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    I'm hiding in a hollow tree
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    Last updated: September 18, 2008<br /><br />BZP:<br />One of the funny things about when I first joined BZP, is even though it says I joined in Jan. '08, I was actually a member here back in 2006. I just lost my old account and had to start new : / (thanx Sis >_>)<br /><br />Random PMing (good way to make new friends :P)<br />Spam fights<br />MOCing (I'm not that good IMO)<br />Bionicle art (There's so many cool artists here)<br />RPG<br />Trying to beat Setsuna in Profile Views<br />Attempting to catch up to Turakii in interest length<br />My 2 fave Bionicle characters are Kopaka & Tahu (I can't pick between them) <br />-<br />Life:<br />God 1st, life 2nd & dreams 3rd<br />-<br />Random song quote:<br />"Hey, all I want is what's real<br />Something I touch & can feel<br />I'll hold it close & never let it go<br />Said why...Why do we live this life<br />With all this hate inside<br />I'll give it away, 'cause I don't want it no more<br />Please, help me find a place<br />Somewhere far away I'll go & you'll never see me again"<br />-<br />Music!<br />(in no particular order)<br />Linkin Park (One of the best!)<br />Seether<br />Disturbed<br />System of a Down<br />Chevelle<br />Staind<br />P.O.D.<br />Lacuna Coil<br />Evanescence<br />Evans Blue<br />Flyleaf<br />Audio Adrenaline<br />Project 86<br />FF5<br />Toby Mac<br />Relient K<br />Godsmack<br />Papa Roach<br />Rammstein<br />Hoobastank<br />Creed/Scott Stapp<br />Saliva<br />Drowning Pool<br />Slipknot<br />3 Doors Down<br />Powerman5000<br />Hans Zimmer<br />John Williams<br />Incubus<br />Rise Against<br />All American Rejects<br />Eiffel 65<br />Weird Al<br />Metallica<br />Trapt<br />RED<br />Puddle of Mudd<br />Weezer<br />Sum41<br />Serj Tankian<br />Nirvana<br />Thousand Foot Krutch<br />Green Day<br />Daughtry<br />Demon Hunter<br />Switch Foot<br />Jeremy Camp<br />Decyfer Down<br />Skillet<br />Lifehouse<br />Kutless<br />Killswitch Engage<br />Korn<br />Mudvayne<br />Stone Sour<br />KJ-52<br />Seventh Day Slumber<br />Pillar<br />Plumb<br />Disciple<br />Three Days Grace<br />Sevendust<br />(more to come)<br />-<br />Movies/shows:<br />LOTR<br />POTC1-3<br />Kingdom of Heaven<br />Gladiator<br />I Robot<br />Chronicles of Riddick<br />13th Warrior<br />Final Fantasy<br />Red vs. Blue<br />Star Wars 1-6<br />~<br />Invader Zim<br />Avatar the Last Airbender<br />Naruto<br />Red vs. Blue<br />(more to come)<br />-<br />Games & consoles that are my fave:<br />PS3-PS2-PSP <br />Halo (computer,online. My name's Spartan777 if anyone's interested)<br />Assassin's Creed (Fave! Altair rules)<br />Uncharted<br />Resistance:FoM<br />Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2<br />Red Faction<br />Resident Evil series<br />(more to come)<br />-<br />So far that's 2,328 characters, so I've still got some catching up to do :P

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  1. That's what I thought you meant but wasn't sure lol

    Yeah...it's really blue if you think about it.

    And yeah. Good ol' days. The single days.

    Guess we're just bound to being single idiacs. :P


  2. I never realized how blue BZP was and referring to being single and back here again :P

  3. Lol what?


  4. Feels weird being here in blue with you, again.

  5. Lol feels weird talking to you here again :P


  6. ikr? It got locked again shortly after yours because someone else said something and had to be changed. Feels weird being back here


  7. lol Ooooooh yeah.

    Wow...after all the times we made even more obvious references in your blog....I get a comment removed for that... :P


  8. Something about not commenting on another site :P

  9. I forgot what it was lol


  10. Sorry bro :P moderator made me delete your comment

  11. Resev

    Ok, I Lied

    Making Isaac's gun was harder than I thought (all the wiring) So I decided to postpone that and work on another project of mine. As you can see, it's coming along nicely, eh? For those of you who don't know where this is from, It's Kroenen's gas mask. ~R~
  12. BOXN

    I'll think I'll give her a talk, if you know what I mean *wink*

  13. Resev

    She stole my pancake mix!!

    And owes me $5 >_>

    We're not on good speaking terms.

  14. BOXN

    But Mary is such a sweet girl. What is with you?

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