable characters we can add to our own collections. Re. story, I remain loyal to G1 and a potential continuation/soft reboot. But I also see enormous potential inside the MU; we do have 101,001 years of MU existence to work with. Those guys know how to design a versatile lore one can do a lot with, so there is no reason whatsoever not to use it.
  2. Then why does it say on BS01 that some left the island to go on their own adventures? The reinforcement Toa from the Toa/Dark Hunter War I understand, but the article specified the Toa Mangai, which I assume meant the ones who fought the Kanohi Dragon.
  3. I have two questions re. the Toa Mangai. The first is more a story idea because I'm a control freak and want a say in the canon I could see the naming of Naho Bay after one of the team's Toa of Water being a pattern. I think more locations on Mata Nui could also be named after other Toa Mangai in their honour. My ideas are below: Hura-Mafa River, which flowed from Mount Ihu to Naho Bay, could be named after 2 of the 4 Toa Mangai of Ice, Hura and Mafa (not sure which, nor can I figure out the names of the others)Lake Kanae, a lake located in the jungles of Le-Wahi and Kanae Bay where Lewa washed ashore, could both be named after the Toa Mangai of the Green, KanaeThe Motara Desert, in Po-Wahi, could be named after the Toa Mangai of Stone, MotaraPapa Nihu Reef, off the coast of Onu-Wahi, could be named after the Toa Mangai of Earth, NihuI could also see a few landmarks named after significant Matoran who didn't make it to Mata Nui, just like how Mount Ihu was named after Ihu the Ko-Matoran seer. For example: Leva Bay being named after a Po-Matoran called LevaTiro Canyon being named after a Po-Matoran called TiroThe Kumu Islets being named after a Ga-Matoran called KumuIs it still possible to submit stuff like this? At the very least I think it'll be good for discussion. My second question involves a contradiction I found on BS01. According to the Bionicle Encyclopediae, after the Toa/Dark Hunter War, "Several of the Toa Mangai left the city for other islands, in order to have new adventures of their own." The remaining Toa Mangai except Lhikan were then killed by Eliminator. But according to BS01's table detailing each Toa Mangai, ALL of the Toa we don't know, plus Naho, are deceased and couldn't be revived in the Red Star, implying they all remained on Metru Nui and were killed by Eliminator. If some left the island before that culling, how did they die in such a similar manner? How do we know they're not still out there?
  4. As you know, Skrall have black armour. But they also have a second colour, such as red, maroon or lime green. What I want to know is, what, if anything, do those secondary colours mean? Are they like clan colours or something?
  5. Ideally an extension of some sort to Gen 1, be it a continuation, a soft reboot, or an episodic gap-filling exercise of things that happened during the events of Gen 1.
  6. "Keep in mind that if Star Trek fans had, as a group, said, 'No point in talking about this anymore, it's never going to come back,' it never WOULD have come back." -- Greg Farshtey
  7. But even Toa had primary Kanohi. That's the question: Makuta did not have primary weapons; did they not have primary Kanohi either?
  8. Feb 21 marked 10 years since I joined BZPower! And it completely slipped my mind to pay a visit! I'm so sorry! :'(
  9. No, I'm not talking about the spinnies. We know some Makuta possessed armouries with various weapons and such, and that they rotated them on a regular basis. Did they do the same with Kanohi? I wouldn't be too surprised considering Icarax and Tridax both used different Kanohi to what was considered to be their 'primary' Kanohi. But were their Kanohi really primary Kanohi, or did they have multiple Kanohi which they rotated regularly like their weapons?
  10. It's not exactly the Matoran Universe, but how about the anniversary to the Battle Of Bara Magna that united the MU residents with the SM residents?
  11. I actually found this on BS01 the other day under Light (Generation 1): "The balance of Light and Shadow also has an effect on a being's other Elemental Powers. Any being unbalanced in either direction will gain the ability to use the corresponding element of Light or Shadow. In addition, any being who previously wielded an Elemental Power will now wield the new element instead." By this logic, beings CAN become beings of Light if they have little to no shadow in them. In theory, this should mean that Skakdi of Light can exist if instilled with enough light/removed of enough shadow, which is above all else what I wanted to know. It also means Toa of Light can be created from Matoran/Toa of elements other than Light as well if adequate technology existed. But now I'm curious about something else: Umbra has no shadow, so if his light was drained he would die. Does that mean that an MU being would die if all their light followed by all their shadow (or vice versa) was drained?
  12. The Makuta of the prime universe trained themselves to push away their inner light and become shadow beings. Roodaka did similar, granting herself the ability to fire shadow blasts from her hands. Also, the Makuta of the Melding Alternate Universe trained themselves to purge themselves of shadow and become beings of light. My questions are: Can other beings (e.g. Toa, Matoran or Skakdi) train themselves in the same way? Shadow Leeches and the Avsa drain light and make their victims beings of Shadow. Is there a method that can do the opposite, draining a being's shadow and making them beings of Light?
  13. I always loved them, but maybe that was because I never saw them in Australia (I was told by LEGO Australia in a letter that they were K>Mart exclusives, but they sol out long before I found any), and that made them all the more precious, just like all the other sets I didn't get before turning 18.
  14. Admins, please close/move if inappropriate. I just found two volumes of Journey To One on DVD for sale in a Big W store at Southland Shopping Centre in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. However, I looked at the back of the covers, and grew extremely skeptical: both DVD cases' back covers were covered in artwork and scenes from The Legend Reborn! Because of yet another long absence from BZPower, I'm not sure if the DVDs' release and misprints have been reported before, but I'm posting it here instead of via the news e-mail because I'd like to hear the community's thoughts, an if they've encountered these misprints too. Sadly I didn't have a camera on me so I didn't get photo proof.
  15. Makuta_of_Oz

    Kolhii IRL

    Has anyone tried to make a Kolhii league irl? I may not be fit but I'd love to be part of such a sport. I'd do it myself but I'm Australian and there aren't enough Bionicle fans down here.
  16. I actually proposed a similar question in the Ask Greg topic over on TTV. He said that since Velika was a Great Being and not an AI, he wouldn't be capable of transforming, as the AI has to change as well in order for masks and powers to start functioning. Here's a link if you want to go check it out for yourself. I just read about the contradiction on BS01, but it still doesn't make sense. A new alternate universe is created every time someone makes a decision, but the decision was Matoro's decision to hesitate, AFTER he met and was influenced by Velika. If the decision was of the GB to take a different body, then Velika would have a different personality, and as a result may not have wound up on Voya Nui. That, or even something unrelated, could've changed the course of history.
  17. TTV was where I caught the first whiff, when it was mentioned in their FB post about their podcast. Then I looked to BZPower's forum and it told me the rest.
  18. Lesovikk. I never saw it in stores in Australia, and out of desperation I bought one on eBay that arrived in cheap packaging and as a result had cracked joints. And I still haven't replaced said joints yet.
  19. A Gen 1 soft reboot/continuation set on Spherus Magna. I can see Velika as the main villain, possibly as a Toa of Stone (we know he has a Matoran body capable of becoming a Toa based on the events of The Kingdom), with various lesser villains from the past (e.g. The Shadowed One, the gold-skinned being, the Element Lord of Earth) appearing each year. We can make it episodic like Hero Factory with a steady continuous story focusing on Velika, and we'd have an enormous planet we know next to nothing about to play around with. Actually I've been thinking about this for a while, and plan to post my ideas in my blog later.
  20. As much as I'd love another Bionicle return, (especially a Gen 1 soft reboot/continuation) I think it's a bit early to be talking its return so soon after it finished again. Australia notwithstanding (as usual), it hasn't even been a year since Bionicle's last wave was released. It'll still need time to cool off a bit before LEGO tries again. Also, this post does appear to just be speculation. I don't see concrete proof.
  21. First of all, I apologise for my long absence. I have found my irl calling and spent a lot of time pursuing it. Furthermore, I have been focusing more on Pokémon VGC. Second, I've started hearing a lot about Bionicle G3 today. Is that really a thing, even if just a rumour? If so, please do tell! In other news I do have a rough idea for a Gen 1 soft reboot set on Spherus Magna, which I could post somewhere at a later date.
  22. I've heard people try and compare Bionicle with Transformers. Thinking about that, I just realised that Bionicle's baterra are literally "Transformers, robots in disguise"! IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO FIGURE THAT OUT!!!
  23. This announcement actually triggered me in a much more positively productive way than the first announcement. Last time, due to being emotionally unstable well before the Announcement, I pretty much declared war on LEGO with the vow that Bionicle would come back, a war I ended up losing because of the hard reboot. This time, however, I've gotten my creative juices going and started writing a little series of how I would like Bionicle to come back if it was a soft reboot (which IMO would've been the best move out of a direct continuation, a soft reboot and a hard reboot). It focuses on Velika as the new main villain, and Takanuva (but not Gali, Kopaka etc.) as the main heroes, along with a new team of 6 Toa. I might post it on BZP one day if I feel content (and well-defended knowing certain BZPers) enough.
  24. Didn't someone famous once say it was tradition for BZPower to criticise absolutely everything?
  25. By making it a soft reboot of the original 2001 story and not another hard reboot? Should be easy to start over on Spherus Magna.
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