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  1. Oh my God, Greg's been pink-slipped?!
  2. Makes you wonder what'll come next, doesn't it?
  3. Good grief, I had no idea today was our 20th anniversary! Congratulations, BZP!!
  4. Certainly a unique way to portray the characters we know and love, with sweatshirts. It works well.
  5. Goodness me, they keep coming out with these, don't they? Of course, I'll have to get it, if indeed only to replace the ones I've already dismantled.
  6. Not strictly true, there's always going to be places that spin off from the bigger picture.
  7. I could've sworn it was Josef Gagnier, I heard him in "Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure" and thought "that's the guy who narrated those CDs". Guess I was mistaken!
  8. You reckon you could make the whole and complete Colosseum with this? Or maybe two?
  9. Can anyone verify who the narrator on the Toa Mata promo CDs is? I have the feeling that it's Josef Gagnier, in fact I'm sure of it, but I need confirmation.
  10. Again, just sever any ties with her completely. I regret having been a Harry Potter fan when I was younger.
  11. I'd sever those ties completely. All I can do now is look back at her stuff with annoyance and frustration.
  12. It's brilliant! Unfortunately, well out of my budget. Saying that, though, I would like to see how it works.
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