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  1. Thank you! Not many characters have an origin story as cool as his, it gave me lots of ideas I was happy to build upon.
  2. Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
  3. Glad you like them so, hope I didn't bore you with all that text! Yeah, for me the 2001-03 games/animations informed so much of the Toa's personalities, Kongu especially. Though it would never sit right as canon, in my mind the this is what the Toa would choose to look like after reuniting with their Matoran friends in Metru Nui! The Piraka were especially enjoyable to work on, their incredibly diverse powers and personalities gave me lots of ideas. I wanted to make them look just as dysfunctional together as they were in the story! For sure, I was surprised at just how much was added by these relatively simple bases. Plus they're great at stopping them from falling over haha.
  4. Impressive stuff, you absolutely deserved your top spot in the placings. Good luck this round!
  5. That's fair, the Piraka were definitely more enjoyable to work on! Hakann's one of my favourites character-wise, I aimed to capture his destructive, manic nature with that oversized shotgun, spikes, and that darn smile.
  6. Here are six revamps/tributes for the Piraka Hakann, Avak and Vezok, and the Toa Inika Kongu, Nuparu and Matoro! Had lots of fun, and heaps of nostalgia, reading through those ancient Bionicle texts then figuring out how I could make the most faithful revamp/tribute for each character. Which one of these is your favourite? Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
  7. Four MOCs to kick off my 2019! Son of Makuta - Slow Rahi Archives - Colony Drone Skull Valkyr (Pohatu + Nilkuu + Skull Skorpio Combiner Model) Brick Badge: Silver Lining
  8. Aye, cheers man! The judges said initially they were split 50/50 between our entries - it was definitely close. His was one of the best MOC's I've seen from him, while I certainly could've cleaned up my entry some: Biggest thing IMO is the 'Plague Mech' had some bits (arms, lower legs) that could've been finished much better. Totally agree about the photography - less light, better backgrounds, considering setting up a lightbox. In hindsight I definitely should've used black card instead of white for the last one's backdrop. If I had time I would've manually edited it out, but I made it real hard on myself lul. Yeah man, these competitions have been great for pushing me further and getting me to explore ideas I wouldn't have on my own. Building really is something I enjoy now, I'll see if I can keep churning 'fancy doodz' out!
  9. Here are the four entries I made for the 2018 Bio-Cup on Flickr (before I was eliminated in an epic Semi-Finals). Gotta say, the competition was much fiercer than last year; Though I reckon I had it in me to go all the way, I'm quite content with my performance. (Preliminaries) 'Elements': Admiral Fahrenn (Round 1) 'Theme Fusion > Ninjago': Nindroid (Quarter Finals) 'Holidays > Up Helly Aa': MacGuizer the Piper (Semi Finals) 'The Future > Dystopia': Attack On Plague Mech
  10. Hey, I can definitely see the Mercy coat-thing there - the 'healer' angle is a really neat inversion on a character that just mutates everyone. Nice job keeping elements of the original set, love the feather-adorned catcher claw.
  11. Pridak: Paragon by Poor Disadvantaged "If it were possible for a biomechanical being to be a perfect physical specimen, Pridak was it." - City of the Lost (Bionicle Legends 6) Under the banner of Pridak - glorious leader of our League of Six Kingdoms - we shall achieve the impossible, and end Mata Nui's great Tyranny once and for all! By the power of the common man coupled with the stewardship of our six war-kings, we will bring a new era of unity and peace to our lands. Comrades! You have nothing to lose but your chains! ~ Entry to the BioSector01 competition, depicting a pre-mutated Pridak as a valiant, powerful army general. Found their wiki article on him quite useful for informing this design; went for 'Warcraft-esque' proportions to suggest physical strength, and went over-the-top fancy to hint at his pride/narcissm. I tried to incorporate some of the iconic pieces from the original set: the blended shark-blades, big-and-long feet, and white shoulder daggers all made it in there. Definitely not a 'perfect' moc by any stretch, but I hope you like it anyway!
  12. Some real nice concepts and builds here, well done everyone who entered. Choosing a pair that executed an interesting concept exceedingly well, my vote's gotta go to 'Involuntary Symbiosis'.
  13. I personally dislike the skull spider masks and forearms (only used them because I couldn't find anything better), so I'm glad you found them passable. Thank you! . This is the sort of feedback I love, cheers. I meant the bulk to emulate a 'Sub'marine somewhat, but by doing so it deviated from the source quite drastically. Could've used some of those janky blue bits better, or a sleeker shape could have been another direction to take. Yeah, Jayko's quite 'stylized'; the small feet, smooth but large upper arms and tight waist complement the look I was going for at the expense of exact human proportions - though I'd say the former is more important and I wouldn't change them. You and I both - my Galidor pieces are now a long way out of sight haha.
  14. Sub Slizer: ScuBa WotFace Jayko the Quick, Eagle of Talonjay (Previous post for Troddon, the Poor and Disadvantaged) This month I finished a 'Self-Moc' and participated in two collabs and a competition. Highly doubt I'll ever build at this pace again, but I'll try!
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