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  1. Above issue has been resolved. :)

  2. Yeah, we all know your vids are funny!

    Good luck with the next one!..if you make it.:P

  3. ...the answer for what? answering your second question, I thought you said you DIDN'T want the painted ones. does this make sense?

  4. I'm doing pretty well, myself. How about you?

  5. Thanks. 'Ello' to you too!

  6. Hey, Dr. doom, blown up any Fantastic Fours lately? *chuckle*

  7. Hey, I can't get to your site anymore, lehvorak. Any ideas why it could be happening?

  8. Yeah, i've been really busy.

  9. I'll get right on it.

  10. This place is awfully quiet all of a sudden...:(

  11. Uh...Um...Am I allowed to do that?

  12. I vote for Resev hands down! Hope you win the contest!

  13. I don't care if your my bro, Tor, the publicity for the voting isn't "Pointless", it's helpful and you don't have to delete someone's own coment just because you thought it was "Pointless"! I hope you take that into consideration and I'm voting for Resev.

  14. Gotsha Lehvorak and hello, plue nuva! I'll get right on it!

  15. Uh, "Professor"? He's not even in college yet and he's supposed to have a Master's Degree? Heh, big ambitions I see...

  16. Yes!...or rather, I was, but school is over now. :)

  17. Hey, Kex, about your Deathblow topic, he looks awesome!

  18. Ah, yes. I didn't understand the last comment so I made one. Then I accidentally made it again because it didn't appear automatically, so I did it again. Helpful?

  19. Please tell me that's NOT gibberish I'm hearing. o.0

  20. I know whatcha mean, Dlakii. The film was bad, the book should be out, and where's the second film? It should be out too.

  21. Oh-oh! I forgot! Hey "Dude", just to let you know, I have a sweet new topic! Even torhuki posted on it! (I think) Cya 'round!

  22. Uh, heh heh! Funny you should mention that. Because I'm thinking(Not going to) about changing it to ~Weevil~

  23. Really now, maybe I can fix that. *Electrocutes Dudenuva and laughs evilly.* Mwuhahahaha!

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