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    LAST UPDATED: 03/27/11
    -Updated Phone-

    *starts discoing*

    I am a Christian, and I am proud to be one!
    I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died to save our sins and that there is only one true God.

    CURRENT COAT STATUS: Cold and without a coat.

    I have 8302 words in my interests list!
    And....aside from this, it's pretty much all actual interests! >8D

    "Maybe we'll BOTH end up learnin' what love really means. An' I can't think 'bout anyone else I'd rather try t'learn with, Rogue."
    "Good artists are the terrible artists who never gave up."
    -Hahli Husky
    "I'm taking some downtime for a couple weeks to rejoin the human race, get a hair cut, eat some pasties, and chill out with my incredibly understanding girlfriend."
    -Leigh Gallagher
    "Politically Correct."
    -Teeb Sapien
    "Variable annuities are like putting a coat on your mutual fund."
    -Dave Ramsey
    "XD Is ES All you think about? Or do you think of coats as well?"
    "An IRA is the coat that protects your investment with what ever you do with it."
    -Dave Ramsey
    "Then I'll stalk you until I find your address and sneak over there and poke you in person! >=D"
    "So here we are again, chére. Like I never left you. It's a pity you can't hear me, because I was looking to apologize. Yeah, I know. Not something I was ever good at. Even before I went and had that talk with Apocalypse. I went a long way away from you, Rogue. Without explaining. Without saying goodbye. And then I went a long way away from myself. Now I come back, and you're already gone. But you gonna survive this, je te jure. Even if you spit in my face. Even if you never let me explain. You don't end here. And you don't end like this."
    "But ah....ah've never had anyone touch my heart like you did....NEVER. Why can't ah have that? Why can't ah be happy? Who says you have to do whatever this is, instead of spending your life with ME?"
    "Hahahaha I'm a boy. >=D"
    "If I was a tree I'd rather die and be made into a wooden duck than anything else."

    I like hanging out with my friends!

    I got a digital camera for my 15th birthday, which I took a picture of the great marry go round at my park with, that I like to take picture of weird or nice things and maybe mess around with them with the special effects.

    I have the LG Optimus Android, $150 pay-as-you-go phone, from Virgin Mobile.
    It's an awesome phone, no contract and works great, it's even better than a lot of my friends' Verizon droids, and I've pretty much always had signal where any big company phone has signal with it.
    Though I hardly ever use phones as I'm not one who likes to talk much on phones lol ....I text though.

    I've slowly become a fan of GambitxRogue.
    I know Gambit is sort of known as a loser to lotsa people...and yes I used to feel the same way. :P
    But...none the less....have fallen for the for the classic Marvel pairing of the two X-men, Gambit and Rogue.
    I've recently downloaded complete comic collections of Marvel X-men comics and text formats of Gambit and Rogue comics...yes it has become....as some would say an...obsession. :P
    But yeah, in a subtle term...'tis also called fanboyism.... lol
    Some people think that Gambit and Rogue just don't work together...but... they're almost perfect for each other.

    Gambit... an ex-thief with a dark past, un-able to forgive himself and always running from his past and not getting involved with anyone before Rogue and the X-men.
    Gambit holds the power to give off energy and charge objects.

    Rogue.... the southern girl who, after kissing her childhood sweetheart and discovering her mutant ability is to drain people's energy for her own leaving them in a coma, has never allowed herself to get close to anyone, let alone any man, again.
    Her past is dark as is Gambit's. Rogue's mutant powers include the draining of people's energy and strength..and also flying.

    Opposites attract, which is another reason Gambit and Rogue go together. Examples:

    -Gambit's eyes are black with red pupils....which is opposite of Rogue's which are white with blue pupils.

    -Gambit gives off energy while Rogue consumes it.

    So yeah....before I make a whole novel of them (which I very well could if I wanted to :P) I'll stop here lol

    I'd like to dedicate this section to my good friends here on BZP, and don't worry if you're not here, this is a work in progress. ;D
    Here they are, in the order that they are in my friends list:


    I became friends once I saw that he was a loyal Pepsi fan.
    Arch-Angel is a good friend, nice to talk to, and obviously he voted for Pepsi in the Pepsi vs. Coke poll! >:D

    DX: Legend of Love:

    I met DX through Res's profile, 'cause they're pretty good friends. lol
    We started talking through comments about interesting things, and maybe there were a few normal things, but I don't recall any. =P
    DX is a fun guy to talk to, he can be funny, and kind of...interesting and also is sometimes gender confused lol


    EW may be a Coke fan, but he's still cool, he even was one of the ones to start an entry against Pepsi in the polls.... lol
    But, he's fun to talk to, he's got an interesting comment box to check out, and he's sometimes gender confused. :P


    Ga-Metruian is a friend I made a while back after commenting on her page, after that comment I hadn't been to her page in a long time, then finally one day I went back and ever since then we always have conversations through her comment box.
    She's fun to talk to, a nice person, and very talented.

    Lady Kopaka:

    Lady K is cool person, though I haven't had the pleasure of talking to her much, I consider her a friend.
    She's a talented artist, a good writer, and a good friend to all.

    Lewajohnson: Toa of Mangosteen:

    LJ has been a friend of mine for a while now, so long I forget how we met. XD
    He's always been fun to talk to, we both are characters in the popular comics ~V~ by -Qwerty-.
    He's a funny guy, he loves mangosteens, and he's a good friend.

    Turakii #1 Lavasurfer:

    Turakii, I'm sure you all know very well without me describing her as a friend. =P
    But she's got a really awesome comment box to talk in, you never know what's going to happen there, there could be the Master Chef singing one time then Turakii giving you a bunch of glomps and pokles the next. :P
    She's a fun and funny person to talk to, one year older than me T_T, and really determined to glomp you no matter what. O_O

    Plue Nuva:

    Plue is a very interesting...but good friend. lol
    I like to tease him and mess with him often, but he's actually a good friend of mine.
    Someone who used to be some what obnoxious but fun...wait...he still is. :P
    He's a good friend, talks to you a lot, and just plain weird. =P


    The creator of ~V~, -Qwerty- (who I know as Venom) is a funny guy and a good friend.
    He has good comics, he's pretty cool to talk to, and he's a talented comic maker.

    Chané_ the Fall Wind:

    I know her as E6 due to one of her previous usernames, she's the author and creator of the really good Halo epic here on BZP.
    The sister of Resev, her and Res are two siblings that you should get to know. :D
    She's a huge AvP freak and likes all kinds of things like that. lol
    She's a good friend, fun to talk to, and a talented artist and writer.

    Lewa is a cool person to talk to, he's a friend that I like to talk to about a lot of things, and he likes to talk to me about a lot of things too.
    Lewa's a good friend of mine, a great person to talk to, and calls me Mr. J. =P

    Takua the Wanderer:

    A person who's died a lot through his time here on BZP. (but I personally think I've probably died many more time :P)
    He's got an awesome blog that you should check out, I remember like the first time I ever talked to him he was telling me to quit advertising my comedy in his comment box. =P
    He's funny, fun to talk to, and his enemy is Adventurer.....though EW isn't exactly and ally. lol

    The Snake Master:

    I met the Snake Master when he wanted to guest star in my comedy Mata Nui.
    Since then we were good friends and talked often.
    He's fun to talk to, loves snakes, and likes to be random.


    Known to me and a lot of others as Geckonater, he was one of the main reasons I started my comic Stupid People!.
    We just do random things together, one reason we're the stars of my comics. XD
    Pretty much all of our conversations turn into random stupidity. lol
    He's fun to talk to, a good friend, and his real name and mine are the same.


    Known to me as Pit due to previous usernames.
    Pit was once gender confused, but is straight again. lol
    He's also a good friend to talk to, I can talk to him about a lot of things that I can't with other friends, and like to chat with him on Lev's site.
    He's a nice person, a good friend, and he listens to anything you need to talk to him about.

    Barrahkshi (now known as Skalaii: Shadow Warrior):

    B is a great friend that I met because I was interested in her stop motion video like how I used to do before I started animation.
    She's a chibi warlord with an attitude, and she's out to get your blood, after she smiles at you chibily. XD
    B's a fun person to talk to, she's funny, a chibi, and a vegetarian.

    Commodore James Norrington:

    She's a pretty cool person, she's someone that I look forward to seeing replies in my comics from.
    She's known to me as Fixer from her previous username, and that's her name in my comics Stupid People!
    She's a big fan of Republic Commando, a good friend, and a good person to talk to.


    Hukster is a great friend of mine, we became friends after he was the first person to ask to guest star in my comedy Mata Nui.
    Ever since then, we've been good friends, he even stars in my comics, and I'm an admin and Moderator on his forums.
    Hukster is a nice guy, great friend to talk to, and he lives in Po-Koro. :P

    ES (now known as Jin the Nerdgirl Toa):

    I met ES a while back in October of 2007.
    We quickly became good friends talking back and forth by PM about anything.
    She's a big MatauxNokama fan, and she's made my liking for them even stronger since I've known her. lol
    She's also drawn me 4 pictures of Lewa (the greatest BIONICLE ever) and is making me a fifth.
    She's a good friend, she's a really talented artist, and she's pretty cool to talk to.

    Lehvorak: The Sol Guardian:

    Lev is a good friend of mine, I can almost talk to him about anything.
    Everyone gathers to talk on his website.
    His name is also used to be filtered on my chat site. :P
    He's a sneaky guy, a good friend, and likes to be tricky. lol

    Omega Blademan:

    A good friend that I met in the first topic I really got involved in, The New Drome Racing Topic.
    He and I are former Drome racers who both hope that LEGO comes out with the new RACERS GAME SOON! *ahem*
    Anyway, he's pretty cool, he's also the one of a kind green guy with brown spiked hair in my comic Stupid People!.
    He's also known to me as Neo due to previous usernames.
    He's a good friend of mine, one of the first I ever had on BZP, fun to talk to, and my former team leader on MLN.

    Taka Nuvia:

    I met Taka Nuvia through DX's page, when DX virtually got his arm stuck in her stomach. :P
    She showed me her comics and we talk for a few weeks before I actually added her into my friends list, 'cause I kept forgetting. lol
    She's fun to talk to, funny, and lives in a way different time zone than me. O_o

    Republic Commando Sev:

    Sev is the brother of Fixer, and a friend of mine, it was on his page that a great epic fight started in the comments box. lol
    Neo's face got punched up a lot in that fight too, until he decided he better forfeit before he died. lol
    Sev is a good friend, fun to talk to, and as his sister is a big fan of Republic Commando.


    I met Tetfy when he asked to PGS in my comedy Mata Nui.
    He was the most loyal reader I ever had, and always replied, but since he's not online that often anymore, I haven't talked to him for a while.
    He's a great friend, fun to talk to, and he wrote one chapter in my comedy.


    My brother, he's interestingly weird...and anyone who's ever seen a single comment or post by him would know this.
    He's my bro so obviously he's in my friends list.
    He's interesting to talk to, likes most of what I like....well some lol, and likes to eat dirt.

    Alena Spirit of Hyperness:

    I met Alena one time by just welcoming her to BZP.
    After that we used to have long conversations in her comments box.
    Then we started talking a lot again when we went to Levy's site.
    She loves cats, she's fun and random to talk to, and don't make her upset or she'll send her cat Peanut after you. :P


    I guessed starred in Disky's awesome comedy. (whish I really hope she continues by the way)
    Also we had a little war in her comment box that lasted for a while lol
    She's over all a nice person to talk to, a good friend, she also approved my blog not too long ago! lol


    He's my best friend in real life, and not so active on here, but he joined to guest star in my comedy Mata Nui. XD
    He's cool, plays video games, and just cool to hang out with.

    Resev~Silex Pectus:

    Res is a great friend, the brother of E6, he's a fan of Resident Evil and Assassin's Creed.
    He's been my good buddy for a while now, I can talk to him about pretty much anything.
    Also he's skilled at MoCing, he does a great job at it.
    He's also sadly another Coke fan....he's actually pretty much the reason the Pepsi vs. Coke poll started lol
    After that we just kept making polls of Coke products against Pepsi products.
    Res is a good friend, great to talk to, and an all around nice guy.

    Tehuki the chibi toa:

    ES's younger brother, he's a pretty interesting guy. =P
    He's a great MoCer, and will probably progress in that skill as he gets older.
    He's pretty cool to talk to, he's pretty fun too, and being the brother of ES, means I almost don't have a choice of knowing him or not anyway. lol

    I really love music, I listen to it during almost everything I do.
    There's almost never a time a car ride has no music when I'm there. :P
    I like some bands...the best band EVER being Relient K...but I mostly like just a couple songs from each band, besides Relient K (of course), All American Rejects, Eiffel 65, We The Kings, Boys Like Girls, and Weird Al, because I like almost all of their songs.
    Here are some of my favorite bands/groups:

    -Relient K
    -Eiffel 65
    -Motion City Soundtrack
    -We The Kings
    -The All American Rejects
    -Boys Like Girls
    -Bloom 06
    -Weird Al
    -Smash Mouth
    -Barenaked Ladies
    -The Almost

    And some others that I can't think of....

    Here are the Relient K CDs I own:

    -Relient K
    -The Anatomy Of Tongue In Cheek
    -Apathetic EP
    -Two Lefts Don't Make a Right....But Three Do
    -Five Score and Seven Years Ago
    -Let It Snow, Baby....Let It Reindeer
    -The Nashville Tennis EP/The Bird and the Bee Sides
    -Forget and Not Slow Down
    -The First Three Gears (a collection of their first three CDs)

    Here are all of the songs in the Zune list that I use the most (634 songs):

    Everyone Alive - Local H]
    Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon]
    Deep Inside Of You - Third Eye Blind]
    Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies]
    Never Let You Go - Third Eye Blind]
    Falls Apart - Sugar Ray]
    12 Days Of Christmas - Relient K]
    Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm]
    Lazy Generation - The F-ups]
    Shake That Bush Again - The Mooney Suzuki]
    Animal - Mudmen]
    Memory - Sugarcult]
    17 Magazine - Relient K]
    1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T's]
    80s Stars - Eiffel 65]
    409 - The Beach Boys]
    1111 Pm - The All American Rejects]
    A Complicated Song - Weird Al]
    A Lifeless Ordinary (Need A Little Help) - Motion City Soundtrack]
    A Sunday - Jimmy Eat World]
    A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Loafer Earned - Relient K]
    A Word For That - Barenaked Ladies]
    7, 8, 9 - Barenaked Ladies]
    Adam's Song - Blink 182]
    Afraid - Yellowcard]
    Ain't That A Kick In The Head - Dean Martin]
    Albuquerque - Weird Al]
    Aliens Exist - Blink 182]
    All Again For You - We The Kings]
    All Star - Smash Mouth]
    Allergies - Barenaked Ladies]
    Amazing Because It Is - The Almost]
    American Pie - Don McLean]
    Amish Paradise - Weird Al]
    Amy's Song - Switchfoot]
    Angels We Have Heard On High - Relient K]
    Angry People - Barenaked Ladies]
    Another Heart Calls - The All American Rejects]
    Another Heartbreak - Barenaked Ladies]
    Another Hearbreak (acoustic) - Barenaked Ladies]
    Another One Rides The Bus - Weird Al]
    Another Race - Eiffel 65]
    Another Spin - Barenaked Ladies]
    Any Way You Want It - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Apathetic Way To Be - Relient K]
    Apologize - Silvertein]
    Arithmetic's Collapse - Motion City Soundtrack]
    At Least We Made It This Far - Relient K]
    August Is Over - We The Kings]
    Auld Lang Syne - Relient K]
    Awful Direction - The Almost]
    Baby - Relient K]
    Back Home - Yellowcard]
    Back In Time - Eiffel 65]
    Back To Me - The All American Rejects]
    Balloon Ride - Relient K]
    Bank Job - Barenaked Ladies]
    Be My Escape (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Be No Monkey - Dial Zero]
    Be Rad - Relient K]
    Be My Escape - Relient K]
    Beaming - Relient K]
    Beats and Sweat - Bloom 06]
    Beautiful - Barenaked Ladies]
    Bee Your Man - Relient K]
    Believe - Yellowcard]
    Believe - Cher]
    Believe - The All American Rejects]
    Between You And Me - Relient K]
    Blood Gulch Blues]
    Big Bad World - Plain White T's]
    Big Apple Heartbreak - Yellowcard]
    Birmingham - The Almost]
    Bite Back - The All American Rejects]
    Bite My Tongue - Relient K]
    Blue - Eiffel 65]
    Blue - Bloom 06]
    Bonus Track - The All American Rejects]
    Bouncing Off The Walls - Sugarcult]
    Boxing Day - Relient K]
    Breakdown - Relient K]
    Breakdown - VeggieTales]
    Breakfast At Timpani's - Relient K]
    Breakin' - The All American Rejects]
    Breathing - Yellowcard]
    Brightly Shines - Eiffel 65]
    Call And Answer - Barenaked Ladies]
    Call It Karma (acoustic) - Silvertein]
    Calling All Cops - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Canadian cool dude - Weird Al]
    Candlelight - Relient K]
    Can't Take It - The All American Rejects]
    Carry You - Jimmy Eat World]
    Caught In A Dream]
    Change Your Mind - The All American Rejects]
    Chapstick, Chapped Lips, And Thing Like Chemistry - Relient K]
    Charles In Charge - Relient K]
    Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings]
    Chemicals Collide - Boys Like Girls]
    Christmas At Ground Zero - Weird Al]
    Closer To The Truth - Cryoshell]
    Closing Time - Semisonic]
    Cojack - Relient K]
    College Kids - Relient K]
    Come Back To Me - Plain White T's]
    Come On, Come On - Smash Mouth]
    Come Right Out and Say It - Relient K]
    Company Car - Switchfoot]
    Conversation - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Counting Stars - Sugarcult]
    Crashed - Chris Daughtry]
    Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care - Relient K]
    Crazy - Eiffel 65]
    Crazy ABC's - Barenaked Ladies]
    Creeping In My Soul - Christine Lorentzen]
    Curl Up And Die - Relient K]
    Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy]
    Dance Hall Drug - Boys Like Girls]
    Dance Inside - The All American Rejects]
    Dancing On The Moon - Bloom 06]
    Dare To Be Stupid - Weird Al]
    Deathbed - Relient K]
    Deck The Halls - Relient K]
    Devastation and Reform (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Devastation and Reform - Relient K]
    Digging Your Scene - Smash Mouth]
    Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects]
    Dirty Little Secret (acoustic) - The All American Rejects]
    Disappear - Jimmy Eat World]
    Do I Creep You Out - Weird Al]
    Doesn't Remind Me - Audioslave]
    Don't Download This Song - Weird Al]
    Don't Leave Me - The All American Rejects]
    Don't Say These Words - Bloom 06]
    Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby Mcferrin]
    Down - Blink 182]
    Down In Flames - Relient K]
    Down On My Head - Yellowcard]
    Down To Earth - Barenaked Ladies]
    Draw A Piraka Theme]
    Dreamin' - Weezer]
    Drive Away - The All American Rejects]
    Dub In Life - Eiffel 65]
    E Na Lima Hana - Brian Schroeder]
    Eat It - Weird Al]
    El Condor Pasa - Steve Hurguy]
    Empty Apartment - Yellowcard]
    Eraser - Barenaked Ladies]
    Erosion - Switchfoot]
    Europop - Eiffel 65]
    Even If It Kills Me - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Every Subway Car - Barenaked Ladies]
    Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - Blues Brothers]
    Everybody Get Dangerous - Weezer]
    Everything Will Be - Relient K]
    Everything Is Alright - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Everytime I Look For You - Blink 182]
    Eyelash Wishes - The All American Rejects]
    Failure To Excommunicate - Relient K]
    Faking My Own Suicide (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Faking My Own Suicide - Relient K]
    Fallen Man - Relient K]
    Fallin' Apart - The All American Rejects]
    Falling For The First Time - Barenaked Ladies]
    Falling For You - Weezer]
    Falling Out - Relient K]
    Faraway - Eiffel 65]
    Fat - Weird Al]
    Feel Like Rain - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Fell In Love Without You - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Fembot - The All American Rejects]
    Fight Test - Flaming Lips]
    Figure It Out - Plain White T's]
    Finish Line - Yellowcard]
    First Date - Blink 182]
    Five Minutes To Midnight - Boys Like Girls]
    Flare - Relient K]
    Food Party - Barenaked Ladies]
    For The Band - Relient K]
    For The Moments I feel Faint - Relient K]
    Force Field - Smash Mouth]
    Forever - The Beach Boys]
    Forget and Not Slow Down - Relient K]
    Forgiven - Relient K]
    Forward Motion - Relient K]
    Four Seconds - Barenaked Ladies]
    Four Seconds (acoustic) - Barenaked Ladies]
    Frank's 2000-inch TV - Weird Al]
    Free To Be Me - Francesca Battistelli
    Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk - Plain White T's]
    From End To End - Relient K]
    Fun, Fun, Fun - The Beach Boys]
    Fun - Smash Mouth]
    Fun And Games - Barenaked Ladies]
    G.I.Joe 1982 TV Show Theme]
    Get The Picture - Smash Mouth]
    Getting Better - Smash Mouth]
    Getting Into You - Relient K]
    Ghostbusters Theme - Ray Parker Jr.]
    Gibberish - Relient K]
    Gimme A Chance - Plain White T's]
    Girl Of My Dreams - The All American Rejects]
    Give Until There's Nothing Left - Relient K]
    Give (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Go - Boys Like Girls]
    C'mon - Go Betty Go]
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings - Barenaked Ladies]
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Relient K]
    Godspeed - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]
    Golden Boy - Barenaked Ladies]
    Good King Wencelas - Relient K]
    Grapefruit Diet - Weird Al]
    Gravity Hurts - LEGO]
    Green Christmas - Barenaked Ladies]
    Half A Heart - Barenaked Ladies]
    Hanukkah Song - Adam Sandler]
    Handels Messiah The Hallelujah - Relient K]
    Hang On - Smash Mouth]
    Happy Endings - The All American Rejects]
    Happy Together - The Turtles]
    Hate - Plain White T's]
    Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Relient K]
    Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World]
    Heart Heart Heartbreak - Boys Like Girls]
    Heaven Can Wait - We The Kings]
    Heaven Can Wait (acoustic) - We The Kings]
    Her Name Rhymes With Mindy - The All American Rejects]
    Here Without You - 3 Doors Down]
    Here I Go (demo) - Relient K]
    Here's Johnny - Weird Al]
    Hero-Heroine (acoustic) - Boys Like Girls]
    Hero-Heroine - Boys Like Girls]
    Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's]
    High Of 75 - Relient K]
    Hold Me Down - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Holiday - Bee Gees]
    Holiday In My Head - Smash Mouth]
    Holiday - Boys Like Girls]
    Homework - Arthur]
    Hoopes I Did It Again - Relient K]
    Hope For Every Fallen Man (acoustic) - Relient K]
    How Long - Barenaked Ladies]
    Hyperlink - Eiffel 65]
    I Am Understood - Relient K]
    I Can't Get Enough - The April Year]
    I Can't Watch This - Weird Al]
    I Celebrate The Day - Relient K]
    I Dare You To Move - Switchfoot]
    I DJ With The Fire - Eiffel 65]
    I Don't Need a Soul - Relient K]
    I Hate Christmas Parties - Relient K]
    I Just Wanna See - Smash Mouth]
    I Love Rocky Road - Weird Al]
    I Miss You - Blink 182]
    I Really Want You - Plain White T's]
    I Remember Larry - Weird Al]
    I Saw It - Barenaked Ladies]
    I Saw Three Ships - Barenaked Ladies]
    I So Hate Consequences - Relient K]
    I So Hate Consequences (acoustic) - Relient K]
    I Started A Joke - Bee Gees]
    I Started A Joke - Steve Hurguy]
    I Turn Everything Over - Switchfoot]
    I Wanna - The All American Rejects]
    I Wanna Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler]
    I Was Only Kidding - Weird Al]
    I Don't Like - Barenaked Ladies]
    I Just Want To Know - Relient K]
    I Need You - Relient K]
    If I Can't Have You - Bee Gees]
    If I Could Be Like That - 3 Doors Down]
    If I Had $1000000 - Barenaked Ladies]
    If You Believe Me - Relient K]
    (If You Want It) - Relient K]
    I'm A Believer - Smash Mouth]
    I'm Lion-O - Relient K]
    I'm Lost Without You - Blink 182]
    I'm So Sick Of You - Weird Al]
    I'm Still Breathing - Katy Perry]
    I'm Waiting - The All American Rejects]
    I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas - Relient K]
    I'm Taking You With Me - Relient K]
    Imagine - Steve Hurguy]
    In Love With The 80's - Relient K]
    In Pieces - Linkin Park]
    In The Garage - Weezer]
    In Like A Lion - Relient K]
    Incomplete - Switchfoot]
    Innocent Again - Switchfoot]
    In-N-Out (animal style) - We The Kings]
    Instead Of A Show - Jon Foreman]
    Interlude - Relient K]
    Invisible Monsters - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Island In The Sun - Weezer]
    It Ends Tonight - All American Rejects]
    It Would Take Something Like This - We The Kings]
    It's The Only One You've Got - 3 Doors Down]
    Jefferson Aero Plane - Relient K]
    Jefferson Aeroplane (demo) - Relient K]
    Jekyll And Hyde - Arthur]
    Jerome - Barenaked Ladies]
    Jingle Bells - Barenaked Ladies]
    Jive Talkin' - Bee Gees]
    Journey - Eiffel 65]
    Juliet - Bee Gees]
    K Car - Relient K]
    Kick-Off - Relient K]
    Kiss Yourself Goodbye - The All American Rejects]
    Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down]
    Kung Fu Dancing - Fun Tomas & Carl Douglas]
    Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream - Steve Hurguy]
    Learning To Breathe - Switchfoot]
    Learning To Fall - Boys Like Girls]
    Leave - Barenaked Ladies]
    Leftovers Goulash - Arthur]
    Less Is More - Relient K]
    Let Me Be Myself - 3 Doors Down]
    Let Me Take You There - Plain White T's]
    Let That Be Enough - Switchfoot]
    Let It All Out - Relient K]
    Let It Happen - Jimmy Eat World]
    Library Card - Arthur]
    Life Like Thunder - Eiffel 65]
    Life Of A Salesman - Yellowcard]
    Life After Death and Taxes - Relient K]
    Light Up My Room - Barenaked Ladies]
    Light Up The Sky - Yellowcard]
    Lightspeed - Matt and Kim]
    Like She'll Always Be - Jimmy Eat World]
    Little Devotional - Taking Back Sunday]
    Little Drummer Boy - The Almost]
    Living In a Bubble - Eiffel 65]
    Living Is Simple - Switchfoot]
    Long Shot - Katy Perry]
    Looking For A Wall - Smash Mouth]
    Loser - Switchfoot]
    Losing You - Eiffel 65]
    Love Is The Movement - Switchfoot]
    Love Story (radio edit) - Taylor Swift]
    Lucky - Eiffel 65]
    Made A Mistake - Sugarcult]
    Maintain Consciousness - Relient K]
    Making A Memory - Plain White T's]
    Manic Monday - Relient K]
    Massachusetts - Bee Gees]
    May The Horse Be With You - Relient K]
    Maybe It's Maybeline - Relient K]
    Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics]
    Me, You, And My Medication - Boys Like Girls]
    Memory (acoustic) - Sugarcult]
    Merry Christmas, Here's To Many More - Relient K]
    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie Theme]
    Mona Lisa - The All American Rejects]
    Mood Rings - Relient K]
    More Than Useless - Relient K]
    Morning Time - Eiffel 65]
    Move Along - The All American Rejects]
    Move Along (acoustic) - The All American Rejects]
    Move Your Body - Eiffel 65]
    Move Your Body - Bloom 06]
    Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung - Weird Al]
    Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K]
    My Console - Eiffel 65]
    My Girlfriend - Relient K]
    My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend - Relient K]
    My Heroine (acoustic) - Silvertein]
    My Paper Heart - The All American Rejects]
    My Sundown - Jimmy Eat WOrld]
    My Way Or The Highway - Relient K]
    My Big Sister - Barenaked Ladies]
    Nancy Drew - Relient K]
    Never Is Enough - Barenaked Ladies]
    New American CLassic - Taking Back Sunday]
    New Life - Eiffel 65]
    New Way To Be Human - Switchfoot]
    New York Mining Disaster 1941 - Bee Gees]
    Night Drive - The All American Rejects]
    Night Drive (acoustic) - The All American Rejects]
    Power Rangers Ninja Storm Theme]
    No Reaction - Relient K]
    Number Five With A Bullet - Taking Back Sunday]
    O Holy Night - Relient K]
    Oasis - Relient K]
    Obesity - Stickleback]
    Ode To A Superhero - Weird Al]
    Ode To Five Iron Frenzy 2 - Relient K]
    Ode To Five Iron Frenzy - Relient K]
    On Stage Around The World - Eiffel 65]
    On Top Of The World - Boys Like Girls]
    On My Own - The Used]
    One Goal - Eiffel 65]
    One More Sad Song - The All American Rejects]
    One Of Those Days - Weird Al]
    One Week - Barenaked Ladies]
    One And Only - Barenaked Ladies]
    One Year Six Months - Yellowcard]
    Only Hope - Switchfoot]
    Only One - Yellowcard]
    Operation - Relient K]
    Outro - Relient K]
    Over It - Relient K]
    Over Thinking - Relient K]
    Over Thinking (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Padrino - Smash Mouth]
    Pants On The Ground - Larry Platt]
    Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow - The Beach Boys]
    Paper Walls - Yellowcard]
    Part Of It - Relient K]
    Peace - Weezer]
    Pen and Paper - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]
    People Of Tomorrow - Eiffel 65]
    Photograph - Weezer]
    Piraka Rap]
    Playing For Keeps - Switchfoot]
    Please Take Me Home - Blink 182]
    Point Of Extinction - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Poison Ivy - Relient K]
    Polkas On 45 - Weird Al]
    Paparazzi - Switchfoot]
    Pork n' Beans - Weezer]
    Pressing On (Acoustic) - Relient K]
    Promise The Stars - We The Kings]
    Rainy Day - Plain White T's]
    Real Thing - Boys Like Girls]
    Real World - The All American Rejects]
    Rebuild - Switchfoot, Relient K, and Ruth]
    Pressing On - Relient K]
    Red Light Pledge (acoustic) - Silverstein]
    Romeo And Rebecca - Blink 182]
    Run To Me - Bee Gees]
    Runaway - 3 Doors Down]
    Sadie Hawkins Dance - Relient K]
    Sahara - Relient K]
    Santa Claus Is Thumbin To Town - Relient K]
    Savannah - Relient K]
    Say This Sooner - The Almost]
    The Scene And Herd - Relient K]
    Seasons In The Sun]
    Secret Valentine - We The Kings]
    Serendipity - Barenaked Ladies]
    Serious Mistake - Plain White T's]
    Set Phasers To Stun - Taking Back Sunday]
    Seventh Grade Dance - Smash Mouth]
    She Takes Me High - We The Kings]
    She Takes Me High (acoustic) - We The Kings]
    She-Mannequin - The All American Rejects]
    She's Got A Boyfriend Now - Boys Like Girls]
    Shoes 'n' Hats - Smash Mouth]
    Silent Night/Away In A Manger - Relient K]
    Silicon World - Eiffel 65]
    Silly Shoes - Relient K]
    Silver Bells - Relient K]
    Sing Along - Blue Man Group]
    Skin And Bones - Motion City Soundtrack]
    Skyway Avenue - We The Kings]
    Sleigh Ride - Barenaked Ladies]
    Sleigh Ride - Relient K]
    Sloop John B (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Snowmen - Barenaked Ladies]
    Softer To Me - Relient K]
    Softer To Me (Acoustic) - Relient K]
    Some Fantastic - Barenaked Ladies]
    Someday - Plain White T's]
    Someone Like You - Boys Like Girls]
    Something More - Switchfoot]
    Song 2 - Blur]
    Sooner Or Later - Switchfoot]
    Spam - Weird Al]
    Spicks And Specks - Bee Gees]
    Spin - We The Kings]
    Stab My Back - The All American Rejects]
    Stand Too Close -Motion City Soundtrack]
    Stay Together For The Kids - Blink 182]
    Stay Young - We The Kings]
    Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees]
    Stop And Stare - One Republic]
    Story Of My Life - Social Distortion]
    Straitjacket Feeling - The All American Rejects]
    Summer Love - We The Kings]
    Superman - Five For Fighting]
    Sure Thing Falling - Yellowcard]
    Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys]
    Swing, Swing - The All American Rejects]
    Swing, Swing (acoustic) - The All American Rejects]
    Tarzan Boy - Baltimora]
    Tearin' Us Apart - Plain White T's]
    Terminals - Relient K]
    Terrorism - Stickleback]
    Thank You - Steve Hurguy]
    Thanks That Was Fun - Barenaked Ladies]
    That's Amore - Dean Martin]
    The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota - Weird Al]
    The Cigarette Song (acoustic) - The All American Rejects]
    The Crash - Bloom 06]
    The Diary Of Jane (acoustic) - Breaking Benjamin]
    The Distance That Killed Us - We The Kings]
    The Economy Of Mercy - Switchfoot]
    The Edge - Eiffel 65]
    The First One - Boys Like Girls]
    The Fonz - Smash Mouth]
    The Great Escape - Boys Like Girls]
    The Great Escape (acoustic) - Boys Like Girls]
    The Greatest Man That Ever Lived - Weezer]
    The In Set - Smash Mouth]
    The Last Song - The All American Rejects]
    The Last Song (acoustic) - The All American Rejects]
    The Old Field Of Angels - Bloom 06]
    The One I'm Waiting For - Relient K]
    The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One - Relient K]
    The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - Relient K]
    The Quiet - We The Kings]
    The Rest Is Up To You - Relient K]
    The Road I'm On - 3 Doors Down]
    The Saga Begins - Weird Al]
    The Story Of Your Life - We The Kings]
    The Thief - Relient K]
    The Truth - Relient K]
    The Wind Blows - The All American Rejects]
    The World You Love - Jimmy Eat World]
    The Worst Part - Motion City Soundtrack]
    The Best Thing - Relient K]
    The Last, The Lost, The Least - Relient K]
    The Lining Is Silver - Relient K]
    The New Sad - Barenaked Ladies]
    The Stenographer (demo) - Relient K]
    The Authority Song - Jimmy Eat World]
    The Middle - Jimmy Eat World]
    The Vinyl Countdown - Relient K]
    Rawhide Theme - Blues Brothers]
    Theme From Rocky XIII - Weird Al
    Then The Morning Comes - Smash Mouth]
    Therapy - Relient K]
    There Is A Light - We The Kings]
    There Was Another Time - Relient K]
    There Was No Thief - Relient K]
    These Days - 3 Doors Down]
    SenSurround - They Might Be Giants]
    Things - Barenaked Ladies]
    Thinking Of You - Katy Perry]
    Thinking Tune - Arthur]
    This Is For Real - Motion City Soundtrack]
    This Is Home - Switchfoot]
    This Is Our Town - We The Kings]
    This Is The End - Relient K]
    This Is The Story Of A Girl - 3 Doors Down and Nine Days]
    This Week The Trend - Relient K]
    This Will Be My Year - Semisonic]
    Those Words Are Not Enough - Relient K]
    Thunder - Boys Like Girls]
    Thunder (acoustic) - Boys Like Girls]
    Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport - Rolf Harris]
    Time - Blink 182]
    Time Stands Still - The All American Rejects]
    Together We'll Ring In The New Year - Motion City Soudtrack]
    Told You So - Barenaked Ladies]
    Too Far Gone - The All American Rejects]
    Too Much Of Heaven - Eiffel 65]
    Top Of The World - The All American Rejects]
    Trademark - Relient K]
    Trapped In The Drive-Thru - Weird Al]
    Travel Together With Me - Eiffel 65]
    Trigger Happy - Weird Al]
    Trouble - Shampoo]
    TV - Blink 182]
    Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift]
    Under The Floor - Switchfoot]
    Underdog - Yellowcard]
    Up Against The Wall - Boys Like Girls]
    Up And Up - Relient K]
    Up And Up (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Viaggia Insieme A Me Triology (remix) - Eiffel 65]
    Violence - Blink 182]
    Virus Alert - Weird Al]
    Waffle King - Weird Al]
    Wake Up Call - Relient K]
    Waste - Smash Mouth]
    Wasting Time - Blink 182]
    Wave Goodbye - Steadman]
    We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Relient K]
    We'll Be A Dream - We The Kings]
    Welcome To The Zoo - Bloom 06]
    What Can I Do - Relient K]
    What Have You Been Doing Lately - Relient K]
    What Is Love - Haddaway]
    What Is Rock? - Blue Man Group]
    What I've Done - Linkin Park]
    What Will Remain - Eiffel 65]
    What A Let Down - Barenaked Ladies]
    What You Do To Me - We The Kings]
    What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost - Taking Back Sunday]
    When I Was Your Age - Weird Al]
    When The Party's Over - Bloom 06]
    When You Dream - Barenaked Ladies]
    When You're Around - Relient K]
    When I Go Down - Relient K]
    Where Do I Go From Here - Relient K]
    Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet - Relient K]
    Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet (acoustic) - Relient K]
    White And Nerdy - Weird Al]
    Who Needs Sleep - Barenaked Ladies]
    Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Relient K]
    Who I Am Hates Who I've Been (acoustic) - Relient K]
    Whole Lotta Love - Smash Mouth]
    Who's There - Smash Mouth]
    Why Can't We Be Friends - Smash Mouth]
    Why Does This Always Happen To Me - Weird Al]
    Why Worry - The All American Rejects]
    Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudeville Band]
    Wishing - Barenaked Ladies]
    Wits All Been Done Before - Relient K
    World In The World - Eiffel 65]
    Write You A Song - Plain White T's]
    Yoda - Weird Al]
    You Already Take Me There - Switchfoot]
    You And Me - Plain White T's]
    You And Me - Lifehouse]
    You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift]
    You Don't Love Me Anymore - Weird Al]
    You Make Me - Weird Al]
    You Make Me Feel Like Dancing]
    You Run Away - Barenaked Ladies]
    You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees]
    You'll Always Be My Best Friend - Relient K]
    Your Arms Feel Like Home - 3 Doors Down]
    Your Man - Smash Mouth]
    Your Star - All American Rejects]
    Your Love Is Extravagant - The Almost]
    You're So Last Summer - Taking Back Sunday]

    Whew! That's most of 'em, the rest that are in my list I don't always listen to so I didn't list them.

    I like video games, I have an old PS1, a PS3, an N64, an Xbox and a 360.
    One of my favorite games of all time would be "Star Ocean: The Second Story". In my opinion it is the greatest RPG ever made.

    Here are some of the games I have:


    -Adventure Island II
    -The Adventures of Bayou Billy
    -Back To The Future Part 2 and 3
    -Bandai Golf: Challange Pebble Beach
    -Bases Loaded II: Second Season
    -Battle Chess
    -Bible Adventures
    -Championship Bowling
    -City Connection
    -Cowboy Kid
    -Duck Hunt
    -Duck Tales
    -Family Fued
    -Golgo 13
    -The Hunt For The Red October
    -Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road
    -The Legend of Zelda
    -Major League Baseball
    -Mike Tyson's Punch-Out
    -Milon's Secret Castle
    -Mission Impossible
    -NES Open Tournament Golf
    -Pro. Wreslting
    -R.B.I. Baseball
    -R.C. PRO-AM
    -R.C. PRO-AM II
    -Super Mario Bros.
    -Super Mario Bros. 3
    -Tecmo Bowl
    -The Three Stooges
    -To The Earth
    -Top Gun: The Second Mission
    -Winter Games
    -World Games

    Nintendo 64:

    -007 The World Is Not Enough
    -Goldeneye 007
    -Ken Griffey JR.'s Major League Baseball
    -NHL Breakaway '98
    -Perfect Dark
    -Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
    -Super Mario 64
    -Super Smash Bros.
    -Wave Race 64 Kawasaki Jetski


    -Mega Man X: Command Mission
    -Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
    -Super Smash Bros. Melee
    -Zelda: Twilight Princess


    -Army Men 3D
    -Army Men World War
    -Army Men World War: Team Assault
    -Crash Bandicoot
    -Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
    -Crash Bandicoot: Warped
    -Crash Bash
    -Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX
    -Driver 2
    -Hotwheels: Turbo Racing
    -Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider
    -Medal of Honor
    -Mega Man Legends
    -Mega Man Legends 2
    -Metal Gear Solid
    -Small Soldiers
    -Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro
    -Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
    -Star Wars Jedi Power Battles
    -Syphon Filter
    -Syphon Filter 2
    -Syphon Filter 3
    -Threads of Fate
    -Tomb Raider
    -X-men Mutant Academy

    Playstation 2:

    -Final Fantasy X
    -Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    -Mega Man X 8

    Playstation 3:

    -Call Of Duty 3
    -Little Big Planet
    -LOST: The Video Game
    -Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    -Motor Storm Pacific Rift
    -Time Shift
    -Uncharted: Drake Fortune
    -Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


    -Army Men: Sarge's War
    -Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood
    -Burnout 3: Take Down
    -Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One
    -Conflict: Desert Storm 1
    -Conflict: Desert Storm 2 Back To Baghdad
    -Destroy All Humans 1
    -Destroy All Humans 2
    -Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    -Forza Motor Sport
    -Halo Combat Evolved
    -Halo 2
    -Justice League Heroes
    -LEGO Star Wars 1
    -LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
    -2K6 Major League Baseball
    -Medal Of Honor: European Assault
    -Mega Man 10th Anniversary Collection
    -Need for Speed: Underground
    -Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
    -Need for Speed Most Wanted
    -NFL Fever 2003
    -Red Dead Revolver
    -Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    -Ultimate Alliance
    -Ultimate Spider-Man
    -Worms 4 Mayhem
    -X-men Legends II
    -X-men: The Official Game

    Xbox 360:

    -Avatar Drop
    -Avatar Golf
    -Burnout: Paradise City
    -Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009
    -Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    -Call of Duty 5: World at War
    -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
    -Call of Duty: Black Ops
    -Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    -Forza Motorsport 2
    -Ghostbusters The Video Game
    -Ghost Recon 2: Advanced Warfighter
    -Halo 3
    -Halo 3: ODST
    -Halo: Reach
    -Halo Wars
    -LEGO Batman The Videogame
    -LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
    -Madden NFL '09
    -Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
    -Perfect Dark
    -Perfect Dark: Zero
    -Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
    -Small Arms
    -Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope
    -Tomb Raider: Legend
    -Tomb Raider: Anniversary
    -Tomb Raider: Underworld


    -Age of the Empires II
    -Battlefield: 1941
    -Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    -Chex Quest
    -Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure
    -Halo Combat Evolved
    -Halo Zero
    -Hotwheels: Stunt Track Racing
    -Hotwheels: Stunt Track Racing II Off Road
    -King's Quest Collection
    -LEGO Alpha Team
    -Mega Man X
    -Myst III: Exile
    -Spy Fox In Dry Cereal
    -Spy Fox: Some Assembly Required
    -Spy Fox: Operation O'zone
    -A Toy Story 2
    -WarCraft: Orcs vs. Humans
    -WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness
    -WarCraft II: Beyond The Dark Portal Expansion Set
    -WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
    -WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne

    Halo 3 Global Rank: Captain, Grade 2

    Halo 3 games played: 393

    Halo 3 medals:

    Killing Sprees: 54
    Shotgun Sprees: 1
    Sword Sprees: 1
    Sniper Sprees: 1
    Double Kills: 263
    Triple Kills: 17
    Beat Downs: 945
    Assassinations: 178
    Sniper Kills (headshots): 84
    Plasma Grenade Kills: 64
    Lasers: 9
    Odd Ball Kills: 18
    Flag Kills: 7
    Splatters: 133
    Kill Joys: 98
    Kills From The Grave: 63
    Highjackers: 58
    Skyjackers: 9
    Bulltrues: 4
    Wheelmans: 1047
    Killed Flag Carriers: 23
    Flag Score: 8
    Killed Juggernaut: 2
    Killed VIP: 6
    Killed Bomb Carrier: 26
    Bomb Planted: 14
    Zombie Killing Sprees: 1
    Steaktaculars: 26
    Linktaculars: 7

    Halo: Reach:

    Wheelmans: 56
    Wheelman Sprees: 3

    BIONICLEs I own:

    -Tahnok Va
    -Gahlok Va
    -Lehvak Va
    -Nuhvok Va
    -Pahrak Va
    -Lewa Nuva
    -Onua Nuva
    -Gali Nuva
    -Matau Metru
    -Kongu Inika
    -Nuparu Inika
    -Kongu Mahri
    -Lewa Phantoka
    -Pohatu Phantoka
    -Gali Mistika

    I am also a big fan of HeroScape!
    I have the first master set, the castle, the Marvel set, and a couple other small add ons.
    I wish I had the 2nd master set, that one's awesome!
    Sgt. Drake has a new special for ranged attacks!
    My favorite character and Hero to use is Sgt. Drake Alexander!
    One of my least favorite Hero's ever, would have to be Fin The Viking Champion, I really hate him.

    I like to write stories and comics!
    My current favorite things that I write and/or draw are:

    -Mata Nui II (my sequel to my very first comedy)
    -Mata Nui High School (my comedy)
    -Stupid People!

    I've been writing The Adventures of Joe and Jackie Chan for over a year now, and I've had the club for a little less than that.
    It's not how long or professional your stories are, it's what they're trying tell or what they mean.
    My stories aren't that long, but I've made some where over 70 stories of The Adventures of Joe and Jackie Chan and most of them wouldn't be longer than an average page in a book, but people enjoy them, they're comical, yet they can have some touching parts.
    One of my recent stories that I made in December of 2007 was one of my personal favorites, and some of the club members agreed.
    I can't remember if it was a two parter or not, but it had a good meaning, it had something that touched the heart of someone that’s a fan of Joe and Jackie.

    Well, I haven't written The Adventures of Joe and Jackie Chan for a long time....so I guess I can consider them in my past projects...
    Past projects:

    -Mata Nui (my comedy)

    Lasted 40 chapters....I had a lot of fun writing this, I'll miss the readers and characters a lot, but it's time to move on to something new.

    -The Adventures of Joe and Jackie Chan

    Whew...man...I was writing about these guys since late 2006..I've written a lot of adventures of 'em...over 70 episodes. :P
    I'll probably miss writing them the most...as they were my first series I ever started....I loved writing about the two.
    I still offer the past stories to be E-mailed out to the members of the Joe and Jackie Chan club though. So if you want any of those, or wanna join the club (it's all free), just E-mail me.

    -X-Toa (my epic)

    My first and only epic. It was lost when BZP got hacked.
    It was a BIONICLE version of X-men, mainly focusing on Gambit and Rogue which were Lewa and Gali.
    It had been 11 chapters, but I lost all those and had no back ups.

    I love writing comedies....but I do write serious stuff at times....my epic (X-Toa) is kind of a mix of both..being actually more on the romantic side.. lol

    It's not enough just to write a story for the heck of it.
    To make a good story you have to really want to make something good.
    It has to just come to you, you don't just start a story and expect it to be good, you have to have an inspiration.
    Trust me, I've had some bad stories through the years.
    I send out E-mail notifications of new chapters and stories to club members still, sorry for the delay in that recently, been a little behind on a few things, but I think we're back up to speed. :P
    Well I suppose that's enough about writing.

    I also like the Pepsi company!
    The best pop in the world is Mountain dew and that's from PEPSI!!!!!!
    So I just have to say PEPSI RULES!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE PEPSI!!!!!
    I also am involved in the Pepsi Fantasy Racing Leagues. :P
    I joined late this year though, so not really doing much until next year again lol
    My flavor that I helped with (Supernova) sadly has been voted out, but ah well, nothing beats the normal Dew anyway. :P

    I like making animated and stop motion videos, mostly animated ones. ^_^
    I've made about somewhere around... more or less 48 short animated videos. :D
    My current animated video series is "Power Rangers! Sumo Force! Return!"
    You can see some of my videos in my comics topic.

    ?sdrawkcab gniklat evol I noitnem I diD

    I also like LEGO, playing my computer, days off of school, football, baseball, food(mostly pizza), reading(my favorite books are "Wally McDoogle: My Life As...), Star Wars, making stories on computer, Halo (whole series), the merry go round at the Onalaska town hall, and the DROME RACING CHALLENGE!

    *stops discoing*

    Well, counting this, I have 47938 characters!

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  10. Forever discoing through life bundled up in one heck of a puffy coat.

  11. Greetings, old friends. (if you're still out there ) It's been 78 million years since I've been around, even longer than the 65 million year absence that I spoke of in the previous entry! I guess being back to just one job and the return along with being single again and many other things has given me more spare time to spend on other things....and nostalgia has once again brought me back to my old home here at BZP. I have moved to the Twin Cities in the Minnesota...and betrayed my old Wisconsin background! I also find it really weird adjusting to changes to the board like facebook being allowed and many other changes (such as the sad fact of the old forums being gone). I was offered a promotion and have moved to Minneapolis to be the team lead at a Target Mobile in Woodbury. First time I've ever lived anywhere but my home town! A lot of big changes and being super poor, but it's been fun. Had a lot of working several part time jobs, having a crazy year of being 21, ending a several year long relationship at the en of the year, and then getting promoted and moving for a fresh start in the last month. If you want to buy a phone pop on in! ;p I still really want to write a last chapter to Mata Nui High School and end it with the graduation and start to college like I always planned. I had originally planned to immediately follow it up with Mata Nui University, but obviously that's not going to happen now. I'll be lucky and happy to just finish the one comedy. lol I've always had the ending in mind, just never typed it out or filled in every little detail. There were always 2 or 3 possible endings and anyone who has read the old comedy probably has an idea of the possibilities or the main plot lines that could lead to different endings in the rom-com driven plot line. I've always been a sucker for high school drama and character development but only like writing sarcastic and stupid comedy material....to a fault where it's either too comedicly driven or too dramatic. Eh, the old readers enjoyed it in the now unreadable original post xP I'll dig out my old saved files some day though and post them up with the final chapter which is...still only half finished heh heh... I'm still just discoing through life as the manly coat lover I am. Pretty happy to see BIONICLE back on the store shelves! Also super tempted to add to my need to have every green BIONICLE....and get the next iteration of the best one ever. Aka Lewa. Something else I wouldn't mind coming back while on the topic of nostalgia...some how the Drome Racing Challenge. Highlights as of recent times....I got to meet Relient K and talk with the Matts! Got a signed T and picture with Matt T at the 10th anniversary tour of Mmhmm! Met a lot of great people in the last year, got to see my older bro get married, see the return of BIONICLE, and yeeeaahhhh.... Great shows I'm currently keeping up on! - Supernatural - New Girl - Doctor Who - Archer - Brooklyn Nine Nine - Agents of Shield Now that I've moved, don't know anybody really yet, and only have a regular 40 hour full time job, I have a lot more time on my hands. I have been catching up on all my gaming! I still have my 360. Now I also have an Xbox One, Wii U, and 3DS! Also been playing a lot of Marvel Heroes. But anyway, what are all you guys up to these days? Anyone I know (or knows me anymore) still around?? How've you been? I'd love to catch up! Just to lay down the law....Pepsi. Windows. Android. Xbox. Relient K. Disco. Coats. All the way still. So anyway, peeps, scream at me about your lives if you happen to pop in and waste your life inside of my blog and inside of my mind! Also never forget that disco is (an will never NOT be) totally in this year. -Jordboy1
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