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  1. Adobe Flash Player is dying in about 2 months. I can still fondly recall the many hours spent watching animated comics and Flash movies on this website. Rather than have these artifacts of our history fall into the void of time, I would like to see these relics preserved. I would now like to direct your attention to this video on Flash game preservation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oICOAbreOiU&ab_channel=TwoLeftThumbs tl;dw: There are three apparent methods of Flash preservation: Conversion, Emulation, and Collection. I'll outline them in bullet points below. Conversion: The creators of Flash content take their old Flash files, and convert them into newer files that will run on modern software like HTML5 or Unity. Some creators have found success with this, but it is a tasking process and requires the original files. Emulation: This involves emulating Adobe Flash with an emulation software that will run in your browser. There are a few different groups trying to do this, but the most promising software at this point is Ruffle. Collection: The most fail-proof option. This involves downloading the game/movie, then storing it elsewhere where it can be downloaded for personal use. There is a group called Flashpoint, and they are borderline obsessive about storing Flash media. So, in order to save our Flash media, we ought to follow these steps: Contact the original creators of Flash content on BZP, and ask them to help save their games/movies. Download games/movies from their hosting sites and store them on something like Flashpoint. Pray that any unsaved content will run on an emulator and that the webpages they are hosted on don't disappear. Let's save our history.
  2. If that were so, he would still be wrong. I'm not a rabid HF hater, but the Masters still blow HF out of the water. I agree, "best year discussions" are the worst.
  3. I don't know of anyone joining the fandom in G2, but I suppose it's possible. One time I was getting a Master set from Toys R Us, and there was a kid, about 9, who said that the new Bionicle sets were way worse than the old ones. This kid was probably 4 years old when Bionicle was ending, and the Masters are amazing sets. I was flabbergasted that the G1 snobbery had infected a generation that hadn't even experienced it.
  4. I feel like there's a sort of "generation gap" between Bionicle fans: There's the fans who joined in 2001, and started with the Templar animations and the comics, and the fans who joined in 2003, and started with the movie and novels. The fans in the former camp seem to have a disdain for elements of later lore, especially when Makuta was revealed as a species, and Mata Nui was revealed as a robot. I only became aware of Bionicle having a world beyond the sets in 2003, so I have no attachment to the Templar animations or the comics, and had no problem with accepting Makuta as a species or Mata Nui as a robot. Has anyone else noticed this trend?
  5. A few days ago, a Chris Stapledon music video was released. Not just any music video, but one created in collab with the Lego Group. So weird.
  6. My favorite Punch-Out boss.
  7. All the sets were really stable. A lot of Bionicles could only stand up if you put them on wood or linoleum, and even then, their poses could still be very limited. Hero Factory sets could stand on a variety of surfaces, some even able to stand on beds, and could go through most of their range of motion.
  8. Gali was originally meant to be the more "sensitive" one. This is a trope that is common with a lot of female characters from that era, and is ultimately drawn from Spiritualism and New Age hogwash. You seem to be forgetting a simple in-story explanation, though. Av-Matoran can fuse their minds with Toa (and Makuta). Gali, being the most sensitive of the Toa, may have had subconscious memories of that ability.
  9. This is why you never use rpgs as remake machines. Presumably the rest of the team is locked in the Canyon of Unending Whispers, which means that they just need to follow Lhikan's Spirit Star, right? That means they would meet Lhikan early, which means they can get to the real goal of rescuing the Matoran.
  10. >Kalama has a defining characteristic and an actual role in Matoran society. >Tiribomba has a funny name.
  11. https://biosector01.com/wiki/Kalama Kalama is a character that has all of about five sentences to his name in Bionicle canon. I totally forgot about him until today, when I rediscovered him on a wiki binge, and I must say, he's immediately become my favorite background character. Kalama was the chief inspector for the Ta-Metru junkyard. As a result of spending too much time around cracked masks and broken tools, he began talking to the trash as if they were his friends. He had a laid-back and fatalistic view of the world, since as he saw it, all life ended up in the slagheap eventually. How can you not love this guy?
  12. It looks a lot like the DS version, which was a pretty good game. I was surprised by the use of a secondary blast from the left hand that shot pieces. I guess that was supposed to be a backup for when your weapon overheated, with the caveat that it would cost money to shoot. I guess some of the more annoying elements of Bionicle Heroes can be chalked up to the ESRB, since Bionicle Heroes was originally supposed to have first person controls.
  13. Good to see resurrections of forgotten lines. I was a fan of Knights' Kingdom.
  14. Ah, yes... A homage to Tom King's The Vision. The most fun and lighthearted story about a family of robots there is. *dies inside*
  15. Today, I saw that Cryoshell has released a new single on Spotify. I presume it's a preview of their upcoming vinyl album. It's a remastered version of Gravity Hurts, with Christine Lorentzen on vocals and an orchestra instead of the usual electric guitars and drums. Let me tell you, it sounds great. ​Link below. https://open.spotify.com/track/294CKNlQ3KDDIo1a2s1M61?si=PuoO0i7vRgCh2wn_r19IuQ&utm_source=Facebook_SimpleMusicStories&utm_medium=sms
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